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Rita Skeeter is a minor antagonist in Harry Potter. A notorious journalist specializing in slander and defamation, Rita is actually a legitimate criminal (albeit unknown) due to the fact that she is an unregistered Animagus, which is illegal. Using her animal form of a beetle, she is able to eavesdrop on private conversations without anyone knowing she's there, giving her access to private information that isn't meant to be made public and using that to write her gossip tabloids. Rita has personally expressed she isn't interested in writing the truth, but instead what people were more likely to want to read. Not even those underage are safe from her scandalous reports, writing provocative articles about both Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.


Rita Skeeter was born in England in 1951. It is likely she attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, and she spent time training to become an Animagus.

One of her earliest works was an exaggerated autobiography written to gain fame and notoriety, in which she succeeded greatly as the book was a top seller. During the First Wizarding War, she was present and reported on the Death Eater Trials, including those of Igor Karkaroff.

Rita was a regular at Hogwarts during the 1994 school year when The Triwizard Cup was being hosted by the school. She wrote slimy articles on many people during this year, including Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Olympe Maxime.


To put it bluntly, Rita Skeeter is attention hungry and craves fame and notoriety, and doesn't care how she achieves any of this. She has blatantly stated she doesn't care about the truth, instead choosing to write what makes headlines or readers may want to read about more. She twists facts or more often than not ignores then completely when writing her works, or reports them accurately and truthfully if the information is risque and damning, not meant to be seen by the public eye. She doesn't care who her writing harms, what reputations she destroys, what problems her accusations lead to, and doesn't fear repercussions in the slightest. She can be truly vile, and is greatly disliked by those in the wizarding community who are on the side of truth and justice.