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Villain Overview

Who am I? I'm Risky Boots, queen of the Seven Seas, and anyone who opposes me will be crushed flat! Men!! Spank this one extra hard for mommy!
~ Risky Boots during her first battle with Shantae.

Risky Boots is the main antagonist of the Shantae series. Risky is Shantae's nemesis and is known throughout the world for her wealth, power, and ruthlessness. Risky is the undisputed and self-appointed "Queen of the Seven Seas", and will caution and toll anyone who thinks otherwise. Capable, dominating, and deadly, Risky is unafraid to claim what's not hers. She commands an endless army of Tinkerbats, who follow her orders without question, building her weapons of war and scavenging the resources to make her schemes become reality.

Starting with Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, she is voiced by Cristina "Vee" Valenzuela, who also voices Risky's nemesis Shantae also starting with the aforementioned game.



Risky Boots wears a large pirate hat, with a skull symbol, which keeps her long hair in (her hair is actually just as long as Shantae's, as revealed when she disguises herself as a half-genie during the course of and also later during the final fight at the end of the same game, when Shantae deals her sufficient damage to make her outfit fall apart). She has a purple necklace with a gold pendant around her neck, a top that looks like the upper half of a skull, deep purple pants lined with a white rim that looks like a jaw bone, a belt which holds her scimitar and pistol. It is revealed in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse that the skull pieces on her outfit are actually the skull of Risky's former mentor.

Risky's sprite in the first Shantae consisted on red and black-colored clothes, she had her own eyes and sword red-colored including black hair, the artwork of the game has Risky with her usual and current color pattern though just like with Rottytops, despite the fact that the former's eyes are yellow in said artwork like in her sprites of later games.


Risky Boots has shown to be cruel and cunning to her enemies, specially Shantae, this is evidenced by the fact she constantly attacks Scuttle Town and tried more than one time to enslave Shantae and all the genies for her own benefit. Aside from that, Risky is also greedy when it comes to treasure, priceless artifacts, and money in general given her role as a pirate.

Risky holds an intense grudge against Shantae since the first time she was defeated by her and even has shown to dislike her and anything/anyone too "goody-goody" or law abiding, demonstrating her dislike for good things and preferring to stay evil instead. Despite this, she has shown to have some respect for her since battling with the Pirate Master for the fate of the world, although at the end Risky made a point with Shantae that both should take different paths as Risky is happy as long as she can be captain and promised that they'll be still enemies as such.

Risky also likes to gloat and make herself known for her actions, even if these implicate destruction and chaos, the most known being the constant attack on Scuttle Town and its inhabitants. She is also sneaky and deceptive and has no problem with having to lie or manipulate others to get her way, just like she did back disguised as genie she tricked Shantae into collecting one of the stones for her only for Risky to capture Shantae and take the stones from her. Risky Boots can get very violent and even sadistic when she's enraged, one of her most sadist moments was in the first game threatening to slice up Shantae for destroying the Tinker Tank, and after being defeated by her, she decided to escape and let Shantae die on the ruins.

Although in recent games, she has shown to have more calm and morality in contrast to her first and second appearances, this does not stop however of keep doing misdeeds through Sequin Land, going as far as punishing her own crew when they don't obey her or if they try to defy her in any way as evidenced in Shantae: Pirate's Queen Quest, where she punished the Tinkerbats for invading a remote island without her and later on the same happened at the end after their failure at making the Dynamo work correctly, although taking in consideration it was Risky all along the narrator of Shantae: Pirate's Queen Quest it's presumed she actually didn't punish them at all.

Powers and Abilities

Though she prefers to leave combat to her machines and Tinkerbats, Risky Boots has proven to be a powerful and manipulative fighter (as proven at the end of the first game). In combat, Risky's main weapon is a large pirate's scimitar that she can rapidly slash with or throw like a boomerang, and she also carries a flintlock pistol that fires bullets. Risky can also dash around in mid-air for dive-bombing attacks and perform a brutal slide-kick when on the ground. She is also able to perform various acrobatic feats akin to par-cor, which seems to suggest superhuman levels of athleticism. She also appears to have a high level of endurance for a human, as she is able to take many hits from Shantae's magic, and still have enough energy to escape almost unscratched from her final fight with Shantae in the first game. Risky is also highly intelligent and surprisingly effective with technology, being able to conceive grandiose machines for her Tinkerbats to build and to operate them quite effectively.

In Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, Shantae could upgrade Risky's items once she gathered them all going through dungeons. Later on Shantae: Pirate's Queen Quest, Risky herself could upgrade her own items as the story progressed, using a similar pattern that Shantae used in the previous game in order to complete 100% the game. Despite her deadly proficiency in the first game, Risky claims to be completely defenseless without her sword and pistol; in Shantae: Pirate's Curse, she was unable to combat a single Cacklebat, even with her kicking moves. Whether she truly felt defenseless or whether she was simply afraid of being possessed herself is unclear, although it's presumed she simply wanted Shantae to do the job for her.



In the first game, Risky Boots makes her presence known to Shantae when she and her Tinkerbats invade Scuttle Town. Shantae is able to protect the town, but fails to stop Risky from stealing Uncle Mimic's new Steam Engine. With her initial goal achieved, Risky then sets out to find the four Magical Stones so she can improve the Steam Engine and make it suitable for her goals. Risky is seen every time Shantae is about to fight a boss in each of the dungeons where the stones are located, commenting on how collecting all the elemental stones and implanting them with the Steam Engine will fulfill her goals of taking over Sequin Land. However, every time Risky finishes speaking she loses the stone because of the interference of the boss who hits her, throwing her off-screen.

Later on, Risky disguises herself as a Guardian Genie of Bandit Town and manipulates Shantae into finding the fourth, even mocking her with taking in consideration a hair cut that would look awfully cute on Shantae. Later, Shantae finds the "Guardian Genie" outside the dungeon and wonders what is her name, to which she replies saying it's not important and proceeds to do a "belly dance" in order to open the dungeon. After Shantae manages to arrive to the fourth boss, she wonders why Risky didn't appear to try to steal the Twinkle Stone and proceeds to fight the boss. Afterwards, Shantae finds the "Guardian Genie" again outside and just before she is about to talk to her about her success with finding the Twinkle Stone, the "Guardian Genie" drops the disguise revealing herself to be Risky Boots the whole time and the pause screen appears as the whole set is stolen by Risky. The ruthless pirate then has Shantae tied up and taunts her for delivering the elemental stones to her and details on how the Tinkerbats will use the final complements with the Steam Engine to create an unstoppable machine to take over Sequin Land before finally leaving.

Thanks to the help from the genies, Shantae follows Risky to her hideout on a solitary island, where a giant mechanical fortress protects Risky's ultimate power: the Steam-Powered TinkerTank. After encountering Risky, she tells she should have given up and details that the Tinkerbats are putting the final components to the TinkerTank just before pulling a lever that removes the floor where Shantae is standing, sending her face-to-face to the TinkerTank. Though formidable, the tank is destroyed due to its complete lack of weaponry, and an angered Risky is forced to fight Shantae herself, threatening to have her sliced to bits and not happy with that she'll dance on her innards. Risky has many attacks and it can be a difficult fight, as she takes damage during the battle she also gains a pair of other attacks. After being defeated, Risky goes into a villainous breakdown and tells Shantae that she will never leave at time before everything collapses as Risky escapes before the island explodes.

Shantae: Risky's Revenge

Risky returns as the titular main antagonist of the second game. Following Risky's defeat, Shantae's work as Half-Genie has been hard since all the creatures from Sequin Land want to battle her. Later at the Relic Hunter's Expo, Risky crashes in just when Mimic was going to present the lamp to the audience and makes off with that Mimic had just dug up. When asked by Shantae why she is causing trouble again, Risky says that Mimic's object is of great importance for her, but Shantae comments it is just a worthless lamp to which Risky replies it is actually something Shantae doesn't even know the problem what's in store and makes her escape. After walking to the east with no trace of her, Shantae fears Risky has escaped but in that moment the pirate appears behind her protected by her new invention, the Steam-Powered Tinkertub, which has to fight. Shantae only needs to hit the mouth of the ship when the barrel is exposed, doing this three times will defeat the steamboat. Risky admits Shantae has improved since their last battle, but claims that as long as she has the lamp she'll have the means to crush Sequin Land, and launches a last cannonball at Shantae, knocking her out in order to make sure she doesn't follow her and the Tinkerbats.

As Shantae collects the needed to prevent the lamp from activating, Risky frequently appears to taunt and belittle the half-genie's progress. Once the third Seal is found, Risky has Mimic kidnapped thanks to Rottytops and her siblings who wanted in exchange a supply of coffee and in Rotty's case, Shantae's brains. However, Risky changed the offer to her benefit and leaves the trio with nothing they expected in exchange but some cash and a heartbroken Rottytops. In that moment, Shantae arrives and Risky blackmails Shantae to give the Seals to her in exchange of her uncle. With no other option, Shantae surrenders the Seals and is forced to fight Risky's steam-powered steamboat/robot.

In order to hurt Risky, Shantae must hit the mouth when it exposes a barrel and if she does not attack quickly, Risky will start throwing barrels at her. After Shantae hits the barrel, Risky will jump into the background to launch cannonballs, some of which contain Tinkerbats. Sometimes the mouth will open to hurl an anchor and she will also shoot cannonballs. At this point being in monkey form its pretty necessary. Whether she does this move from the far right end or from the left corner, Shantae can dodge it as a monkey by walking closest to the ship without actually touching it. Shantae needs to hit the barrel four times to defeat Risky. After destroying the robot, however, Shantae is promptly stripped of her genie powers when Risky suddenly activates the lamp. Risky then commands the stolen powers to destroy its former master, which it does by manifesting as Nega-Shantae, Shantae's evil counterpart.

Shantae defeats Nega-Shantae, but Risky taunts Shantae regarding how pointless was to give up her powers for the sake of the people of Sequin Land and threatens to have the last laugh the next time. Risky then escapes with the lamp and leaves the heroine with nothing but a hollow victory to show for her sacrifice, thus marking the first time Risky has succesfully won against Shantae.

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

As Shantae struggles to adjust to life without her genie powers, Risky arrives and captures her in a trap bathtub, believing that Shantae and her friends stole her army and weapons. As Shantae denies such actions, Risky takes her to Mimic's lab where she shows her a Tinkerbat trapped in a cage. However, the Tinkerbat is soon being surrounded by a dark fog which turns him into what Risky calls a Cacklebat. After releasing Shantae and watching her defeat the Cacklebat, she gives her the Magic Lamp so that she can imprison the strange black fog. Risky explains that the Cacklebat is proof that her former mentor, the Pirate Master, is preparing to return by spreading a curse through

Sequin Land, and that she needs to seal off his sources of dark magic to prevent it. As she has been stripped of her weapons, Risky needs Shantae's help to do it.

Faced with a mutual goal, the two women agree to a truce and set off for the islands surrounding Sequin Land. As they adventure, Risky explains her past relationship with the Pirate Master: Risky had served on the Pirate Master's crew as the first mate, and took the Master's weapons and crew for herself after his defeat. She also reveals that when Shantae destroyed Nega-Shantae, the light magic that Risky stole from Shantae was consumed by the Pirate Master's evil soul and turned to dark magic in order to unleash his curse. Risky admits that she will stop at nothing to destroy the Pirate Master, which worries Shantae.

After sealing all of the Pirate Master's sources of dark magic, Risky and Shantae travel to Lonely Grave Island with the intent to blow it up. However, the Pirate Master returns to life and captures Risky for revenge for stealing both his weapons and Tinkerbats. Shantae chases the two and tries to fight the Pirate Master, only for him order Shantae to give up the dark magic she had collected from all the Cacklebats in exchange for Risky's life.

In the bad ending, if Shantae didn't kill all the Cacklebats, the fight with the Pirate Master will end prematurely as he escapes, and Risky runs off swearing that she'll destroy him herself even at the cost of her own life. Shantae can do nothing but hope that Risky succeeds... somehow.

In the true ending of the game, the dark magic is instead turned into light magic and is reabsorbed by Shantae, giving her the power to weaken the Pirate Master while Risky runs to Scuttle Town and commandeers a long-range cannon from the Ammo Baron, which she uses to fully destroy the evil fiend. Afterwards, Risky and Shantae meet one final time on Lonely Grave Island, where Risky tells Shantae that she's not going to give up her pirate ways anytime soon, but somewhat compliments the half-genie's heroism by comparing her to her mother.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Risky appears again in the fourth game, again as the main antagonist. In this story, Risky again launches an attack on Scuttle Town only to, again, be defeated by Shantae. However, Shantae eventually learns that the battle was a distraction in order to steal Uncle's plans for the Dynamo and then apply them to her own evil device, the Tinkerbrain, which she intends to use to conquer the Genie Realm.

Again, there are two possible results to the confrontation, depending on the player's actions. If Shantae rushes to confront Risky in her volcano lair, the Bad Ending results, where Shantae must destroy the Genie Realm in order to save the world. If Shantae instead decides to wait and aid the Barons in Scuttle Town, Uncle is able to use the time to build a Magic Polarizer that can undo the damage done by the Tinkerbrain and save both worlds.

Shantae: Pirate Queen's Quest

Risky is the villain protagonist of the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero DLC Shantae: Pirate Queen's Quest, where the player can use Risky as a playable character. In this version, Risky tells the story from her point of view, taking rather outrageous liberties. The game starts the moment Risky corrupted Shantae into Nega-Shantae and escapes leaving the problem to Shantae's friends. Later on, Risky can be seen in a room taking a bubble bath being assisted by three Tinkerbats that can save the game's progress, give hints to the player and travel to the adventure. Risky will usually comment on how to complete her plan and check out the upgrades she can use for her items. By Risky's account, she succeeded in her machinations and killed Shantae, but was ultimately foiled by the incompetence of her henchmen, and because of that she is blown up along with the factory (All obvious lies.)

Gameplay wise, Risky fights through the levels of the game using weapons and gear similar to the equipment used by Shantae in Pirate's Curse.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Risky Boots appears in Shantae and the Seven Sirens as the secondary antagonist and a recurring boss.

Shantae first encounters Risky in the first chapter after the Half-Genies are kidnapped by the Seven Sirens during the Half-Genie Festival, spying her and her crew blasting open the entrance to the Sunken City. Suspecting her old foe is up to no good, she follows, and after a while, is confronted by the wily pirate. A brief fight follows, but Risky stops after taking a few hits, telling Shantae that the true kidnapper isn't her, and directs her to where Plink is held hostage, leading to the battle with the Water Lily Siren.

After this, Risky's actions follow a pattern; halfway through each labyrinth, she appears, she gives Shantae some new information about the island or the Sirens, she and Shantae fight, and a path opens that leads Shantae to the labyrinth's captive.

Eventually, Risky reveals her true motives, a plan which seems nearly perfect in execution and design. While she didn't kidnap the half-genies personally, she arranged the festival knowing the Empress Siren would do so if they were there. Her true goal is to get into the Empress' good graces while counting on Shantae to defeat the Sirens and rescue the half-genies, pitting them against one another as a distraction while she steals the Sirens' airship - the true treasure of the island. Once the airship is unearthed, she aims its cannons at the island, ensuring Shantae follows in an attempt to stop her, counting on Shantae to fight and eliminate the Empress as well. While the Empress eventually turns on Risky and siphons away her life force, Risky's plan ultimately works, and Shantae is in a perfect position to defeat the Empress due to her actions. All in all, Risky believes the ultimate outcome will be escaping with a very powerful weapon at her disposal, having used both Shantae and the Empress as pawns towards that end.

Unfortunately for Risky, there is one flaw in her plan she did not consider: the battle between Shantae and the Empress destroys the airship, and Risky is left with nothing to show for her efforts aside from her life and a bruised ego.

Shantae 2: Risky's Revolution

Risky was planned to be the main antagonist of the cancelled game Risky's Revolution. She appears in some screenshots and the beta demo, and is mentioned in the game's backstory. Her and the Tinkerbats had uncovered a new device called the Tremor Engine, and had planted a pillar in the middle of Sequin Land. By some means, the engine could make Sequin Land rotate around this pillar. Risky's purpose for this remains unknown. Although it was never completed, some of the graphics and ideas were retouched and recycled for Shantae: Risky's Revenge.

Super Smash Bros.

Risky Boots appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a support spirit that starts the battle with a Bob-omb equipped. Her spirit battle is against Daisy on the Pirate Ship stage where Bob-ombs rain from the sky.



(Shantae: So you're behind this attack! Risky Boots, the lady-pirate!) In the flesh! Sorry about your shack darling. I thought you were a Guardian Genie, not some scrawny kid! Well no matter! Gotta haul booty!
~ Risky Boots' first quote in the entire series meeting Shantae for the first time.
I went easy on you this time, but next time I'll be steam-powered and unstoppable! Ho Ho Ho!
~ Risky after being defetead for the first time.
Ho Ho HO! The legendary Dribble Stone, mine for the taking!! Why pour water into that Steam Engine when this thing will power it forever! --What!? AIEEEEEE!!
~ Risky trying to steal the Dribble Stone just before being thwarted by the boss there.
Well well! You're a smart little tag-along! This single piece of golem stone is the only metal strong enough to hold the other stones' power! Once I have all four stones in my possession, I'll create the most powerful weapon this world has ever seen! Ho Ho Ho!!
~ Risky explaining her plan as she tries to steal the Golem Stone but is thwarted again.
HAH! Nice try girly girl, but this Simmer Stone comes with me! It's magical fire will keep my water boiling forever! What...? Not again! AIEEEEEE!
~ Risky's attempt to steal the Simmer Stone being thwarted for the third time.
(Shantae: Oh! A Genie! Are you Bandit Town's guardian?) Absolutely! I do my job using powerful mind-reading magic! For instance you've come here looking for the Twinkle Stone, right? (Shantae: Oh wow, you're right!!) Well you're in luck sweetie! I can get you into the Twinkle Palace with no problem at all! Just meet me there in a little bit will you? (Shantae: What luck! I'll be there, thanks!) Also, you should try cutting your hair short sometime! It would look awfully cute in a bob! Ho Ho Ho! (Shantae: Hee hee!... I'll think about it! Bye now!
~ Risky tricking Shantae after disguising as Bandit Town's genie.
Hah! That oughtta shut you up! Thanks for being a perfect little stooge! Now that you've collected all four stones for me, my Tinkerbats can complete their steam-powered project! Stop by for the grand unveiling! It's sure to be a smash from coast to coast!! HO HO HO!!
~ Risky Boots after capturing Shantae and stealing the four stones.
So, you just couldn't mind your own business, could you? Had to see what my army of Tinkerbats was building! Well, here's your answer! Thanks to all four magical stones, I'm about to put the finishing touches on my Steam-Powered behemoth! With me at the helm, no town on land or sea will ever oppose my rule again! Ho Ho Ho! Prepare yourself for the awesome might of my All-Purpose Steam-Powered TINKERTANK!!
~ Risky presenting the TinkerTank to Shantae.
NOOOOOO!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!? My TinkerTank! It's nothing but rubble! I'll slice you to bits and dance on your runny innards!
~ Risky's most sadistic quote in the entire series.
(Shantae: Give it up Risky! You're finished!) NEVER!! YOU'LL NEVER LEAVE THIS PLACE ALIVE!! HO HO HO HO!!
~ A defeated Risky's last words in the first game as she escapes leaving Shantae to die in the island's explosion.

Shantae: Risky's Revenge

Ho Ho Ho! No need for alarm! I'm just dropping by for this! (Shantae: RISKY BOOTS!) In the flesh! Your spelunking uncle is always dredging up new collectibles, but this one! Well, this takes the cake doesn't it? (Shantae: It's just a worthless lamp! Put it back before there's trouble!) Tsk tsk. You have no idea the trouble that's in store! Heave ho men!! Hoist my booty through the roof! And put your backs into it!
~ Risky meeting Shantae again.
Yoo hoo! Genie girl! Looking for me? (Shantae: Risky! I'll give you one last chance to hand over that lamp! If no, things are gonna get ugly!) Fu fu fu! They're going to get ugly all right! Let's see how you handle my brand new Steam Powered Oceanic Tinker Tub! Lock and load men! It's time for Risky's Revenge, so let's attack aggressively! Ho ho ho!
~ Risky's first boss fight in the game.
Not bad! You've learned a thing or two since our last duel. But no matter. With this lamp I've finally got the means to crush Sequin Land once and for all! Till then… play with this!
~ Risky knocking out Shantae.
Well, well, well. I see you managed to beat me to the first MAGIC SEAL! Nicely done. Now be a good girl and hand it over! (Shantae: Not a chance! Back off, or I'll smash this thing to pieces!) My! No need to be hasty! I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of each other down the line! Ta ta!
~ Risky after Shantae defeated Squid Baron.
(Shantae: Risky Boots! I had a feeling you'd show up!) I'm afraid my patience for you is starting to wear thin. Why don't you have over both MAGIC SEALS now, and save you and your deal UNCLE from any further unpleasantness? (Shantae: Never!) Fine, we'll do this the hard way. You'll both beg for mercy in the end! You'll see!
~ Risky threatening Shantae after refusing to giver her the Magic Seals.
Ho ho ho! Make yourself comfortable, grandpa! Your genie friend should be arriving any moment now. You three! What are you standing around for? You've been paid, now shove off!

(Rottytops: Hey! The deal wasn't for cash! What about her brains!) (Poe: And our lifetime supply of coffee!) Sorry, change of plans. (Rotty collapses on her knees, her face down, crying) (Abner: It ain't worth fightin' over. Let's go. I got the feelin' things are about to get MESSY).

~ Risky altering the deal with Rottytops and her siblings.
(Shantae: Risky! This is a new low! Turning my friends against each other. It's sick!) Ah, you've arrived. It could have gone differently you know. Maybe you should have just handed over those SEALS in the beginning and saved your friends from such grief! The outcome would have been the same! Now, give me those THREE MAGIC SEALS, and I promise that your uncle can go free. I can't say the same for you.
~ Risky threatening Shantae to choose between her uncle or the Magic Seals.
The MAGIC SEALS are mine! Your uncle is free to go! (...) Ho ho ho! In a few moments, the LAMP will be restored to full strength! And its DARK POWER will be mine! (Shantae: It's not over yet! There's still time to stop you!) You're certainly welcome to try! Ho ho ho! Men! Throw the Steam Powered Oceanic Tinkertub into overdrive! Let's see what this baby can really do!
~ Risky after giving her the Magic Seals.
(Shantae: You're finished, Risky!) Tsk tsk! Gotta keep your eye on the prize! You see?The MAGIC LAMP is back in action and ready to rock!! If you still want to know the SECRET of the lamp, I'll show you! Open wide and say AHHHH! (Shantae: Gasp! What… What have you done!) Hah! Do you understand now? This lamp has the power to suck up and ENSLAVE GENIES! Once captured, the genie must grant EVERY WISH her master desires, no matter how evil! That is what your uncle has been hiding from you! With this, I can turn a genie into a weapon of TOTAL DESTRUCTION! No one will dare to defy me! I'll admit at first glance it seems pretty useless. After all, there aren't any real Genies left to enslave. But since you're a Half Genie, I figured why not use the lamp to STRIP YOU of your POWERS! Now let's see how you fare without your special powers! Hear me GENIE OF THE LAMP, I command you to appear! (Nega-Shantae appears) Do not hesitate! Destroy this brat! Don't stop until she's a stain on the floor!
~ Risky after stealing Shantae's genie powers from her.
You fool! You would destroy your superior half in exchange for this town full of simpletons? Then enjoy your victory! It's only temporary! The last laugh will be mine! Ho ho ho!
~ Risky's last line in the game.

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Well, well! Isn't this a sight? (Shantae: Risky Boots!) In the flesh. Enjoying my boobietrap bathtub, I see. (Shantae: ARRRRGH! You're in big trouble when I get out of this!) Please, you're giving me goosebumps. I'll keep this quick. Tell me where my men are, and I'll let you live to see tomorrow. (Shante: Huh? What are you talking about?) Don't get cute! My men and my weapons are gone. Who else but you would take them? (Shantae: Me? You're the only thief around here!) Really? Then perhaps you can explain why your uncle has my crewmen caged up in his lab! (Shantae: Don't be ridiculous.) Okay then. I'll prove that you're up to no good.
~ Risky interrogating Shantae after trapping her in a boobietrap.
There's my missing man! Right here in dear old uncle's workshop. What have you got to say for yourself now? (Shantae: I... I didn't know! But I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation!) I know the reason! You wanted revenge for that incident with the genie lamp. Just look at my poor defenseless Tinkerbat! He's terrified! (Tinkerbat:...) (Shantae: Looks fine to me.) This is your last chance! Tell me where they are! I want my men! I want my weapons! And I want them right now! Huh?
~ Risky revealing the Tinkerbat caged up in Mimic's lab to Shantae just before being exposed to the Dark Magic.
Well? What do you want? You're off the hook so get lost. (Shantae: This Pirate Master guy. He sounds pretty dangerous.) Dangerous? He was the greatest threat Sequin Land has ever known! The last time he showed up, it took the combined power of every last genie to defeat him. (Shantae: W-wait, you're talking about real genies? They captured him?) He's dead. But don't let that fool you. With the genies gone, the Pirate Master will do everything he can to regain the Dark Magic and rise again. (Shantae: Dark Magic?) That stuff that transformed my crewman back there. The Pirate Master must be stopped, or Sequin Land is history. After all! He has no right to destroy what I've worked so hard to conquer!
~ Risky talking with Shantae about the Pirate Master.
You're back! (Shantae: Not without incident, but I found another island map... and your hat!) ... (Shantae: I thought you'd be excited.) I've been thinking about my men... And the curse that controls them. We all sailed together under the Pirate Master's command... (Shantae:...) The Pirate Master is clever. He'd expect me to go after my pistol and hat. That's why he brought them here... to infuse them with his evil. He's been using the weapons to lure me in. He plans to trigger the curse, and put me back under his control! I can't believe I almost fell for such an obvious ruse! (Shantae: Is that why you won't come with me? Because you're under the same curse as your men?) I'm not afraid of him! (Shantae: I didn't say you were!) I despise him! I'd like to see him return just so I can crush him myself! (Shantae: I didn't mean to get you all worked up... But hey, at least we're finally talking, right? It's good to get these things off your chest.) ... (Shantae: I'll wait for you on board)
~ Risky talking with Shantae about her past with the Pirate Master.
Ho ho ho! HA HA HA HA HA! (Shantae: What's so funny? You're creeping me out!) Those guardian genies sure did a number on him! The middle of no place... perfectly hidden from prying eyes. There's even some sort of magnetic anomaly here that boggles the compass. It was almost perfect. Almost... Well, he probably knows we're here. I'm going to have a few words with the good captain. After that, we rig the place with explosives and blow it sky high! (Shantae: Can he really hear us?) There's nothing to fear. Not anymore (Shantae: Whew...) However. (Shantae: Ulp!) Should anything go wrong... I want you to gather up all of the remaining Dark Magic... And destroy it. Got that? (Shantae: Huh? But Risky, didn't you say-) That's an order! (Shantae: Sigh... I got it.) Ok then. I'll prepare some powder kegs for the Pirate Master's final farewell. Don't wander off.
~ Risky and Shantae after arriving at Lonely Grave, the Pirate Master's grave.
There it is. Silent as a tomb. Without Dark Magic to draw from, he's vanished into the eternal abyss. Too bad, really. After all, what good is a victory if you can't rub your enemy's face in it? (Shantae: ...) (Pirate Master: VOOOOOO!) (Shantae: What was that?) (Pirate Master: H-H-HO HO HO!) So! You've managed to return after all! (Pirate Master: HA HA HA HA HA HA!) (Shantae: Aaaaaugh! He isn't human!) (Pirate Master: RISKY BOOTS! How dare you betray me!) You're nothing but a shade. I'm through taking orders from you. (Pirate Master: You watched and did nothing as I fell in battle! You stole my ship and crew!) ... (Pirate Master: And now you destroy my agents and disrupt my flow of Dark Magic!) (Shantae: Actually I did that...) (Pirate Master: You will suffer for this) There's no reason to get all worked up, captain. See this girl? She's the offspring of the one who imprisoned you. The genies are the real enemy. Take her and we'll call it even. (Shantae: Risky!) (Pirate Master: H-H-HO HO HO! That can wait. You're the one I want! I will make you pay for your disloyalty!) I've had it with your blasted orders! Your time has passed! Get back to the grave where you belong! (Pirate Master: FOOL! You belong to me!) (Shantae: Risky!) (Pirate Master: What's this? You dare to wear my face like some kind of trophy? Give me that! First I will take the palace! And then, when my strength has returned... you will witness the end of your world! HO HO HO! H-H-HAAA HAA HA!)
~ Risky being kidnapped by the Pirate Master.
He's a monster! Keep your distance!
~ Risky Boots warning Shantae of the Pirate Master after being tortured by the latter.
Move it, you Lubbers! Get that cannon into position! (Vinegar: Aye aye!) (Twitch: Ready to fire, captain!) Hold for my order... Steady now!
~ Risky ordering Twitch and Vinegar to fire at the Pirate Master in order to help Shantae.
That's the last of him. There's just one thing left to do. (Shantae: Like what?) The Pirate Weapons. It's time I took them back. (Shantae: Oh right... But Risky, what about the curse?) There's nothing to fear. Ther curse has been broken. I'm in charge of my own destiny. I won't let the darkness rule over me any longer. (Shantae: So... you're going to become a good guy?) Ho ho ho! I didn't say that! Listen carefully, runt. You walked the walk and you talked the talk. Heh, you even dressed the part. (Shantae: Ha ha...) But in the end, you're no seafaring cutthroat. Far from it. You can't pretend to be something you're not. And... Neither can I. So long.
~ Risky and Shantae after defeating the Pirate Master.
(Shantae: Risky! I thought I'd find you here.) (Tinkerbat: ...) (Shantae: Looks like your Tinkerbats are back to normal.) They've got a lot of work to do. The Tinker Tub will need serious upgrades before I can launch my next attack. (Shantae: Ha ha! You're kidding... Right?) Why are you here? Still trying to convince me to become a goodie goodie like you? (Shantae: I was just hoping to ask you something.) ... (Shantae: How did you know the Dark Magic would change?) Oh that. I didn't know. It was just a hunch. I figured if I gave you the lamp, you'd put it to good use. And when I heard about the dreams... I figured the magic must be yours. (Shantae: But you knew that I wouldn't destroy it. Somehow you knew that it would change) How could it not? With you sailing the seven seas doing good deeds for every hard luck case? I make it a point to know my enemies. I knew the Pirate Master would make a grab for the Dark Magic. And I knew you'd do the opposite of common and hand it over. (Shantae: Well, yeah! To save you!) Exactly. Alright men! Snap to! We're shipping out! That doomsday device won't build itself! Watch your back, runt. (Shantae: You too.) Oh one more thing (Shantae: Huh?) Your mother... you're just like her. Only shorter and more annoying. (Shantae: Risky!) ... (Shantae: Smooth sailing!)
~ Risky and Shantae having a last talk.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero and Shantae: Pirate's Queen Quest

Your dimwitted relic-hunting Uncle is always unearthing valuables from the lost age. And whatever secrets this blueprint contains, I want them! How else can I claim my rightful place as RULER OVER ALL OF SEQUIN LAND!! HO HO HO! Now step aside, or suffer the might of my Part Omni-Organic, Partially Titanic, Ocean-Optional Tinkerslug!
~ Risky meeting Shantae again in Half-Genie Hero.
You'll what? Build another machine to stop me? You really are an old fool! You think I'd return the blueprints willingly?! (Mimic: You...You swapped blueprints!) That's right! You've been building the machine to MY specifications! Your design was flawed from the start. It's true that your DYNAMO is capable of generating great quantities of electricity. But as a also produces a significant counterflow of negative energy with each rotation! So...I simply altered the plans to turn that negative energy...into DARK MAGIC!
~ Risky taunting Mimic as she corrupts Shantae.
(Mimic: Why?!) An experiment, of course! As you can see, I've successfully INVERTED the runt's magic! I've changed her from good to evil. (Sky: You monster!) (Bolo: Let her go!) Ha! I have no intention of keeping her. The runt has served her purpose. Next I'm going to modify the DYNAMO to generate Dark Magic on a MAJOR SCALE!
~ Risky after having corrupted Shantae into Nega-Shantae.
You see...the power to corrupt a single Half-Genie is fine, I suppose. But why stop there? When I can use this machine to reverse the magical polarity...of the entire GENIE REALM! (Mimic: Impossible!!) Not anymore, thanks to all of YOU! I'd say goodbye to the Half-Genie brat...But with all of that evil magic coursing through her...Well...Let's just say she's your problem now. Ta-ta!!!
~ Risky revealing her true plans.
So you managed to find my Tinkerfactory, did you? (Shantae: Where's the DYNAMO, Risky?) Ho ho ho! You'll see soon enough. It's in the tender-loving care of my Tinkerbats. My men have been working tirelessly to unlock the Dynamo's FULL POTENTIAL. It will beyond anything your short-sighted uncle could ever even dream of! But until their work is complete...I WON'T ALLOW YOU TO INTERFERE!!
~ Shantae about to fight Risky Boots.
Ha! You're too late! Now I'll introduce you to final phase of my plan! Behold! (Shantae: Wh-what is it?) The new and improved Dynamo! (Shantae: What have you done to it?!) My Tinkerbats have increased its potential in every way! My moment of victory has arrived! Watch, as I turn your precious Genie Realm...INSIDE OUT! HO HO HO!
~ Risky Boots as Shantae is about to fight the Dynamo.
Ho ho ho! I've finally done it! The very heart of the realm of magic! The power of the genies will be mine!! Now, do my bidding! Submit to me as your absolute ruler!! (Shantae: What's happening? NO!!!) It worked!! The power of the genies is mine! And the world will bow before me!! HA HA-HAAA-HAAA HAAAAA!!!!
~ Risky corrupting the genies.
~ Risky's villainous breakdown after Shantae destroyed the Dynamo, also last words in Half-Genie Hero.
Another perfect heist. Those fools played right into my hands! Just imagine... A machine that can INVERT magic! Anything I want is mine for the taking! All I need is DO-GOODER MAGIC, and there's no greater source than that accursed GENIE REALM! I will make their power MY OWN! Then I will rule over ALL OF SEQUIN LAND!
~ Risky talking about her plan after having corrupted Shantae into Nega-Shantae.
Don't you dare defy me again! You'll loot and pillage under MY ORDERS! Got it?
~ Risky scolding her Tinkerbats.
Now weigh anchor! Prepare to shove off!! (Tinkerbats sail off) And don't leave without your captain!
~ Risky being comically left behind by her Tinkerbats.
Tsk tsk. We can do this the easy way, or the TEETH TO TAIL SLICING, TORSO CUTTING SLOPPY WAY!
~ Risky threatening Techno Baron.
Yeah? What do you want, fish face? Don't look at me like that, I'm a bad guy! Don't think for a second that I helped you on porpoise!, Purpose! Rrrgh! Nevermind! In any case you owe me one! Got that?
~ Risky talking to Giga Mermaid.
I beat your pet. Now step aside so I can find my COMPONENT PART!
~ Risky to Holly Lingerbean.
So, it's you two. Why you saddle yourselves with the Ammo Baron, I'll never know. That boastful sack of congealed pork belly is no match for a REAL captain! I'm Risky Boots, ruler over land, sea and air! Move aside or prepare to be boarded!
~ Risky to Twitch and Vinegar.
The genie brat. Right on schedule! Tell me. How did you manage to reverse the effects of the magical inversion process? (...) Bah! I should have dealt with those FRIENDS of yours first! No matter. You're about to witness the birth of my GREATEST INVENTION! Powered by crystallized Genie Magic, and special components stolen from Sequin Land's most vile villains... It is capable of tearing open a portal between the human and the genie world! (...) When the machine reaches full power, the power of the genies will turn from GOOD into EVIL. (...) An entire realm of EVIL! MINE TO COMMAND! HO HO HO HO HO!!!
~ Risky confronting Shantae
That takes care of her! I've finally destroyed that meddlesome brat! Now, to take my place as ruler over ALL OF SEQUIN LAND! Men! Fire up the new and improved DYNAMO! RIP THE GENIE REALM APART!
~ Risky after (seemingly) killing Shantae.
No! You fools! Did you disengage the safety lock? (Tinkerbats:...) Then did you close off the choke valve? (Tinkerbats:...) Don't tell me you forgot to prime the magic pump? (DYNAMO starts to self-destruct) INCOMPETENT FOOLS! This was to be the crowning moment in my conquest of Sequin Land! My entire factory is going to explode! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!
~ Risky's failure as the DYNAMO self-destructs itself blaming the Tinkerbats for their incompetence (blatant lies).
So there you have it. I would have had it all if it weren't for these bunglers! imbeciles! Rrrgh! Just talking about it makes me want to punish you all again, GET BACK HERE!!
~ Risky's revelation of being the narrator all this time and recreating the events of the game so she could refuse that Shantae defeated her.
I was so close! Next time, I'll show no mercy!
~ Risky's last words in Pirate's Queen Quest.
Risky: Ho ho ho! Now step aside or suffer the might of my he Part Omni-Organic, Partially Titanic, Ocean-Optional Tinkerslug!
Shantae: P.O.O.P.T.O.O.T.?
Risky: Don't call it that!
~ Risky threatening Shantae before the first boss fight.


  • Risky has defeated Shantae twice through the games, the first time was stealing her magic powers and use it to create an evil version of her during Shantae: Risky's Revenge and the second time was (seemingly) killing her off during their final battle in Shantae: Pirate's Queen Quest. However, in both cases Risky's victory backfired on her:
    • In Shantae: Risky's Revenge her actions by stealing Shantae's genie side and creating Nega-Shantae led to the latter getting destroyed, which caused Nega-Shantae's dark magic to spread in the air until it found the Pirate Master's tombstone, therefore, starting the events of Shantae and the Pirate's Curse.
    • Later at the climax of Shantae: Pirate's Queen Quest, it's revealed that not only Shantae actually didn't die, but that even the Tinkerbrain wasn't foiled by her Tinkerbat's incompetence, it was just all Risky's POV of how the events of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero passed in order to refuse that Shantae defeated her.
  • The scene in Shantae: Risky's Revenge where Risky gives Shantae the chance to choose between her uncle and the Magic Seals is similar to the Pirate Master giving Shantae to choose between Risky Boots herself and the Dark Magic in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. Although, in the Pirate Master's case, Risky already knew Shantae would choose to save her life.
  • It's been theorized that Risky's skin color may be the effect of dark magic on her, given how Shantae and any other genie change their skin color similar to Risky's once corrupted. This was proven true and further explained in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.
  • According to Matt Bozon, Risky was originally going to be a one-shot enemy as evidenced by the information above in a piece of concept art. This gives a hint that someone else would have been the main antagonist of the first game. In addition, she even had a more ghostly appearance given her status as a "pirate ghost" which isn't true in the main games as her appearance is the cause of the Dark Magic she's been given.
  • Risky is the only character in the entire series to have more dislikes for anyone/anything than everyone else, even surpassing that of the other antagonists.
  • At the end of the good ending in Shantae: Pirate's Curse, Risky tells Shantae that she reminds her of her mother, except that shorter and more annoying, thus hinting the possibility that Risky once met Shantae's mother and somehow is still around.


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