Ricky Morén, simply known as "Ricky", is a supporting antagonist of the 2012 film Johan Falk: Barninfiltratören ("The Child Infiltrator") which is part of the 1999 Swedish Johan Falk film series.

He was portrayed by Tom Ljungman.


Ricky is the leader of a young criminal gang that tries to rob a shopping center, but the robbery goes wrong when an innocent man is hit by the gang's car during the escape leading to the man's death followed by the color cartridges in the bags being triggered.

Ricky must find an expert who can clean the money before he pays Heikki, the man who sold the robbery concept to him. Ricky gets help from his friend Simon to clean the money for him, whose father is a professional criminal often involved in money laundering.

When Heikki is intimidating him, Ricky gets so desperate for money that he contacts Seth Rydell for help. Seth responds by taunting him and tells him to take him to the ones who sold the robbery concept to him.

When Seth is having a meeting with Heikki, he tells him that he won't give any money to him. Heikki gets so frustrated that he cuts Ricky's thumb and finger off for not paying him in time.

When Simon is done cleaning the money, Ricky goes to retrieve them. But gets shot in the head right before a shootout by Heikki's men.


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