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The Ring of Five

The Ring of Five are the main antagonists of the first game in the Shinobi series. A group of 5 ninjas lead by Nakahara, they have control of the Zeed crime syndicate who want to start a new feudal age for Japan. They plan to do this by kidnapping the children of world leaders and children who belong to the Oboro clan, and train them to become powerful assassins. Despite their abilities, they all failed to defeat Joe Musashi.


  • Ken-Oh- A ninja who mainly uses Katonjutsu. He helped in the kidnapping of the children who live in Oboro Village.
  • Black Turtle- A weapon smuggler and seller. He manned the Black Turtle Attack Chopper, the second boss of the game.
  • Mandara- Formerly a peaceful and psychic guru, Mandara was tortured and killed by Nakahara, who placed his brain inside a super-computer.
  • Lobster- Formerly a honorable samurai, Lobster became corrupted by the search to gain glory.
  • Nakahara- The main commander behind Zeed. A master of martial arts and magic, he was a stern and dangerous ruler who once belonged to the same clan as Joe.


  • Their name, the Ring of Five, is a reference to the Book of Five Rings, a well-known manuscript about swordsmanship and philosophy.
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