Prepare for your doom, heroes!
~ Rippen
You may not be a real hero, but you're going to perish like one!
~ Rippen

Rippen is the main antagonist of the Disney XD TV series Penn Zero: Part Time Hero. An art teacher (at a high school) but actually a part-time villain, Rippen sought to defeat Penn Zero (the show's main protagonist) and become full-time villain. He has a part-time minion named Larry who, ironically, is not evil and was usually the reason why Rippen constantly fails.

He was voiced by Alfred Molina, who also voiced Ke-Pa and Viggo Grimborn, and portrayed Maxim Horvath, Doctor Octopus, and Satipo.


Rippen is tall and muscular with pale green skin, and has red eyes with yellow sclera, an arched unibrow, goatee, and pointed ears. Also, he has black spiky hair shaped upward with greenish-gray streaks. Rippen wears a dark purple suit with light warm grey sleeve cuffs and collar, a red tie, dark green pants, and black shoes.

When he works as an art teacher at Middleburg Central High, he wears a gold-colored apron with paint smears and small pockets to hold art supplies.



Not much is fully known about Rippen's past, except that his parents took favor in his sister Vlurgen over Rippen, as according to him, she was given things like a car, a different magical scepter for every day of the week, and competent henchmen. This leads to Rippen to become a full-time villain and his plans to outdo Vlurgen.

At some point prior to the series' events, Rippen became an art teacher at Middleburg Central High, working under the authority of the school's principal Larry, who in actuality is the former's non-evil part-time minion. As revealed in the "Zap One", he trapped Penn's parents in a dimension known as the Most Dangerous World Imaginable.

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero

Throughout the series, Rippen and Larry would be teleported to an universe by their Multi-Universe Transprojector technician Phil, the opposite of the heroes' technician Phyllis. As his part-time minion, Larry gives Rippen an objective tied to the universe, usually involving sabotage or ruin. However this often backfires simply because of either of the two's incompetence, resulting in their enemies' victory and their own defeat.


  • He bears a shocking resemblance to Heichachi Mishima from the Tekken series.


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