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Rishda Tarkaan

The Boar shall be taken in a cage to the Tisroc's court and the Dogs shall be taken to the Tisroc's kennels. The Unicorn here - when I have sawn off his horn - shall be made to pull a cart.
~ Rishda's threats to the Narnians.

Rishda the Tarkaan is the secondary antagonist in the Last Battle and the commander of Calormen army that takes over Narnia.


After Shift the ape decided to bring the Calormenes in to help him in his overthrowing of Narnia, Rishda Tarkaan was the captain of the Calormenes. At first he helped the ape, but, along with Ginger the cat, grew tired of the ape doing everything. They devised a plot to make it inside the stable, because the animals were getting tired of not seeing Tashlan. Ginger was to go into the stable, and then come out saying that he had seen Tashlan. Rishda had also positioned a Calormene sentry to kill any talking animals that went into the stable.

When Ginger came out unable to talk, Rishda's plan began to fall apart. Next a Calormene, Emeth decided to go into the stable. He went in, there was the sounds of a battle, and then a Calormene's body was thrown out. Rishda told the party of talking animals that it was Emeth, but the Narnians hiding behind the stable could see that the Calormene's body was a different person, and not Emeth. When the Narnians jumped out and began to fight the Calormenes, Rishda called the reinforcements that he had.

Rishda was terrified when he saw Tash, who asked him, "Thou hast called me into Narnia, Rishda Tarkaan. Here I am. What hast thou to say?" Rishda could not answer due to his great fear, and thus Tash picked him up, and then turned his attention to Tirian, but a firm voice (that was Peter) ordered him to leave. The monster departed, carrying the terrified Rishda under his arm. It is unknown what happened to Rishda afterwards. It may be presumed that as Rishda was considered a "lawful prey" by Peter, then he met the same fate as Shift (eaten by Tash.)


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