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Villain Overview
We are blessed with two hands. One takes, and other gives.
~ Rita Rossweisse.

Rita Roßweiße, or Rita Rossweisse, also known as Shicksal Maid is a British Valkyrie introduced as a major antagonist in Honkai Impact 3 serving as a minor character in the first chapters of the game and a major character the comic books prequels. She is a new playable character released as of Version 2.7. The deputy captain of the "Blade of the Immortal" and the Valkyrja Vampire Squad, also the adjutant of Durandal. Her battle suits are Umbral Rose (A-rank PSY-type), Stalker: Phantom Iron (A MECH) and Argent Knight: Artemis (S BIO).

She is a cunning and skilled warrior as well as the trusted adjutant of Durandal - Captain of the Immortal Blades - the most powerful Valkyrie squad of Schicksal since Cecilia who was killed during her battle with Herrscher of the Void during the Second Houkai War. Despite being one of the best S-rank Valkyries Rita is unbelievably polite amongst all the egotistical characteristics that many high ranking Valkyries usually have. She is also referred to as "Schicksal Maid" due to her insistence in wearing maid clothing.

She is voiced by Yuuki Aoi in the Japanese version of the game whom also voiced Sunako Kirishiki in ShikiKurona Yasuhisa in Tokyo Ghoul and Tiamat in Fate/Grand Order.

Official Description

The vice captain of "Immortal Blades" and the trusted adjutant of Durandal. Rita is one of the three S-rank Valkyries in Schicksal. Not much is known about Rita as she keeps her secrets hidden very well. Perhaps only Durandal and fellow Valkyries of "Immortal Blades" would know anything about her. She is also the Maid of Schicksal, adjutant of the Immortal Blades, Rita Rossweisse elegantly steps onto the battlefield. Diligent in her duties to be the ultimate maid, Rita will learn anything that might better fulfill her master's wishes from clearing enemies on the battlefield to playing video games.

The game gives her the "Empress" arcana-card, meaning happiness away from war and strife.

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Rita's Empress arcana

Data Files

Data files found in the Chibi Dorm of the game.


  • ChibiRita

    Rita Rossweisse Chibi.

    Gender: Female
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: March 1, 1995
  • Organization: Schicksal
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Place of Birth: Europe (Manchester, United Kingdom)

Valkyrie Armor Story 1

Rita Rossweisse is a cunning and skilled warrior and trusted adjutant of Durandal, Captain of the Immortal Blades, the most powerful Valkyrie Squad of Schicksal. Despite being one of the best S-rank Valkyries of Schicksal, Rita seems... unbelievably polite.

Valkyrie Armor Story 2

In fact, her politeness borders on absolute servility to the point that people forget she's an S-rank Valkyrie. The most amazing thing os that her service-first attitude feels extremely genuine, and can only be the product of very good education and personal elegance. Perhaps she's a member of the nobility? Unfortunately the Valkyrie Archives do not reveal anything of note about Rita.

Valkyrie Armor Story 3

Rita seldom talks about her past. In fact, she does not talk about herself. Many curious people tried to unearth more about her, but Rita kept her secrets hidden very well. No one managed to find out anything Perhaps only Durandal and fellow Valkyries of the Immortal Blades would know anything about Rita.


Prior to Honkai Impact 3rd

2007 AD

Rita was born to a family who owned a flower shop in Manchester, United Kingdom. When she was thirteen-years old, Honkai beasts attacked her hometown, where she hid in her family’s flower shop. She was found by the beasts and was almost killed by them, but was saved by a Valkyrie dressed as a maid. After Rita was carried off to safety, she thanked the maid, and was given a business card to the coffee shop she worked at.

Wishing to express her gratitude to her savior, Rita goes the next day, giving the maid a bouquet of flowers. After learning that the maid’s name in Ragna, she then asks her why she chose to dress and act as maid. Ragna explains that people feel more upfront and comfortable when one acts with humility, even being able to find out the true thought of people in society. Inspired by her words, Rita decides to leave her life at the flower shop and become a Valkyrie-Maid, just like her savior.

Shortly after she became an A-rank Valkyrie, Rita is assigned by Otto to look after the well-being of another A-rank Valkyrie, Bianca.

Honkai Impact 3rd


Rita is sent to St. Freya High by Otto Apocalypse in order to monitor Kiana Kaslana (K-423) under the guise of attending the Valkyrie Exams.

Awakening of the Herrscher

During their assault on Schicksal, Rita handily defeats Himeko and Tesla and is about the kill them before Fu Hua arrives and persuades her to simply take them as prisoners. Later on she engages Fu Hua in battle after finding out she has betrayed Otto, but is stopped by Durandal, who orders her to let Fu Hua go.

Arc Stalker

Under orders from Otto Apocalypse, Rita is sent to Arc City in order to track down and apprehend Kiana, who has gone into hiding after the events of the previous chapter. She tracks down Grey Serpent, an information broker who is suspected to have information on Kiana’s whereabouts. When he refuses to divulge such information, Rita simply murders him and steals his phone, computers and implants. Afterwards when Bronya, Theresa and Mei find Ningyo, Rita promptly ambushes them and uses Grey Serpent’s eye to upload all of Ningyo's data and activate her self-destruct protocols. With her mission complete, Rita then flees the scene, leaving the girls behind.


Befitting a Valkyrie, Rita is a beautiful young woman with a slender build and short, grey hair, along with pink eyes. She is also the third tallest playable Valkyrie, behind Mei and Kallen Kaslana and also has the second largest bust size, behind Murata Himeko. Much like the other Valkyries, her clothing changes depending on her equipped battle suit, though she always keeps her hair short and always wears a hairband of some kind. She also wields a scythe as her weapon in battle.

In her Umbral Rose battle suit, Rita wears a very typical maid's uniform adorned with roses and rose-like patterns. It is slightly more sexualized as well, with an ample amount of her cleavage and her back exposed, along with her skirt being slit at the side. Her hairband is also very reminiscent of one worn by maids, albeit it is adorned by a single rose, and has horns on each side. She also wears black maid's heels with a rose on each ankle, along with dark pantyhose and black panties.


At her core, Rita is a woman who is deeply devoted to her duties and responsibilities as a maid, and will do anything she needs to serve her master's goals and desires. To that end she is a kind, gentle, humble, loyal and obedient person, to the point where she states she would not disobey an order given to her by her master. She is always polite and courteous, no matter who she is speaking to, even if they are her enemies.

That said she is shown to be ruthless and brutally efficient when dealing with her master's enemies, and can also be quite callous towards human life. This is shown during her dealing with the Grey Serpent, where she murders all of his bodyguards, interrogates and threatens his life, and then murders him when he refuses to give her the information she was seeking. Later in the chapter she also purposely activates Ningyo's self-destruct sequence in order to antagonize Bronya, Mei and Theresa.

Powers and Abilities

  • Proficiency with Scythes - Rita is shown to be deadly proficient with scythes, able to use them to perform fast, rapid slashes that can tear her enemies to shreds.
  • Teleportation - Rita can teleport short distances in order to evade enemy attacks. She can also use this ability in tangent with her Enhanced Speed for her Umbra Rose Ultimate in order to perform several rapid slashes all around the enemy.
  • Electrokinesis - Rita has the ability to imbue her attacks with electricity when she is in her Phantom Iron battle suit.
  • Cryokinesis - Rita has the ability to imbue her attacks with ice and can freeze enemies when she is in her Argent Knight: Artemis battle suit.


I'm sorry, kidnappers... children should be left to the care of a professional... Maid. Rita Rossweisse, at your service. Commence battlefield sterilization.
~ Rita when confronting Bronya, Mei and Theresa.
That was a dangerous fight. I hope it didn't scare you.
~ Rita talking to the Captain on the Bridge.
It’s time to turn in. It will be another hard day tomorrow Captain.



  • Otto Apocalypse (Master)
  • Bianka "Durandal" Atagina (Senior Officer)
  • Captain (Possible Crush/Debatable)


  • Theresa Apocalypse
  • Kiana Kaslana/Herrscher of the Void
  • Raiden Mei
  • Bronya Zaychik
  • Murata Himeko
  • Fu Hua
  • Captain (Debatably)
  • Grey Serpent


  • Her last name means "Rose White" (which is a reference Das Nibelungenlied).
  • Out of all the Valkyries (besides Mei) when deployed on the Bridge, Rita is the one who is most concerned with the Captain's safety and well-being. This is evidenced by her imploring the Captain to not overwork himself, making tea for him, and comforting him after intense missions.
  • Rita appears to have a very noticeable crush towards the Captain, as evidenced by her dialogue towards him when she is deployed on the Bridge and during Honkai Kingdom Wars.
  • Her Argent Knight: Artemis battle suit as depicted in the artwork is slightly different than in the actual in game model. In the in game model, Rita wears white leggings underneath her skirt as part of her battle suit while in the artwork they are absent. The reason for this is unknown.

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