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~ Ritchie to Lincoln

Richard "Ritchie" Doucet is one of the supporting antagonists in the 2016 videogame Mafia III alongside Roman Barbieri and Michael Grecco. Doucet is a close ally of Don Sal Marcano and of the Marcano Crime Family, as the head of the Dixie Mob, who controls the Delray Hollow district of New Bordeaux after the death of Sammy Robinson.

He was voiced by Matt Lowe.


Ritchie Doucet is the boss of the Dixie Mafia, a criminal organization allied with the Marcano Crime Family, operating in the Delray Hollow district of New Bordeaux. After the heist of the Federal Reserve money which the Marcano mobsters performed with the help of the Black Mob, Doucet arrives with Sal and Giorgi Marcano at Sammy's in order to "get Sal's part". However, Giorgi grabs a pistol and shoots Lincoln Clay in the forehead, who unknown to them, survived by an inch.

Doucet then pulls out a knife and stabs Ellis Robinson to death while Giorgi kills Danny Burke and Sal kills Sammy Robinson. They then burn the place down and with the Black Mob down, the Dixie Mafia is given control of Delray Hollow by Sal and Doucet sets two Rackets, a Prostitution racket headed by Merle Jackson and a Smack racket headed by Charlie Kincaid.


However, Lincoln survived and is hellbent on vengeance against the Marcanos, desiring to take every single district and racket from them and then kill them. Allying himself with the Haitian Mob headed by Cassandra, Lincoln decides to take the Hollow first and eliminate Doucet for killing Ellis.

Lincoln then takes down the Prostitution racket and eliminates Jackson, weakening the Dixies' grip on the Hollow. Lincoln then takes down the Smack racket and either kills or recruits Charlie, effectively bringing an end to the Dixies' influence on the district. He then hands the rackets to Cassandra and the Haitians, who through the interrogation of Jesse, Doucet's thug, learn that Doucet was in bad therms with Giorgi and was hiding out of hear in the Baron Saturday's Fun Park.

Doucet is tracked down by Lincoln, who kills his guards and corners Doucet inside one of the Park's fear rides. Lincoln then drags Doucet all the way to the Ferris Wheel, and tells him that he's going to pay for what he did to Ellis, before wrapping a rope around Doucet's neck and hanging the mobster in one of the cabins.

Doucet's hanged corpse was seen by Agent Jonathan Maguire, who remembered the moment for his entire life.


As the leader of a white supremacist gang, Ritchie comes off as racist and xenophobic who operates a prostitution racket forcing black women to be sex slaves to white patrons. He is also shown to be rather cowardly, as he often shifts the blame toward someone else for his mistakes, such as when he blamed Giorgi for ordering to murder of Ellis even though Ritchie was the one who personally murdered them.

Mission Appearances

  • A Friend in Jesus
  • Pray on the Way Up (killed)

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