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Rideaux Zek Rugievit (リドウ Ridou, "Redau") is the secondary antagonist in Tales of Xillia 2. He is healing arte user who uses Spyrix and he is a "Doctor Agent" for the Canspia Corporation later one being a cover up so he can do bad things behind his boss's back. When Rideaux was first born, he was born into poverty as a sickly child. When Derric Mathis replaced his internal orgins with Medical Spyrix, he took on shady work to pay for the treatment that his family couldn't afford. That was until Bisley took him in to work for him.

Tales of Xillia 2

In the game, he heals Ludger, Jude, and Elle while forcing them to sign a loan contract for 20 million gald. At Nia Kherra, he ordered Ludger to retrieve the "stolen" waymarker from Julius Kresnik. At one point, he conspires with Exodus and helped take Chanceler Marcia hostage. Rideaux opens a whirlpool that sucked in and killed the fractured dimension Milia, thus releasing the real Milia in return. Later, under Bisley's orders, he and Ivar tried to prevent Ludger from escaping from the Spirius Corporation building to keep him safe as part of the promise Bisley made to Elle but had his own plan in mind. After being defeated the second time or third time, Rideaux was dragged by two guards and died by having his body used for Bisley's soulbridge to the Land of Cannan.

his main goal is to kill every liveing being in over one million worlds for the fun of it.


  • He was voiced by Koji Yusa in the Japanese version and by Eric Vale in the English dubbed version.

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