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Right Arm is a supporting antagonist in the 1997 film The Fifth Element.

He was portrayed by the musician Tricky.


Right Arm works as a henchman for corrupt industrialist Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg and aids him in his search for the Four Elements (which Zorg must acquire for his master, the Ultimate Evil). Right Arm is the one who captures Father Vito Cornelius and brings him to Zorg at his headquarters, and Zorg later sends him undercover as part of his plan to recover the stones. Posing as a man named "Korben Dallas" who won a radio contest and tickets for a luxury cruise through space, Right Arm attempts to get on board the craft. However, he realizes that the real Korben Dallas has already boarded the cruiser and he is therefore denied entry.

Right Arm phones his boss at a payphone and informs him of his failure, to which Zorg admits that he's very disappointed. When Right Arm states that it will never happen again, Zorg replies "I know" before detonating the payphone by entering a digital code from his headquarters. Right Arm is killed in the resulting explosion.


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