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Rita is the host of the Super Sentai Strongest Battle and the main antagonist of the Super Sentai 4-part mini-series 4 Week Continuous Super Sentai Strongest Battle. She secretly plots to use the battle to revive the ultimate foe of the Zyurangers, Dai Satan.


Rita was born on a planet with no justice, whose inhabitants were all evil and caused misery for one another. While living there, Rita heard stories of heroes who fought for justice across the universe, but none ever came to her planet. Thus, Rita came to view concepts such as justice as being fake and vowed to destroy all the Super Sentai who claimed to fight for justice.

To do this, Rita traveled to planet Nemesis, where an event known as the Mobius Connect was happening that would grant any hero who assembled all of the Mobius crystals one wish. Rita banished the original guardian of the Mobius Connect to the farthest edges of the universe and began her plan to revive Dai Satan by gathering all of the crystals. Lacking the strength to gather them herself, Rita summoned the Sentai warriors of the past 42 Sentai teams to the planet Nemesis to compete in the Super Sentai Strongest Battle, explaining to them the rules of the tournament before dividing them up into teams of five. Each round would have two Sentai teams competing to obtain one of the crystals, which would then be added to the assembled crystal when collected.

The Strongest Battle became further complicated however with the arrival of Gaisorg, who handed a golden ticket to Rita so he could enter the fight and challenge its most powerful warriors.

Eventually, once all of the crystals were gathered, Rita used them to wish to revive Ultimate Dai Satan so he would destroy the universe. However, Ultimate Dai Satan was destroyed by the combined powers of the Oddball Team and the Gokai Galleon. Rita then donned the Gaisorg armor to get revenge on the Oddball team and fight them one last time, but she was defeated by Bamba and Towa of the Ryusoulgers. She was then taken into custody by Stinger, who told her he hoped she could atone for her actions.


  • Rita's name is a reference to Rita Repulsa, the Power Rangers counterpart of Bandora from Zyuranger. This is further referenced by Rita's allegiance to Dai Satan, who was the master of Bandora and whose Power Rangers counterpart Lokar was also an ally of Rita Repulsa.