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Riff is a dwarfed husky and the secondary antagonist of the 2016 animated comedy film Rock Dog.

He was voiced by Kenan Thompson (as he did his first role as a villain).

Official Bio

Riff is the smallest henchman with the biggest ego in the dog pack. He tries to take on jobs bigger than himself just to impress his boss Linnux, but they almost always result in epic failure due to the lack of unity between him and his absentminded partner, Skozz.


Riff has a big ego in contrast to his small stature. Riff employs himself to take on big jobs regardless how much he can handle as long as he can to impress Linnux.

Also, like his boss and co-workers, he's into eating meat as they go to cook goats on a barbecue.

Rock Dog

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  • His name means "a short repeated phrase".

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