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Trout! That's a good one, Buzzer! (Evil laughter) Let's put these poor fish out of their misery!
~ Ripper's first line.

Ripper is a recurring antagonist of the G.I. Joe series, serving as a member of the Dreadnoks (led by Zartan) and a supporter of Cobra Commander of COBRA.


Ripper was known as Harry Nod who was born in Grim Cape, Tasmania. As a child, Ripper was expelled from nursery school for his mean nature and extorting candy from his classmates. He grew up to be a professional criminal, spending most of his adult life in various correctional institutions, and is motivated by greed for money and a distaste for civilization, though he does love motorcycles in general. He also specializes in edged weapons and cutting tools, and is known throughout the swamps for using his blade like a cross between a fireman's axe and a can opener to unlock gates and crack safes.


Sunbow series

Ripper first appeared in "The Revenge of Cobra" mini-series. In "The Revenge of Cobra", he became involved in recovering a piece of Destro's Weather Dominator and selling it to the highest bidder, whether it would be Cobra or G.I. Joe. He also appeared briefly in the 1987 animated film G.I. Joe: The Movie.

In the series, he was voiced by the late Christopher Collins, who also voiced Cobra Commander.

G.I. Joes: Renegades

Ripper first appeared in the G.I. Joe: Renegades episode "Dreadnoks Rising", where he is a biker gangster alongside the rest of the Dreadnoks. He helped terrorize a local Kansas town and even get their local sheriff on the ropes. However, the Joes helps the citizens stand up to the Dreadnoks before having them (including Ripper) arrested.


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