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"I've got shot once. It gives you a whole new outlook. Use it wisely!".
~ Ritchie gives his associate Phil Mitchell a tip-off in the latter's plan to incriminate his own shooting against their mutual acquaintance Dan Sullivan.

Ritchie Stringer is a fictional character and minor antagonist from the famous British BBC soap opera drama EastEnders. He was played by the late actor Gareth Hunt who made two appearances in the show from April 10th 2001 to April 12th 2001.


Ritchie Stringer is known to be a notirous big-time mob boss who served as one of the biggest gangland figures around Albert Square in Walford, a fictional borough in East London. In 2001, he is contacted by the square's criminal hardman Phil Mitchell when the latter wishes to meet up with the former; it thereupon emerges that Phil and Ritchie are somewhat old acquaintances, most likely due to their own respective criminal activities.

Soon enough Ritchie arrives on the square to meet up with Phil, who requires his help in an elaborate plot to frame Phil's nemesis Dan Sullivan for shooting him a few months ago - even though it was Phil's ex-girlfriend, Lisa Fowler, who shot him. Ritchie agrees to help Phil, noting that Dan used to work for him and that he isn't really impressed with Dan. They both have a brief conversation in his limousine and start preparing for their strategic plan to get Dan incriminated for the shooting. Ritchie has one of his henchmen meet up with Phil to collect the gun that Lisa used to shoot him; the gun had in fact belonged to Phil and Dan's common archenemy Steve Owen.

The next day, Ritchie gets Dan to meet up with him and tricks him into taking the gun under the pretense that he wants Phil to be dealt with. Dan confronts Phil with the gun that Ritchie gave him, but it turns out to be a trap when the police arrive and arrest Dan for shooting Phil. Later on, Dan gets questioned and claims that he was with Ritchie - who along with his unseen girlfriend tell the police otherwise. This results in Dan getting charged for shooting Phil, who in the meantime had also planned to get Steve to conspire against Dan to rid themselves of their shared adversary.

Months later, Ritchie has his henchman meet up with Phil over Dan's court appeal. Phil then gets his godson Jamie and cousin Billy, along with their family solicitor Marcus Christie, to testify against Dan to ensure the latter gets sent down; Steve also gives a false testimony against Dan, before then Phil forces his estranged stepson Ian Beale to also collaborate with his plan. When Dan takes the stand and is asked about his involvement with Ritchie's gangland activities, Dan argues that Ritchie was involved in Phil's plan to frame him for the shooting. In the end, the judge delivers a "not guilty" verdict on Dan for shooting Phil. This results in Dan later getting revenge on Phil and Steve by kidnapping the latter's wife, Mel Owen, and holding her hostage for a £200,000 ransom.

Beforehand, though, Ritchie sent Phil a message demanding that he do not mention his name to the authorities about his involvement with the conspiracy. Ritchie is later driven away out of Walford and is never seen again afterwards.



  • As a recurring antagonist on the show, Ritchie has the smallest appearances in EastEnders with the amount of just 2 episodes in total.