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I'm the victor! Not you! I overcame my own heart! I'll never panic again... I'm going to reclaim my life, with my own hands! I'm Apollo 11!
~ Rikiel

Rikiel is a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. He is one of Dio Brando's illegitimate sons, conceived with Jonathan Joestar's stolen body, along with UngaloDonatello Versus, and Giorno Giovanna. This also makes him Jonathan's son, and thus Jolyne Cujoh's great great great uncle. He inherited his father's determination and hardcore actions as well as a rare trait of acknowledging a worthy opponent. He wields the Stand Sky High.

In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, he is voiced by Takashi Kondo.


Before meeting Enrico Pucci, Rikiel could only been seen as a nervous wreck. Due to what-seemed to be a constant steam of panic attacks, falling eyelids, and weak legs, he dropped out of school and was unable to drive a car, landing huge blows to his self-esteem. However, once meeting the priest and obtaining Sky High, his confidence grew and decided to defeat Jolyne and her friends. Despite new with his ability, Rikiel proved dangerous with his stand, weakening Jolyne, Ermes, and Emporio with his Stand throughout the fight. To counter the barrage of rods, Jolyne set herself on fire to ward off the beasts. Wanting to find her weakness through her pain, Rikiel set himself on fire as well, though this did nothing and Jolyne landed a mighty blow to Rikiel. Rikiel tried to remove his ability to feel pain with his stand and launch one final strike on his enemy, but Jolyne managed to stop the attack. Rikiel reflects on his past, his defeat, and Pucci's power, reveals that Weather Report is Pucci's twin brother, and then Ermes deals the final blow to him.


Originally a shy, sickly man with confidence issues, Rikiel became more confident with the advent of his stand. Now, Rikiel is both honorable and brave, willing to take on three of his enemies at once alone to repay his debt to Pucci and congratulating his enemy once he is defeated. Rikiel also holds human progress and growth under high regard, relating to the Apollo 11 space-craft.

Powers and Abilities

Sky High

Sky High

If you're trying to hinder the priest from his spiritual evolution, I'll kill you all with the hatred of a thousand burning flames!
~ Rikiel

Rikiel's Stand, Sky High, has the ability to control "rods", mysterious cryptids that can move faster than the human eye can track, slip through extremely small openings, and and have the ability to absorb body heat from other living beings for food. On top of this, they travel in swarms and decay immediately on their demise. Rikiel uses their heat-draining abilities to localize points throughout his enemy's body, leading to the targeted body parts to weaken and become more susceptible to ailments or failure. Rikiel needs to be fairly close them to detect them, and he also must remain calm to control them.


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