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Villain Overview

These lands..."cough" These lands have long grown tired of war. They yearn nothing more than to become one great whole. But achieving that is easier said than done, when the time is ripe, That chance will come. And if that opportunity were to end in failure...then perhaps these kingdom of ours will remain fragmented for eternity. Never knowing true peace, with only constant warfare and bloodshed as its bedfellow.
~ Rin Shou Jo to Gyou'Un and Chou Ga Ryuu.

Rin Shou Jo is a posthumous central antagonist in the popular historical seinen anime and manga series, Kingdom. A Great General of the state of the Zhao, he served as a member in its legendary Three Great Heavens, alongside his comrade Ren Pa and Chou Sha of the previous generation and was one of the greatest military commanders of his era as he waged war and fought his battles with ingenious tactics and clever strategic manipulation. Like his comrades he was a frequent rival to the Six Great Generals of Qin and the Wei Fire Dragons during the previous era of the Warring States Era.

However, this wouldn't not be for very long as Rin Shou Jo fell ill with a disease during the midst of his career and passed away. Due to his short-lived status, he started being referred to as the Phantasmal General due to how fleeting his existence was.


Rin Shou Jo appeared to be a thin looking man in his late 20s to early 30s with a lean build and long black hair with a short goatee. While on the battlefield Rin Shou Jo wore an armor and three fur tailed war helmet decorated with dragon and snake like designs with a long cape.  


To achieve victory while having both friend and foe alike dance in your palms...That is what it means to be a Great General. Let's attribute that one to Ren Pa, shall we? Hahaha!!'
~ Rin Shou Jo to Gyou'Un and Chou Ga Ryuu.
Rin Shou Jo's Personality.jpg

Rin Shou Jo was described as a man of great wisdom armed with incredible courageness.


Early life

Rin Shou Jo's childhood with Gyou'Un and Chou Ga Ryuu.

Not much is known about Rin Shou Jo's early life aside that he was a member of the prestigious Rin Family and at somepoint met a young slave and bought him on either a simple whim or saw potential from him.


Rin Shou Jo-sama truly was a man whose existence was like a fleeting dream...or fantasy...
~ En to the younger Zhao soldiers.
I had...a dream...I saw the two of you...cutting down heroic figures on a field of scarlet red, slaughtering your enemies drove after drove.
~ Rin Shou Jo to his vassals, Gyou'Un and Chou Ga Ryuu.
The two of you...still...have a role to play...that is why...YOU MUST NOT FOLLOW ME INTO DEATH! PROMISE ME!
~ To Gyou'Un and Chou Ga Ryuu.
Let us speak of these lands that we call home.
~ To Gyou'Un and Chou Ga Ryuu.
Heh. I've wanted to meet you for a while now. To see you and your face in the flesh, Ou Ki of Qin's Six Great Generals. And just as I expected, for better or worse, the lot of you truly are...with a pure innocence. But that comes as no surprise. After all, your innocence is the same as that possessed by your own king. The same king who wages war across these lands with the eyes of a young boy, he who has been given the moniker of "God of War".
~ Rin Shou Jo to Ou Ki as he meets the Qin Great General face to face for the first time.
These lands of ours still have not...Completely finished ripening...But that does not mean our actions have been naught. I anything, it is to us that falss a most vital of roles. Mankind is...a Creature woven together by the emotions that they feel. Whether it is pain, Sorrow, or Joy. We have always lived...Whilst being connected together. I'm sure that by now, you've grasped some inkling...That for many, many long years these lands...have been waiting for that Fateful Day.
~ To Ou Ki and the Ou Ki Army Commanders.
Ou Ki. You should pray for good luck. I shall be doing the same."
"Kokokoko. For whose good luck, may I ask?"
"Heh, Who Knows?
~ Rin Shou Jo and Ou Ki
My hope is for...a united land...One that is achieved by Zhao hands But perhaps that sword of unification shall lie in another state's hands.
There two matters I wish to pass down to you both. The first is that...Should there ever come a day...Where you encounter an enemy holding that sword in their grasp...No matter the price you must pay, they must die. Do you hear me? Draw out all that you have shouldered up to that moment, and Unleash it all. SHATTER THEM INTO PIECES!!

Powers and Abilities

Rin Shou Jo of the Three Great Heavens, an equal to Ren Pa, was...a Great General and tactician who was blessed with both intellect and courage.
~ Ri Boku to his vessels on Rin Shou Jo's abilities.

Rin Shou Jo was a man blessed with an unbelievable amount of intellect and armed with impressive foresight. He aptitude propelled him to be one of the most powerful Great Generals of his era as he stood as an equal alongside Ren Pa and Chou Sha as a member of the Three Great Heavens and made him an extremely deadly rival to the Six Great Generals.

As a Great General, he was capable of waging war on a massive scale. With just a whim he could turn the tides of an entire battle in an instant which would typically throw his opponents off. Even after years since death, his abilities and feats are still spoken with great respect.

Physical Abilities

  • Genius Intellect: Rin Shou Jo was one of the greatest intellects of his era. With an intelligence stat of 99, he was one of the smartest characters to appear in the series as his genius surpassed that of his comrade Ren Pa, his rivels the Six Great Generals, and even the legendary Gaku Ki the Military God. He also showed himself to possess an insightful perspective on the Warring States Era as he saw that unification was the only answer that could end the blood-filled era.
  • Precognitive Dreaming: Aside from his talents as a Great Genearl, Rin Shou Jo was known to have prophetic dreams that could predict events in the distant future. While on his death bed he was able to predicted and somewhat guess the events of the Battle at Shukai Plains and foresee the important roles that Gyou'Un and Chou Ga Ryuu would play in the war.

Fighting Style

  • Genius Tactician: Along with his natural genius, Rin Shou Jo was also a tactical one with an incredible amount of aptitude as he relied solely on strategies and tactics to achieve overwhelming victories on the battlefield and compensated his lack of martial prowess through his subordinates', most especially Gyou'Un, monstrous strength. Amongst his achievements includes the co-creation of the Prison of Thunder/Raigoku, a tactic that was intended to entrap and kill his rivals, the Six Great Generals as it fully utilizes the monstrous strength of Gyou'Un and the Ten Spears, the most powerful soldiers of the elite Rai'un Unit as they encircle their target and effectively separate them from his or hers' troops to attack from many multiple directions. And showed a masterful use of terrain advantages which was shown in Chou Ga Ryuu's flashback when he used a river as natural covering to escape General Ou Ki and his personal unit's charge.

Miscellaneous Abilities

  • Philosopher: Rin Shou Jo often mused the Warring States as he expressed deep thoughts on the reality of constant warfare.


  • Lack of Martial Prowess


Antagonistic Relationships


  • Rin Shou Jo is based on the real historical politician, Lin Xiangru.
  • Historically Rin Shou Jo always admired Ren Pa however they seldom ever saw each other. This was because Ren Pa felt that Rin Shou Jo wasn't an actual general. However, this changed after Ren Pa saw how talented Rin Shou Jo was and after that, they became the best of friends.
  • Rin Shou Jo had a habit of greatly annoying his allies with his style of warfare.



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