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Go, go, I'll hold him off! COME ON, THEN!
~ The Right Hand Man to Reginald Copperbottom, and then to Henry.
You... you... I'm gonna delete you!
~ The Right Hand Man's last words in the Revenged Ending.
That's right! It's me. Bet you thought you took me out. Well no one gets away from the Toppat Clan.
~ The Right Hand Man Reborn to Henry in Free Man.

The Right Hand Man is a major antagonist in the Henry Stickmin series and a member of the notorious Toppat Clan.

He is an unseen villain in Stealing the Diamond, the secondary antagonist of Infiltrating the Airship and one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Sven Svensson) of Completing the Mission.

He is a Cockney high-ranking member of the Toppat Clan and also Reginald Copperbottom's second-in-command, and is extremely loyal to the Toppat Clan. The Right Hand Man is also the optional archenemy of the titular protagonist, Henry Stickmin. Despite not being the leader, he's way stronger and braver then Reginald, almost never showing any fear.

In two endings of Infiltraiting the Airship, he gets defeated and left in a bad shape. Some endings in Completing the Mission follow those endings. In these endings, then he becomes a cyborg, presumably by Dr. Vinschpinsilstien, called the Right Hand Man Reborn.

According to his bio, nobody knows his real name.

He was voiced by Marcus Brosmander in all of his appearances.


The Right Hand Man wears a top hat, just like any other Toppat member. He sports black shoes, and a neon-red mustache. In the remaster, his mustache is eventually turned into a natural orange color, which suggests that he didn't dye it, unlike the alternate unnatural red. He is seen having a bat and a pistol for his weapons.

In all pathways that use "Rapidly Promoted Executive" or "Relentless Bounty Hunter" as a starting point, the Right Hand Man has been turned into a cyborg following his defeat at Henry's hands, now called the Right Hand Man Reborn. Half of his skull is now metal, with a robotic eye that can shoot lasers. He is also able to transmute his limbs into whatever is suited to his needs of the situation, such as turning his legs into jet propellers and his right arm into a sword or blasters.


Aww, now that's cute.
~ The Right Hand Man Reborn when Henry hurts his leg in a fail, showing his sadism.

The Right Hand Man is extremely loyal towards the Toppat Clan, no matter what. He is also extremely brave, barely batting an eye when Henry crashes through the window when the player chooses the Cannonball option. If the player follows from the Relentless Bounty Hunter or Rapidly Promoted Executive endings, the Right Hand Man Reborn is vengeful towards Henry, though if Henry helps the Toppat Clan establish their orbital station, he puts aside his grudge and accepts Henry as leader. He also shows a bit of sadism at certain points.


  • Infiltrating the Airship: He's the Toppat chief's right hand. Nobody knows his true name.
  • Completing the Mission (Human): He still serves as Reginald's number two. His extreme loyalty is what a Toppat member should strive for.
  • Completing the Mission (Reborn): His defeat by Henry left him in bad shape. Cybernetic surgery brought him back, stronger than ever before.
  • Completing the Mission (Blue): He's been rewired to protect Henry at all costs. The Toppat royalty is so deep. Can it really be completely removed?


Infiltrating the Airship

Rapidly Promoted Executive/Relentless Bounty Hunter

Everyone,listen up. We've got a security alert. Keep a look out for a guy in a big plastic ball. No, no, I'm serious.
~ The Right Hand Man alarming the Toppats of Henry's arrival.
Now I've got ya.
~ The Right Hand Man catching up to Henry.

Government Supported Private Investigator

What's going-?! (notices Henry get away with evidence) Hmm... this could be a problem.
~ The RHM notices Henry escaping.

Pure-Blooded Thief

There he is! He's got the Ruby!
~ The RHM sees Henry during the war.

Completing the Mission

Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits

Huh? Hold it! You're not Toppats!
~ The Right Hand Man when spotting Henry and Ellie.

Free Man

You've gotta be pretty tired of waking up like this. That's right! It's me. Bet you thought you took me out. Well no one gets away from the Toppat Clan. As soon as we got into orbit I made sure to go down and capture you. Now, enjoy your stay. Heh-heh-heh...
~ The Right Hand Man Reborn at the beggining.
I need an update on that Henry situation. (A Toppat: He's got one of our guns! He's moving through us like crazy, we can't stop him!) Do I gotta do everything around here? (Henry enters the room) 'Ello. (Throws Henry on the floor) You shoulda stayed in your cell...
~ The Right Hand Man Reborn finds Henry.
That's not going to help you. (Henry catches his metalic fist) Impressive. But that's not-
~ The RHMR after Henry puts on a nano suit.

Toppat Civil Warfare

Take any loyalists to the brig.
~ The Right Hand Man when Henry is being overthrown from his position as the Toppat leader.



  • He is the favorite character of the series' creator, PuffballsUnited.
  • He serves as Puffballs' avatar on Newgrounds.
  • The game files imply his true name might be Bull.
  • PuffballsUnited has confirmed that Right Hand Man has a Cockney accent, while Reginald has a British accent.

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