Ringo Roadagain

Ringo Roadagain is a core and influential antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run. He is a professional gunslinger at the service of Funny Valentine who traps Gyro Zeppeli, Johnny Joestar and Hot Pants to seize the corpse parts.

Ringo is also Stand User that uses his time-rewinding Mandom during gun fights to get the upper hand.


Ringo speaks and acts gravely and with finality, having been fully committed to a philosophy requiring him to gamble his life against those of his opponents. Ringo believes the only way to live is engaging in duel one after another.



From birth, Ringo was sickly. As a young boy, he had fragile skin and was often ill. Ringo's father was drafted and sent to war, later escaped, imprisoned, and then died because of a disease. Ringo's family, branded as traitors, were forced to travel across the country. Ringo, ten, woke up one night to a large man in military uniform by his bed and his family, his mother and two sisters, killed-underneath the table that had a bloody knife sticking on top of it. The large man looming over Ringo then tried to rape him but was greeted with a gun, that Ringo slyly took from the large man, pointing towards him. Ringo quickly shot the man as he charged at him. It was after this event that the formerly sick young boy experienced a newfound power. He overcame a wall that he called "The True Man's World," that he believed it was the only path he could pursue.

Steel Ball Run

Ringo Roadagain is first introduced as a man standing by the curtains near the door of his small, worn out log cabin located within a orchard. After walking out of the door the readers find that out that he is a tall and slender man probably in his late twenties ranging to his early to mid thirties. Unbeknownst to the contestants of the Steel Ball Run wandering within the orchard, they were all under the effect of his stand, Mandom. It is safe to assume to that Ringo Roadagain reiterates the same line over to people lost within the orchard "You'll find your way out after you kill me."

Gaucho, thinking Ringo was playing with him in someway, had enough and challenged him to a duel. Ringo then demonstrates his uncanny ability to "analyze" things and warns Gaucho. However, Gaucho's anger blinds him and he foolishly charges and fires a couple of shots at him, all of which were futile except one that scraped the bottom left corner of his neck. Ringo fires a single bullet and manages to hit Gaucho's heart. He continues to analyze the situation, concluding that "although it has reached the heart, it didn't destroy it completely." After taking one step closer to Gaucho, he fired once more and deprived Gaucho of his existence.

After seeing this unfold right in front of them, Johnny, Gyro and Hot Pants devise a plan to kill Ringo. The plan fails against Ringo's stand abilities. A fight ensues, leaving both Gyro and Ringo injured, and Johnny as well as Hot Pants unable to continue fighting. Ringo reveals that the president, Funny Valentine, hired him to retrieve the corpse parts from Johnny and Gyro.

Gyro follows Ringo into his log cabin hoping to end the fight. A colossal showdown ensues between Gyro and Ringo. Gyro sends a devastating attack aimed at Ringo's collarbone which will paralyze Ringo's whole left side if it made contact. After a shard of wood pierces Ringo right below his left side of the shoulder, Gyro finishes him off by throwing one steel ball right at Ringo. Before his death, Ringo utters, " the True Man's World."


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