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Villain Overview

Kiana's episode of unconsciousness and dream walking remind me of Bronya's afflictions. Perhaps they have been influenced by the energy of emitted by Selene (Sirin)'s power drives. This battleship is driven by a strange engine, indeed. Regardless, my mission here is complete. I will reporting back to HQ. Subject made significant advancements in terms of physical and combat capabilities. However, further investigations is required to confirm the success of persona replication. The Overseer's plan can now move on to a more... practical phase. Everything... is under his control.
~ Rita Rossweisse revealing her nature.
Ah, how annoying. Time to clean this place up. After all, Durandal really likes it clean. But first of all, welcome back, Master Fu Hua. Good work taking care of that Judgment Class-Honkai Beast. Would you like a cup of tea?
~ Rita Rossweisse welcoming Fu Hua.
I'm sorry, kidnappers... children should be left to the care of a professional... maid.
~ Rita Rossweisse betraying Bronya and Theresa.
We are blessed with two hands. One takes, and other gives.
~ Rita Rossweisse

Rita Roßweiße, or Rita Rossweisse (in Chinese: 丽塔·洛丝薇瑟, Lìtǎ·Luòsīwēisè), also known as the Schicksal Maid, is a British Valkyrie introduced as a major pivotal antagonist in Honkai Impact 3rd, although portrayed as an antagonist in the earliest chapters of her major appearances, she would later be depicted as an anti-heroine and ultimately, a supporting character. She also later appears in almost every side-story (event) of the franchise as a secondary character, usually being introduced as an ally or NPC to help the protagonist learn even more about the story. She also appear as a major character in Second Key and the anti-heroine protagonist of London Holiday. She is a playable character released as of Version 2.7. As a powerful Valkyrie, Rita is the deputy captain of the "Immortal Blades" and the Valkyrja Vampire Squad, also the adjutant of Bianka "Durandal" Argentina, the current strongest Valkyrie of the world. Her battlesuits are Umbral Rose (A-rank PSY-type), Phantom Iron (A-rank MECH), Argent Knight: Artemis (S-rank BIO), Fallen Rosemary (S-rank QUA), and Spina Astera (S-rank MECH).

Seductive, manipulative, cunning and skilled warrior in the form of a maid, Rita is a 21-years old elegant Valkyrie born in United Kingdom as one of the many victims of the Houkai. She is the trusted adjutant of Durandal - Captain of the Immortal Blades - the most powerful Valkyrie squad of Schicksal since the defeat Snow Wolf Squad in 2000 CE during the Second Eruption. Despite being one of the best S-rank Valkyries Rita is unbelievably polite amongst all the egotistical characteristics that many high ranking Valkyries usually have, usually being seen as a extremely honest, attractive, humble and charismatic Valkyrie but is rather darker than most Valkyries and displays a sadistic manipulative side and is ruthless, methodical, and sadistic, unafraid to get her hands dirty and take down anyone in her path.

She is also referred to as "Schicksal Maid" due to her insistence in wearing maid clothing, something she adhered from a Valkyrie dressed as a maid that saved her from a Houkai beast when she was a child. Working as a spy in Freya Academy to study the life and behavior of K-423 (a clone of Sirin produced by Otto Apocalypse to serve as the vessel of the Herrscher of the Void), Rita served Theresa Apocalypse as her supporter and guardian but also spied on her under the orders of Otto. She is a top-class assassin and combatant and is later revealed to be Otto Apocalypse's primary enforcer who travelled the world in different countries to take care of the most confidential missions of Schicksal. Rita, befitting of a maid, is consistently "caring" to everyone around her, including her enemies, and displays a penchant for cleanliness to the point it can be compared to a fanatism. Rita serves as a major foe to the Valkyries after they defect from Schicksal following the events of Chapter 8.

She is voiced by Yuuki Aoi in the Japanese version of the game whom also voiced Sunako Kirishiki in Shiki, Kurona Yasuhisa in Tokyo Ghoul, Lumine from Genshin Impact, and Tiamat in Fate/Grand Order and voiced by Shourei N (also famously known as Little N) in the original Chinese version as her first and only villainous role.

Official Description


The vice captain of "Immortal Blades" and the trusted adjutant of Durandal. Rita is one of the three S-rank Valkyries in Schicksal. Not much is known about Rita as she keeps her secrets hidden very well. Perhaps only Durandal and fellow Valkyries of "Immortal Blades" would know anything about her. She is also the Maid of Schicksal, adjutant of the Immortal Blades, Rita Rossweisse elegantly steps onto the battlefield. Diligent in her duties to be the ultimate maid, Rita will learn anything that might better fulfill her master's wishes from clearing enemies on the battlefield to playing video games.

The game gives her the "Empress" arcana-card, meaning happiness away from war and strife.

Rita's Empress arcana

Dame de Cœur

"You opened your eyes. A foreign ceiling was all that you could see. Panic not, elegant tyrant. You are the Red Queen, the Dame de Cœur. Enjoy watching the adventurers' challenges."

488px-Rita - Dame de Cœur (T).png

Dusky Murmurs

"Many lost travelers disappeared in these dusky woods. One survivor claimed to have heard a soft, gentle murmur before a hellish encounter. "


Hanafuda Oyabun

"The cloud veiled the bright moon. The crimson petals slit the night."

Hanafuda Oyabun (Costume).png

Icy Sea Spray

"Do you like this icy beach delight? How about a cherry on top, Captain? Fufufu. A maid must help her master stave off the summer heat. Do tell me in private if you like it or not."

300px-Beach Encounter Login Bonus (Rita Full).png

Maid of Celestia

"The maid of Celestia turned around, gold embroidered silk was her gown. Few lived to see her dark consort, a dread phantom wearing a wartorn shroud."

61073798 349132369078975 1962909425614192640 o.jpg

Vow of Roses

"Bells ring as doves take flight. Dew-kissed roses embellished her gown of white. Vows are made to last an eternity. Perhaps I shall spend my life with thee."

300px-Vow of Roses (Rita Full).png

Fallen Rosemary

"Treading like a cat, she prowls through the darkest corners of the city. She leaves a bewitching silage of rosemary behind, surrounding the night in ghostly haze. The fire flickering in her lantern resembles the lost Disir trembling at night. If you have the misfortune of meeting her in dark hours, beware! For this ensnaring lantern may lead you to the dreadful underworld. Chants say that ages ago sailors who were lost at sea could seek their course home by following the rich scent of rosemary. But if the rosemary lost her roots in the winds, to where she will lead the drifting sailors? Will it be the promise land of hopes and dreams or the unfathomable Hel that devours all?"

118792165 1284919575175244 3710912712262416542 o.jpg

Spina Astera

"When the power of the Astral Harness surges from within, Rita recalls the adventure she had five years ago. Together, she and young Bianka explored a world in the Sea of Quanta. She witnessed the rise of the twelve-year-old Valkyrie, and recorded every miracle in the Caledonia's voyage. Five years ago, that journey rekindled the dying flame inside her. And now, she has sworn to protect this flame forever and ever."


Data Files

Data files found in the Chibi Dorm of the game.

Umbral Rose


  • Rita Rossweisse Chibi.

    Gender: Female
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: March 1, 1995
  • Organization: Schicksal
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Place of Birth: Europe (Manchester, United Kingdom)

Valkyrie Armor Story 1

Rita Rossweisse is a cunning and skilled warrior and trusted adjutant of Durandal, Captain of the Immortal Blades, the most powerful Valkyrie Squad of Schicksal. Despite being one of the best S-rank Valkyries of Schicksal, Rita seems... unbelievably polite.

Valkyrie Armor Story 2

In fact, her politeness borders on absolute servility to the point that people forget she's an S-rank Valkyrie. The most amazing thing os that her service-first attitude feels extremely genuine, and can only be the product of very good education and personal elegance. Perhaps she's a member of the nobility? Unfortunately the Valkyrie Archives do not reveal anything of note about Rita.

Valkyrie Armor Story 3

Rita seldom talks about her past. In fact, she does not talk about herself. Many curious people tried to unearth more about her, but Rita kept her secrets hidden very well. No one managed to find out anything Perhaps only Durandal and fellow Valkyries of the Immortal Blades would know anything about Rita.

Phantom Iron Battlesuit


  • Phantom Iron Battlesuit chibi.

    Date of Birth: March 1
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Organization: Schicksal
  • Place of Birth: Europe

Valkyrie Armor Story 1

Stalker: Phantom Iron is an anti-BIO stalker battlesuit developed by Helheim Labs. The battlesuit is designed to augment the Valkyrie's musculoskeletal system and monitors her physios during battle to inject powerful stimulatants and neurotransmitters at crucial moments, granting her sudden bursts of power and speed to enhance her combat performance.

Valkyrie Armor Story 2

Phantom Iron's standard weapon is the scythe known as the "Genome Reaper". During combat, this weapon can collect a target's genetic sample and analyze it to adjust battlesuit tactical modules. The most dangerous aspect of the weapon is the ability to create an [Avalanche] toxin based upon the target's genetic sequence.

Valkyrie Armor Story 3

This battlesuit is also furnished with the HD-603 (call name "Stalker Carbon") autonomous weapon control system. The battlesuit allows the Valkyrie to issue commands to her robot hound using a neural-sync platform to hunt down her prey. When facing multiple adversaries, Stalker Carbon can also release an airborne neurotoxic agent to disable its enemies and break out of the encirclement.

Argent Knight - Artemis Battlesuit

  • Argent Knight chibi.

    Date of Birth: March 1
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Organization: Schicksal
  • Place of Birth: Europe

Valkyrie Armor Story 1

Prototype 4th Generation Valkyrie Godsbane-class Battlesuit, designed specifically for Rita Rossweisse.

Valkyrie Armor Story 2

Crescent Mode Argent Knight: Artemis is furnished with a unique particle dispersion system. Activating the Mode spreads the gossamer wings at the back of the battlesuit to disperse Crescent Particles in a large AOE. These particles will quickly sap heat from the surrounds to create a subzero immobilizing cell. This stasis cell will cause mechanical parts to fail and biological hypothermia. Immune to such effects, the Argent Knight can waltz through her stricken enemies and reap the harvest with her scythe.

Valkyrie Armor Story 3

Crescent Harvest When Crescent Particle concentration goes beyond a threshold, a humanoid phantom known as [Crescent Harvest] will materialize behind the battlesuit. Crescent Harvest is the embodiment of Death, and would gladly litter the battlefield with corpses to apply merciless frost.


16 years old Rita.

Befitting a Valkyrie or even superior to most of them, Rita is described as an angel. Rita is a beautiful young woman with a slender build and short, grey hair, along with pink eyes. She also has a beauty mark, or for better words, a mole below her right eye. She is also the third tallest playable Valkyrie in the game, behind Mei and Kallen Kaslana and also has the second largest bust size (despite her age) behind Murata Himeko who is far older and more experienced. Much like the other Valkyries, her clothing changes depending on her equipped battle suit, though she always keeps her hair short and always wears a hairband of some kind. She also wields a scythe as her weapon in battle. When she was around 16 and 17 years old, she wore a long white dress with a gray rose pattern and yellow trim, a black and white apron and a bow on the back. She also wore black hairpin and a black maid headdress. After the Alexandria's Incident, Rita wore a new summer dress, wearing a black top hat and a tight black dress with open arms.

In her Umbral Rose battle suit, Rita wears a very typical maid's uniform adorned with roses and rose-like patterns. It is slightly more sexualized as well, with an ample amount of her cleavage and her back exposed, along with her skirt being slit at the side. Her hairband is also very reminiscent of one worn by maids, albeit it is adorned by a single rose, and has horns on each side. She also wears black maid's heels with a rose on each ankle, along with dark pantyhose and black panties.

When wearing Phantom Iron battlesuit, her headband changes to black, there are two corners of two colors blue-black, a white dress inside, black armor outside, suspenders, black thighhighs, black-blue high heels and a iron scythe-shadow.

When she is using the Argent Knight: Artemis battlesuit, she wears a lunar-like suit, her headband will be replaced by ice-colored spines and her left arm will be decorated with blue and white metal wings. She also wears a black and white lace around her neck, her coat is a white armor, a black skirt with white lines and two white and blue thighhighs.


The most important thing in cooking is to properly convey your heartfelt feelings to the recipient" — I agree with your sentiments, Miss Mei, but to me... "perfection" is how I convey my feelings.
~ Rita talking to Mei about cooking (Cooking with Valkyries).

Rita hiding her true nature.

At her core, Rita is a woman who is deeply devoted to her duties and responsibilities as a maid, and will do anything she needs to serve her master's goals and desires, even if their orders are going to cost lives on the process, be they innocents or allies. To that end she is a kind, gentle, humble, loyal and obedient person to the point where she states she would not disobey an order given to her by her master, no matter how vile and cruel they are; abandoning her sense of morality and ethic if necessary. She is always polite and courteous, no matter who she is speaking to, even if they are her enemies.

Inspired by Ragna, she is a maid who loves being helpful to other people and enjoys cleaning and cooking. Despite being called out of being inspired by Ragna, a maid-Valkyrie who saved her when she was a child, she mentioned it's only a coincidence that she became a maid once she simply enjoyed dressing and acting as a maid. When Ragna told her that “maids are invincible”, Rita didn’t understand what she meant at first but later came to realize that it isn’t that a person becomes invincible because they’re a maid, but rather only a person that’s achieved perfection can become a maid.

Rita cleaning Durandal.

Despite being an assassin who is ready to murder anyone who is deemed as her target, she is a very kind and compassionate, optimist, especially to her friends, subordinates and people close to her. She gets angry and violent whenever people insult her or her teammates, usually hiding her wrath behind a murderous smile while showing a fiery side to her enemies. Of all people, Rita has a special attachment to Durandal, her senior officer who also happens to be her mistress since the events of Bubble World.

At first, Rita only saw Durandal has as an important object for the sake of Schicksal's future but over the years the two got closer until their relationship became more than a military connection. She thinks of Durandal more than a simply superior but as a special person and always gets jealous when other people get her attention or interest, usually being Stan (a simiase Honkai-cat). Like usual, Rita is good in hiding her true emotions of people with the same kind face she uses everywhere, this is could be either a defensive mechanism or weapon to fool her enemies and targets. While Rita is usually calm and mature in most situations, she loses her mature aura and presence when she sees Stan being petted by Durandal.

That said she is shown to be ruthless and brutally efficient when dealing with her master's enemies, and can also be quite callous towards human life. This is shown during her dealing with the Grey Serpent, where she murders all of his bodyguards, interrogates and threatens his life, and then murders him when he refuses to give her the information she was seeking. Later in the chapter she also purposely activates Ningyo's self-destruct sequence in order to antagonize Bronya, Mei and Theresa.

Surprisely, in the "Cybernet Haven" event where she's one of the renouned "haxxors" alongside Durandal her personality changes radically for the sake of the event's comedy. Unlike the main story where she is elegant and charismatic, she's got a foul mouth and actually has no fighting ability whatsoever; she can only try to "intimidate" the people who aren't scared by her title before getting defeated by a slap. While capturing Raven, she orders her to give herself up and "spread her legs", adding more new content to her new personality.


Honkai Gakuen 2

Rita in Honkai Gakuen 2 manhua.

Unlike the main story, Rita is not a Valkyrie of Schicksal but another original organization hailing from Honkai Gakuen 2. Rita was a beautiful English maid who owned a flower shop and always presented herself with an elegant image, however, behind her innocent appearance, there were too many secrets being hidden from her by her family.

At her father's request, she was taught the older lady's etiquette of her family and quickly learned how to arrange flowers and play the piano since she was a child. However, Rita did not want to be trapped in this type of cage and wanted to be involved in her father's business. At some point, she discovered her father had a suspicious relationship with Merlin Cavendish and wanted to get involved in more threatening and serious matters. Although Rita's father did not want her to get involved in this, she still hoped that one day she could break her boring routine.

As if fate was responding to Rita's desires, things suddenly changed one day. One day, Rita was chased on the street and her father was shot and killed at home as consequences of her actions. Faced with the shocking truth she caused the death of her, Rita panicked. After this, she ran away from home and went to her father's "business partner", Mei Lin.

Under the training of Mei Lin, Rita became an excellent spy and domestic worker. Days before Merlin's offensive plan to invade Schicksal could be put in action, Rita entered the Rudy Troop Sweep tournament as a spy of Human Contract Alliance and met Seturi aka the artificial ruler known as Herrscher of the Blood. When the Human Contract Alliance attacked Schicksal, Rita was sent to respond to the North American branch of Anti-Entrophy instead of taking participation in the attack to Schicksal's HQ.


Current Era (2007 CE)

Rita rescued by Ragna.

Rita was born to a family who owned a flower shop in Manchester, United Kingdom, 7 years after (2007 CE) the Second Eruption that was staged by Herrscher of the Void. When she was thirteen-years old, Honkai beasts attacked her hometown, where she hid in her family’s flower shop. She was found by the beasts and was almost killed by them, but was saved by a Valkyrie dressed as a maid. After Rita was carried off to safety, she thanked the maid, and was given a business card to the coffee shop she worked at.

Wishing to express her gratitude to her savior, Rita goes the next day, giving the maid a bouquet of flowers. Ragna told her about the origins of her name, and that her mother was also a Valkyrie and wanted her to follow the same path. She also told Rita that she was on a social activity, and that people are more likely to open up to ones working in the service industry. After learning more about Ragna, she then asks her why she chose to dress and act as maid. Ragna explains that people feel more upfront and comfortable when one acts with humility, even being able to find out the true thought of people in society. Inspired by her words, Rita decides to leave her life at the flower shop and become a Valkyrie-Maid, just like her savior.

Shortly after she became an A-rank Valkyrie of Schicksal, Rita is assigned by Otto to look after the well-being of another A-rank Valkyrie, Bianca.

The Lonely Panthalassa Operation (2012 CE)

On February 29, 2012, Rita who is now the adjutant of Bianca Durandal, go to Quantum Sea to search for a special structure called Ether Anchor. They then entered a pocket dimension. In that dimension, they went to a sea island that is attacked by sea monster 'Leviathan'. There, they met Miguel de Cervantes who gave them a ship and offered himself t be the pilot of it in order to help Rita and Bianca to hunt down Leviathan. However, when they arrived, the Leviathan was already killed by the Caledonia crew.

They then met the boatswain of the crew, who invited them to visit the ship. The captain of the ship recommended James Joseph Wolk to assist Rita and Bianca. Bianca decide to challenge the captain into a fight, so the captain send Schrödinger to fight her, Rita then decide to join the battle to fight Schrödinger while Bianca fought the captain.

In the end both Rita and Bianca are defeated despite their efforts due to their lack of experience fighting at the time and decide to exchange information with Marian.


The Wall of Asgard

On March 1st, the submarine arrived in Alexandria. After settling down the habitants on the island, Rita returns to Bianca who gives her a tooth of Leviathan as her birthday gift. The Caledonia crew then goes to Gibraltar, where Rita sees the Wall of Asgard, which is said to not only made up of Houkai Energy, but also another unknown energy.

During this time, a member of the submarine (James Watt) was kidnapped. Rita then took part in an investigation team, comprised of Durandal, Champollion, Neith and Rita, eventually found out that Watt had been imprisoned in a secret base under a sulfur lake. In Alexandria, Rita rescued the kidnapped James and artificial intelligence 'Alice'. Due to this incident, James decided to stay in the city to take care of 'Alice'. They soon also reclaimed the Intellect Crystal and installed it into Durandal's blade, thus making it sentient of some sort. After Joseph left the crew, Schrödinger took the job of technician of the submarine. The captain also announced that they will take back the world from the king of Wall of Asgard.

Yucatan Peninsula

Rita executing Esther.

Eventually, the Caledonia crew reached Yucatan Peninsula and encountered the Federation invading of "El Rey" village, however, the crew were able to defeat them, thus forcing the Federation to retreat. Bianca, who met Ikonal, the village "oracle", decided to help the village gain federal recognition of independence by committing suicide (knowing she could be revived later) and freeing the village from the Priestess', the mastermind behind the attack. Curious about the priest that led the Federation to invade the village, they search and met her in Chichen-Itza the capital of Federation, only to get ambushed by the latter.

After successfully killing the priest and reviving Bianca, Rita brought the knocked-out crew to the Meteor Church. As for the people of the Federation, they believed that the battle betweens Caledonia crew and the priest was holy, so they wished that one of them can stay behind to be their priest. Soon, the Caledonia crew acknowledged that the emperor of the Asgard of Wall is Napoleon, who activated the Asgard Wall to transform the clans of Europe into either monsters or Houkai Beast under the manipulation of the late priestess. During the activation of the Wall, Napoleon Bonaparte drank a potion before he could become a mindless monster and turned into a dragon, and survived the wall. He fled the empire because he could not endure the huge casualties caused by the activation of the wall. After the crystal was removed from his chest, Napoleon attempted to commit suicide, but Bianca convinced Napoleon not to, instead he decided to be return to the Federation and become a priest to fix his past mistakes.

Republic of Inka

Rita with Bianca in the Republic of Inka

After a few days, according to the information found by Alice in the library, they found that 'the land surroundered by volcanoes and snowy hills' is Quito. As a result, they decided to go to the "southern land" to find a way to find the way to Quito. Eventually, the Caledonia crew arrived on the Curaçao Island and met Helen Inka, the regimental commander of Republic of Inka, who brought them to the Tunnel of Aka, which go through the core of the Earth. There, they met Katalina Michelangelo Buonarroti, the head of the Technology Intelligence Agency of Inga. They learn that The Tunnel of Aka is the Ether Anchor, and the World Bubble was created by an ancient civilization. An artifact built through the reverse of the Ether Anchor.

On the next day, the Caledonia crew arrived in South America. They met the fortress commander and the commander of the first army of Inka, Anna Charles Darwin. They also soon learn that the Star Speaker was actually created from copying the data of the main world. According to the legend of "Idol on Stage", the crew borrowed the gem of love from Shigure Kira.

Rita sleeping beside Bianca

The Caledonia crew is soon invited by the Senator of Inka, Sophia Harry Thoreau to fight against the Honkai energy by destroying the Europe Continent, which is infested with Honkai energy, however, Bianca decided to obtain the Crystal of Flourish first by extracting it from Sanada Yukimura, in order to make sure Sanada will live. Bianca used the gem to reactivate the Honkai energy in Sanada and sealed it in her body, causing Bianca to enter in a comotase state. Before Bianca recover, Rita took care of her until she woke up 2 days later in an Underground Infirmary.

Eventually, the Europe Continent was destroyed for good with all millions people who became Houkai monsters, however, the remaining Honkai Beast on the remains of Europe fused together through the mind of Napoleon. The resulting was an abomination monster that killed thousand soldiers of Inka that were stationed on the northern island of Republic of Inka. Luckily, the beast was dispatched by Jeanne before it could caused any more damage. Jeanne, who came from the battlefield, revealed her true identity as the "Star Whisperer". She used the anchor to fit as a special attack weapon, annihilating the "Napoleon" component in the collapsing beast's aggregate. After the battle, Schrödinger soon discovered the near the place where the beast was slain some giant Honkai Crystals was formed. Discovering this, Rita pllaned to lanched the crystal to space and detonated them.

When they are returning to the northern island, the Caledonia crew discovered that Helem Inka was already corrupted by Honkai Energy. When they were ready to return to the fortress to assist them, they found that the Ether Anchor was also being corrupted by the Houkai energy. Rita, Bianca, Schrödinger and Kira then returned to the Anchor.

Rita and Bianca after returning to the real world; due to the effect of the gem and Bubble World, Bianca now possess the body a mature woman in the real world

Since La Niña, a Houkai being that had took over Helen's body has synchronize itself with the Honkai Energy in her body with that of the Anchor, Bianca decided to carry the burden to finish her off and killed her, she used the gem of the sentient blade to seal the Anchor together with the entire world bubble in her body, thus finally saving the Bubble World for good, learning that as long Bianca lives the Bubble World would exist as well. Rita and Bianca then returned to their base in the real world.

Since then, on every 29th of February, Bianca and Rita would return to the World Bubble to meet their friends of Caledonia Crew.

World Serpent's Myths (2015 CE)

Rita being attacked by Stan at the National Museum.

Many years later, in 2015, Rita who is already now a S-class Valkyrie, accompanied Bianca, who was also a S-class Valkyrie, to fight non-stop Honkai Waves for more than 30 days straight without pause in different parts of the globe. A few days later, Otto asked Rita to go to England in search of clues about the Second God Key. At the same time, in recognition of Bianca's achievements, Bianca was rewarded with the vacation she wanted.

While studying the Celtic slate parchment containing clues to the Second God Key at the British Museum, she was attacked by the cat-shaped beast Stan who was previously a stray Siamese cat that became an Honkai experiment of Jackal from World Serpent. Stan, however, escapes from Rita after nearly defeating her in combat. Much later, it is revealed the director of the museum, Catherine was working with Jackal and the World Serpent as a pawn and alerted her superior about the search of Schicksal to the Second God Key hidden by World Serpent thousand years ago. Otto Apocalypse, however who is aware that Catherine was working with the World Serpent and that his Valkyries were being lured into a trap set by Catherine while they were investigating the ancient ruins and called one of his most "pathetic" Valkyries, Susannah to his HQ while he personally assumed her form to go to Great Britain under her disguise to make a fool out of both Catherine and Jackal.

Rita with Stan, Bianca and Otto in London

Inside of the ruins, Rita is once again ambushed by Stan who separated her from Bianca while Catherine personally betrayed "Susannah" when in fact it was Otto all along and easily knocked her out, stealing her DNA and becoming "Catherine" as he encountered Jackal outside of the ruins to report the situation only to be "backstabbed" by Jackal who revealed she was nothing more than a pawn.

Just after shooting "Catherine", Jackal discovered it was Otto's projection all along and had Raven shoot his projection with the 3rd God Key. Meanwhile inside of the ruins, Rita still fighting Stan but as soon as Durandal finds a way to enter in the ruins she easily "one punch" Stan and defeats the Honkai Cat. Much to Rita's dismay, Bianca fell in love with the cute cat and decided to adopt Stan as her pet.

At the end, Rita and Bianca learn that Otto had found the true location of the God Key's Arthurian legendary sword and the two retrieved the God Key Otto was aiming for shortly after defeating the ELF (that ironically had the appearance of a small-chibi Kevin Kaslana) and took the ELF weapon as well to Schicksal's HQ.

Second Key (2015 CE)

Rita still working to Durandal but for Durandal's personal mission she was put behind the curtains. Rita initially appears in the beginning with the Immortal Blades and during Durandal’s trials as her best friend, taking Kevin’s place. When Durandal returns, Rita goes up to her and hugs her tightly, welcoming her back after an extremely dangerous ordeal.

Honkai Impact 3rd (2016-2017 CE)


Rita is sent to St. Freya High by Otto Apocalypse in order to monitor Kiana Kaslana (K-423) under the guise of attending the Valkyrie Exams. There, she would work as a maid for Schicksal and Freya Academy's Chief of Organization Team to spy on the development of K-423 until the time Otto ordered his spy, Fu Hua, to finally capture the Herrscher and bring her to him.

Awakening of the Herrscher

Rita fighting Fu Hua

During their assault on Schicksal, Rita handily defeats Himeko and Tesla and is about the kill them before Fu Hua arrives and persuades her to simply take them as prisoners, something she disagrees once they were enemies too dangerous to be kept alive and finds out Fu Fua has betrayed Otto, resulting in the two almost engaging in a death battle if it wasn't for Bianca Durandal who arrived later on and ordered Rita to stop and let Fu Hua go.

Arc Stalker

Under orders from Otto Apocalypse, Rita is sent to Arc City in order to track down and apprehend Kiana, who has gone into hiding after the events of the previous chapter. She tracks down Grey Serpent, an information broker who is suspected to have information on Kiana’s whereabouts. When he refuses to divulge such information, Rita simply murders him and steals his phone, computers and implants. Afterwards when Bronya, Theresa and Mei find Ningyo, Rita promptly ambushes them and uses Grey Serpent’s eye to upload all of Ningyo's data and activate her self-destruct protocols. With her mission complete, Rita then flees the scene, leaving the girls behind.

World Serpent's Plans

Equipment - Aphrodite Scythe

The Aphrodite Scythe, original design.

The weapon of choice of Rita and by far one of the most unique weapons for Valkyries working at Schicksal. Despite being part of the Pantheon-series, the Aphrodite Scythe weapon is an enigma. The secret of its deadliness lies not in its sharpness, but its sheer aesthetics.

This weapon pays homage to the Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty who showers in the fresh blood of her victims. Aphrodite is an ancient Greek goddess associated with love, beauty, pleasure, passion and procreation. Aphrodite's major symbols include myrtles, roses, doves, sparrows, and swans. The cult of Aphrodite was largely derived from that of the Phoenician goddess Astarte, a cognate of the East Semitic goddess Ishtar, whose cult was based on the Sumerian cult of Inanna. Aphrodite's main cult centers were Cythera, Cyprus, Corinth, and Athens. Her main festival was the Aphrodisia, which was celebrated annually in midsummer. In Laconia, Aphrodite was worshipped as a warrior goddess. She was also the patron goddess of prostitutes, an association which led early scholars to propose the concept of "sacred prostitution" in Greco-Roman culture, an idea which is now generally seen as erroneous.

Powers and Abilities


Umbral Rose

Umbral Rose battlesuit.

There are three sets of Valkyrie armor available for Rita: Umbral Rose · Phantom Iron and Argent Knight. Among them, Umbral Rose is just a common maid costume, while Phantom Iron is a specialized biological hunting armor made by the Helheim Laboratory. The battlesuit strengths the bones of the user and increases the combat capabilities of the Valkyries. The built-in monitoring system always controls the physical condition of the user. It will inject strengthening hormones and neurotransmitters during fierce battles, allowing the Valkyrie to gain explosive strength and superhuman speed.

Phantom Iron

Shadow Iron is an armor from Schicksal's Helheim Laboratories, designed to hunt all creatures that can be infected by Honkai energy. The standard equipment of the Phantom Iron is a sickle-type combat weapon called "Gene Harvester". As long as the Valkyrie get a small genetic sample of the target in battle, it can interpret all of its opponent's biological data and change armor tactics simultaneously. What is more dangerous is that this weapon will also target the target's genetic sequence to formulate an "avalanche" of toxin to destroy the enemy's flesh and blood from inside out.

This suit is also linked to the "self-discipline" tracking weapon developed under the code name HD-603 (scientific name "Carbon-based hunter"). The user can instruct the battlesuit like if it was dog of steel in a way of neural synchronization and launch an endless hunt for the enemy no matter where the target is hiding. Even in the face of a swarm of enemies, the carbon-based hunter can release the neurotoxins it's carrying in its internal tubes and spread through the air to render the opponent unable to act.

Aoi Knight - Artemis

Rita wearing Aoi Knight - Artemis, also known as Argent Knight.

Aoi Knight is the prototype of the fourth generation of Valkyrie armor to kill a God, in other words, a Herrscher. The particles flying around the armor emits a special armor, Rita's exclusive weapon. In its representation, it symbolizes the scary side of the moon, spreading the cold of extinct creatures like moonlight over the Earth, bringing despair to all things.

  • Crescent Mode: Activating the Mode spreads the gossamer wings at the back of the battlesuit to disperse Crescent Particles in a large AOE. These particles will quickly sap heat from the surrounds to create a subzero immobilizing cell. This stasis cell will cause mechanical parts to fail and biological hypothermia. Immune to such effects, the Argent Knight can waltz through her stricken enemies and reap the harvest with her scythe.
  • Crescent Harvest: When Crescent Particle concentration goes beyond a threshold, a humanoid phantom known as [Crescent Harvest] will materialize behind the battlesuit. Crescent Harvest is the embodiment of Death, and would gladly litter the battlefield with corpses to apply merciless frost.


Rita is more than a fighter but a near-perfect maid who is obsessed with cleanliness. Possessing excellent culinary skills that can rival those of Mei's, Rita is a chief who can cook the most complex and luxurious dishes of Europe but seems to have problem with Japanese culinary. She also has a wide range of knowledge of geography and history, has the stamina and physique of a person who can wake up a day after sleeping for four or less hours, barely having any time to rest and feeling energetic.

She also is qualified as a teacher due to her responsibilities and chores as warrior, maid and spy, being able to speak softly without losing her composure in the most dangerous moments of life and death. She received professional killer training from Schicksal Headquarters, making her one of most fearsome spies and assassin of the world. She claims to have learned more than a dozen important languages in the world such as Chinese, Japanese, English and Spanish.

  • Physical Prowess - Rita has shown an extraordinary level of speed, power, and physical strength. Even in her Umbral Rose suit, she was able to easily keep up with Fu Hua, a 52,000 years old veteran. In terms of power prior Fourth Impact, Rita's physical abilities completely outclassed all Valkyries possibly losing only to Bianca Durandal and Fu Hua (even though Fu Hua herself had a hard time fighting Rita), and deflecting destructive attacks without any effort.
  • Stealth Presence - Rita's unknown ability which allows her hide her breath and presence as a whole, even a level A-Valkyrie cannot detect her. She can use this to completely vanish from someone's perception and vision in closed locations or use her assassin skills to keep her profile low in public without becoming a suspicious target which makes her perfect for spying, hunting and assassination missions.
  • Rita using her Frozen ability on her opponent.

    Frozen - Rita can unleash four freezing attacks with her own hands in the form a spiral blade. The true extent of this ability is unknown as such how many living beings she can freeze but once her targets are frozen they will permanently lose parts of their bodies touched by the ice once the freezing process is immediate.
  • Proficiency with Scythes - Rita is shown to be deadly proficient with scythes, able to use them to perform fast, rapid slashes that can tear her enemies to shreds with precision and deadly combos that can be barely seen with human eyes thanks to her professional training and enhancements granted by her battlesuits.
  • Teleportation - Rita can teleport short distances in order to evade enemy attacks. She can also use this ability in tangent with her Enhanced Speed for her Umbra Rose Ultimate in order to perform several rapid slashes all around the enemy.
  • Electrokinesis - Rita has the ability to imbue her attacks with electricity when she is in her Phantom Iron battle suit, dealing even more elemental damage to her targets.
  • Cryokinesis - Rita has the ability to imbue her attacks with ice and can freeze enemies when she is in her Argent Knight: Artemis battle suit, leaving them with slowness and elemental cryo damage.


Single Quotes

I'm sorry, kidnappers... children should be left to the care of a professional... Maid. Rita Rossweisse, at your service. Commence battlefield sterilization.
~ Rita when confronting Bronya, Mei and Theresa.
That was a dangerous fight. I hope it didn't scare you.
~ Rita talking to the Captain on the Bridge.
It’s time to turn in. It will be another hard day tomorrow Captain.
Sorry, just a pet peeve of mine. I believe a nice and tidy environment makes for better negotiations.
~ Rita to Grey Serpant.
You sound more than a orator than a intel dealer. I wished I didn't have to do this.
~ Rita right before "killing" Grey Serpant.
Allow me to deal the coup de grace.
~ Rita attempting to finish Himeko.
Since you're not playing by the rules, kitty... I'm afraid I might give you a little spanking.
~ Rita to Stan.
Oh dear. It seems we walked right into an ambush.
~ Rita to Stan.



If it is possible, I would like to understand you better.
Leave hard tasks to me, you shouldn’t dirty your hands.
Other than a maid, what do you think of me as?
You look very tired, stayed up too late for work?
Theresa is a very cute- Ah, apologies that was unlike me.
Apologies, things regarding the Overseer, I cannot tell you.
Captain wants to be a maid? I don’t really recommend you to do this.
Protecting you with all my might, that is my mission.
You seem to be very interested in my work, Captain?
The ships deck is getting dusty, about time to clean.
My past... isn’t really something interesting.
I’m your maid, I’ll do my best to fulfill your requests.
Worthy maids will always listen to their master.
You think I’m a great person? Thank you for the praise.
Work tasks are all finished, good job Captain.
What are your next orders, Captain? (AFK)

Seizure on the Bridge

You got the dust on the deck all riled up, Captain.
I don't understand how shaking the ship will bring any use to you.
Other than shaking the ship, can you find a different activity?


Are there any requests?
Rita, here for your orders.
For your life, Captain.

Outfit Selection

New clothes? Looks to be more fitting than the last.
~ Default outfit.
his battlesuit, looks like it is a really precious gift.
~ 4-Stars outfit.

Outfit on the bridge

This outfit, is it your gift to me?
Such a beautiful outfit, really tugs at your heart.
What a gorgeous outfit, I need to be careful during cleaning.


Many thanks for your trust.
Starting to clean up the battlefield.


Would you like a cup of tea Captain?
Resting will get rid of fatigue.
What is your command?

Moving Around

Do not fret, I will protect you.
Problems will be removed.

Enemies Spotted

Uninvited guests.

Boss Spotted

Target has appeared.


Recovery finished.


Please trust in my ability.


Captured you.

Item Pick

The storage needs expanding.

Coin Pick

I will keep them for you.


No need to rush.

Ultimate Ready

Preparations are complete.


Storm time has arrived.
You suffering souls. This place is where they'll be laid to sleep.
Awaken, frost guardian!

Enemies Spotted

Mission complete, kept you waiting.
The battlefield’s cleaning has been finished, waiting for further orders.


Apologies, I failed.

Coop win

I hope I didn’t let you down, Captain.

Team skill

Please continue fighting.

Chibi DORM


What would you like to eat tonight?
Where should I clean next?
For your loyalty, boss.
Please do not skip lunchtime.


I’ll laze a little today.
Good night, boss.
Please don’t stay up late, remember to rest.

DORM Pick up

Where are you bringing me?
Yes boss.
Currently heading towards the target location.
Listening to your orders.


I am also very curious about your dance.
Lets dance together, boss.
Are you requesting that I dance?
A little bit embarrassing.



  • Schicksal
    • Otto Apocalypse (Master)
    • Bianka "Durandal" Atagina (Senior Officer)
    • Stan
    • Shigure Kira
    • Captain (Possible Crush/Debatable)
    • Fu Hua (Temporary)
    • Alvitr
    • Ragnar Rodbrook
  • Bubble World
    • Miguel
    • Marianne William Shakespeare
    • Erwin Reanna Schrodinger
    • Jeanne Francois Chamblyan


  • St. Freya Academy & Hyperion
    • The Captain (Possible Crush/Debatable)
    • Kiana Kaslana
    • Raiden Mei / Herrscher of the Thunder
    • Murata Himeko ✞
    • Theresa Apocalypse
    • Bronya Zaychik
    • Fu Hua ✞
  • Anti-Entropy
    • Cocolia
    • Sin Mal
    • Lieserl Albert Einstein
    • Frederica Nikola Tesla
  • Houkai & Herrschers
  • The Pioneer
  • World Serpent
    • Kevin "KEVIN" Kaslana
    • Grey Serpent
    • Stan (formerly)
    • Raven
    • Jackal



Red Queen Lubbaby

Arc Stalker


  • Her last name means "Rose White" (which is a reference Das Nibelungenlied).
  • Roßweiße is derived from the second part of the opera "Der Ring des Nibelungen", "Die Walküre", the last of the nine daughters of Odin.
  • Out of all the Valkyries (besides Mei) when deployed on the Bridge, Rita is the one who is most concerned with the Captain's safety and well-being. This is evidenced by her imploring the Captain to not overwork himself, making tea for him, and comforting him after intense missions.
  • Despite being born in United Kingdom, Rita is fluent in German, Japanese and Chinese. Some dialogues also give a hint she is fluent in Russian as well.
  • In Winter Rhapsody event, Rita roleplays as Red Queen, who is supposed to be the main antagonist of Alice in Wonderland in any story. However, it is later revealed she was good all along and the main antagonist was the Frigid Empress, an alternative version of Herrscher of the Void. In the same event, she is shown to be haughty, demanding and somewhat more aggressive compared to her original canon version.
  • Rita is considered to be the best cooker of Freya Academy and even from Schicksal as a whole as Otto Apocalypse himself, a spoiled and demanding mastermind, admits he only eats dishes made by her.
  • Rita appears to have a very noticeable crush towards the Captain, as evidenced by her dialogue towards him when she is deployed on the Bridge and during Honkai Kingdom Wars.
  • Despite Rita's kind and caring nature, she has already displayed signals of being a sexual predator more than once and can sometimes sexually harass other characters, be they male (the Captain only) and other female Valkyries, implying she is a bisexual as she also shows affection of Bianca Durandal.
  • In "Dreams of Gemina" side-story Rita role play as a villain. While in the act, she stated she did not like her role as a villain but soon said she had more fun than expected. During the play, she also made a Jojo references where she did a "Jojo Pose" along with manifesting Crescent Harvest.
  • Unlike all other Valkyries, Rita's moves and skills are all sophisticated and graceful that hints her elegant personality and maid's obsession.
  • A running gag in the game is that she is a perverted sadist due to her tying Dr.Tesla to a chair in the main story before.
  • Her Argent Knight: Artemis battle suit as depicted in the artwork is slightly different than in the actual in game model. In the game model, Rita wears white leggings underneath her skirt as part of her battle suit while in the artwork they are absent. The reason for this is unknown.

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