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Rikki Robinson-Huntington is a speculated member of the Chaos Insurgency.


Rikki Robinson-Huntington was a general working under the SCP Foundation, who also had ties to Global Occult Coalition. These ties prevented him from becoming the director of Site 23, with the job going to his younger Damien Robinson. 

He would instead become the leader of the MTF Alpha-1 designated "Red Right Hand", which was later renamed as the "Insurgency". This task force was a black ops-team which would perform more controversial missions, which would tarnish the image of the Foundation.

Later on the "Insurgeny" would betray the Foundation as well, and become a rogue group known as the Chaos Insurgency.

Powers & abilites

  • Superhuman abilities: He is said to be on equal footing with Alto Clef, Kondraki, Samsara and SCP-076.
  • Energy gauntlets: These two gauntlets are Huntington's main weapons and were able to absorb kinetic energy and anomalously double the output energy.
  • Expert marksmanships: With his military background he could use a number of firearms.


  • He is thought to be the Greco-Roman demigod/lesser god Phobos with his brother Damien being Deimos.


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