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Rita Gratton
I waited for you to get out of prison. And I waited for you to get sober. And I waited for you to get tired of this stupid church. And all you did was fall in love with another woman.
~ Rita Gratton

Rita Gratton is the main villainess from Bones episode 4.07, "The He in the She."

She was played by Sylva Kelegian.


Rita Gratton is the ex-wife of JP Gratton, who was a member of a church led by pastor Patricia Ludmuller. Patricia was later revealed to be transgendered, as she was originally Patrick Stephenson, a notorious televangelist who made the sex change after a crisis of faith. JP fell in love with Patricia even after learning that she was born a man, and that enraged Rita. While Patricia was out swimming, Rita took her ex-husband's motorboat and ran her down. The blow did not kill Patricia, as she was hanging on to the side of the boat, but at that moment, the evil Rita smashed Patricia's fingers with an oxygen canister. After this, Rita struck her again with the boat, this time killing Patricia.

After learning that a boat was the murder weapon, Brennan, Booth, and Hodgins went to the hull and discovered that JP's boat was used in the murder. JP denied killing Patricia, but after noticing that the seat was adjusted, Brennan and Booth realized that Rita committed the murder. The villainess lashed out at JP for falling in love with Patricia and reminded him that she stood by him while he was in prison and wanted him to get sober. She also refused to believe JP's claim that he never slept with Patricia, and after her reveal, Booth arrested Rita for Patricia's murder.