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"we will starve no more! WE WILL EAT THE RICH!"

Riot was a superhuman anarchist and opponent of the Marvel superhero, Captain Britain, he was presumably either a mutant or mutate and had the frightening ability to fuse many people into a gestalt monster which he could control, with himself acting as the construct's "head".



at some point the superhuman anarchist known as Riot came across a crowd of angry protestors in London and absorbed them into a gestalt-monster which he proceeded to move towards Buckingham Palace in order to destroy the Queen of England.

Captain Britain arrived on the scene but was caught off-guard as Riot swatted the hero away, unfortunately for Riot the Captain was not so easily intimidated and soon came back, tearing Riot out of the entity and causing it to fall apart.

Riot proclaimed he would continue his violent crusade for as long as he was on Earth, so Captain Britain decided to transport the criminal to Otherworld, where he was imprisoned in the Starlight Citadel's jigsaw jail.


  • The writers of the story may of been inspired by violent riots that occurred in Britain during 2011, especially the ones in London.