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I think of my father, I see a..."f*ck you" and a fist flyin' at my face.
~ B.J. on his father's abusive nature.
In life, you've got to make hard decisions. And sometimes, you've got to punish the animals out there. It's kill or be killed; the old and the weak are doomed. All manners of scum and sickly minds and dirty bodies and cockroaches, doing everything in their power to rob the white man of what he's earned. It's on us to straighten out the queer.
~ Rip's Darwinistic viewpoint.

Rip Blazkowicz is the overarching antagonist in the Wolfenstein series (Along with Adolf Hitler). He is the unseen overarching antagonist in The New Order, the secondary antagonist of the 2017 video game The New Colossus and a posthumous antagonist in Youngblood. He is the horrendously abusive father of B.J. Blazkowicz.

Although Rip doesn't have as much screentime as Deathshead or Frau Engel, he is quite possibly BJ's most personal enemy to date for making his childhood a living Hell as well as directly causing the death of his kind-hearted mother Zofia.

He was voiced by Glenn Morshower.


Rip was born around the 1890s in America, being the son of a poor Polish family who had a bad reputation. On August 1, 1908, Rip met a Jewish girl named Zofia, and made her laugh at a monkey joke, and she became smitten by him.

At some point in 1910, Rip married Zofia and had a son named William Joseph. The only reason he married Zofia was just to get her father's investment capital to begin his own business in Texas. When Rip's business was failing, he took his anger out on his family and would hit them on a regular basis. However, Zofia's father warned Rip that he should shut down the business, but he refused, causing his best friend and business partner, Frank, to end his friendship with him. In addition, his employee Archibald resigned because of Rip's failure, dishonesty, deviousness, and abuse behaviour.

Rip would give his son a pocket knife, but would abuse his son when he learned that he lost it to bullies. Rip ordered him to get it back, and wouldn't allow his son to enter the house until he did so, believing that the bullies had taken his "property". Another incident involved Rip's pocket watch falling down the well, and ordered B.J. to go down and get it. When his son began having nightmares about monsters in their basement, he decided to help his son, but didn't help because of compassion, but to benefit his reputation, and to stop B.J. from awaking him from his sleep.

In The Old Blood and The New Order, B.J. recalls his father locking him in the closet when he was bad, hinting at his abusive nature before his physical appearance in the series.

In 1919, Rip learned that B.J. was spending time with Billie, an African-American girl and saw them under the poplar tree. Enraged at his son, he returned home to discipline him, but was stopped by his wife, who had enough of her husband's abuse. Rip slapped her unconscious, and forced Bessie out of the room before B.J. started throwing vases at him. Despite B.J.'s bravery to protect his mother and pet, Rip grabbed his son by the throat, chocking him unconscious.

At one point in 1919 after the fight, Rip forced his son to kill the family dog, Bessie, attempting to teach his son to kill the "old and weak". The player has the choice to kill Bessie, but if not, Rip will call his son weak, and kill her. Zofia and B.J. buried Bessie, with his mother telling him it would end better than it began before hugging him.

Despite trying to teach his son his philosophy, he saw B.J. as nothing but a stink on the family name. When B.J. was old enough, he ran away from home and joined the United States Army, angering his father, and leaving Zofia heartbroken.

Aiding the Nazis

Once Germany won the war against the Allies in 1944, Rip along with other like-minded neighbors, exposed his wife, Jewish, African-American, homosexuals, and other minorities to the Nazis. Those who were exposed were sent to an extermination camp in New Mexico, and were killed. He also exposed his former best friend Frank and former employee Archibald to the Nazis out of spite for abandoning him and exposing his conning scheme. The Nazis rewarded his collaboration, giving him a 2,00-acre ranch in Forney Lake around 1950-1951, and never returned to the Blazkowicz estate for decades until 1961.

The New Colossus

51 years later in 1961, when Rip heard about his son in Roswell, he set a trap for him in Mesquite, where B.J. went to collect a family heirloom to give to his pregnant wife, Anya.

When B.J. arrived in his parents' room, he and Rip have a talk. When Rip revealed that he, along with other like-minded neighbors, sold out Zofia along with other minorities and homosexuals in the neighborhood to the Nazis, he pointed his shotgun at B.J. and forced him to get on his knees. However, B.J. pushed the gun away from him and brutally killed Rip, but found out that the latter had Frau Engel and the Nazis on his phone, leading them to B.J.'s location and his capture.

Despite his son's capture, and later death at the hands of Frau Engel, his head was secured by the resistance. Set Roth later saved him by placing his head onto a super soldier's body, allowing him to continue his fight against the Nazis.


Oh, now you have f*cked up boy.
~ Rip to his son if hit with a vase.
I ain't been down here in nary a decade. I own a two thousand acre ranch up by Forney Lake now. I heard on the radio you'd been sighted up near Roswell. I figured you might show up here.
~ Rip's first words to his son in 1961.
So why'd you come? Need a place to hide? You need money? Well, you're barking up the wrong tree, son. Far too late to come begging now.
~ Rip to B.J. on what he wants.
When did you ever do right by me? Disobedient, ungrateful, sense like a flat tire and a mouth like sewer. Oh I saw where you was headed. I been down that hole myself. And I guaran-god-dammed-tee you I did all my might to pull you out. What more do you want from me?
~ Rip to his son.
What happened was we had a big goddamned war, and now we've got a new government with new rules. They took her. She's gone. They rounded up all the Jews, and the coloreds, and the queers. This is a white man's world now. White man's got to keep it Christian.
~ Rip to B.J. on what happened.
All them years, I was banging my head against the wall, coming to see that everyone was against me. And when the Nazis took over, things got a lot better. You play by their rules, and you can do very well for yourself. Ask anyone around these parts, Blazkowicz is a name of renown and respect. EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH TURNS TO SH*T, AND I DO NOT NEED YOUR STINK ON MY NAME! Wanted murderer. Run off to the army as soon as you come of age. Broke your mother's heart.
~ Rip antagonizing his son.
They heard everything.
~ Rip's last words.




  • If the player smashes a vase into Rip's face in the flashback, he will have a scar across his face when B.J. confronts him in 1961.
  • This may seem like an exaggeration, but Rip is so evil that he actually comes off as flat-out Satanic:
    • He conned Zofia into an abusive marriage, much like how Satan himself made Eve eat the forbidden fruit.
    • Despite claiming to be Christian, Rip shows none of the seven virtues and most of the seven deadly sins:
      • Pride: He seems to genuinely believe that he's a good man when he's really not.
      • Wrath: He regularly beat his wife and son in fits of misplaced anger.
      • Greed: He only married Zofia for her father's money, even selling her out for a plot of land.
      • Gluttony: He's shown smoking a cigar in 1961.
      • Sloth: Auditory hallucinations imply that he once made B.J. get his watch out of a well rather than doing it himself.
    • He's always shown wearing red and black clothes, which are the primary colors of Hell itself.
    • Conveniently enough, B.J. even directly compares Rip to Hell and Zofia to Heaven in one scene.
  • Rip is similar to Frau Engel in a lot of ways. They're both bigots, domestic abusers, and get killed by B.J. with a hatchet.

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