Ricky King

Ricky King

Ricky King is the main antagonist of the 1997 Disney film Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, the sequel to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Honey, I Blew Up the Kid. He is the (former) crush of Jenny Szalinski, the niece of Wayne Szalinski (the series' protagonist).

He was portrayed by Jojo Adams.


As Jenny is hosting up a part for her friends with the help of her brother Mitch and her cousin Adam (Wayne's younger son), she hears the door-bell ringing, and is surprised to see that Ricky and his friends have came over uninvited. As Ricky and his friends try to liven things up, they started bullying Mitch and Adam, forbidding them to be downstairs for being shorter than they are. This was witnessed by a shrunken Wayne and his brother Gordon, who is appalled by Ricky's treatment towards Adam and Mitch.

In the kitchen, Ricky talks up with Jenny before stealing an unwanted kiss from her, much to the horror of a shrunken Diane and Patty (Jenny's mother). However, Jenny coldly spurns Ricky for this, telling him that he could've just asked her if she wanted to kiss him in the first place. Ricky claims that lots of girls like the way he does it, but Jenny states that she doesn't think that way. Having enough of Ricky's arrogance, Jenny angrily declares that the party is over.

Angered by Jenny's rejection, Ricky and his friends plan revenge for this by causing havoc in the living room. Jenny angrily tells Ricky and his friends to stop their havoc and leave the house, but they refuse to do so. Adam then tries to stand up for Jenny, but this only motivates an angry Ricky to gang up on Adam, which starts to worry Jenny and Mitch (even wishing that their parents were here to stop this). Fortunately, Wayne hot-wired the speakers, allowing Gordon to use them to amplify his voice in a successful attempt in imitating God. Gordon then scares Ricky and his friends, as well as Jenny's friends, to leave the house at once, right before Jenny, Mitch and Adam finally learned what happened to their parents.




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Ricky King
Ricky King

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