Riplimb and rageface

Riplimb and Rageface

Riplimb and Rageface are a duo of minor villains of World of Warcraft.

They are the loyal companions of Shannox, one of Ragnaros' finest hunters. They assist their master in battle whenever he is in trouble. During the final assault upon the Firelands, many of Ragnaros' greatest soldiers were slain in the front lines, which led to Shannox taking care of this disturbance personally.

When Shannox met with the heroes that were raiding his master's realm, he brought with him Riplimb and Rageface who assisted him in the battle. Shannox used his traps to delay his enemies, but the heroes lured Riplimb into the some of them, magically encasing him in Crystal. He would break out easily, but he was surly delayed. Shannox tossed his spear in an attempt to kill his enemies from afar, and Riplimb was tasked to retrieve it. In this mess, Rageface was killed.

Shannox was infuriated by Rageface's demise, knowing he had lost one of his best friends. His fury led to his enhanced strength, and Riplimb was killed soon after. Shannox was even further angered and saddened, and was killed in the end.

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