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The River Pirates are recurring antagonists in the Rambo franchise, serving as minor antagonists in the 1985 film Rambo: First Blood Part II and in the 2008 film Rambo.


Rambo: First Blood Part II

A group of Vietnamese pirates (led by Trong Kinh) were summoned as Viet agent Co Bao to help transport former Green Beret John Rambo into a POW camp to rescue several POWs. To that end, she paid Kinh a large sum of money.

Agreeing to the deal, Kinh orders his pirates to transport Rambo and Co to the camp as requested, and they were able to bring back a single POW named Banks from custody. However, Lieutenant Tay sends out a high-powered boat to go after the heroes after seeing that one of his men has been killed by Rambo.

Though it would've seemed that the heroes have made it, the high-powered boat arrives and Kinh decides to betray the heroes by having his men to hold them at gunpoint, intending to sell them out. Co angrily berates Kinh for his betrayal, but Vinh just slaps her, which finally provokes an angry Rambo to use his dagger to stab two of Kinh's pirates, allowing him and Co to shoot down the rest of the pirates (including Kinh) to their deaths before escaping with Banks.


As Rambo was paid to transport several American missionaries through the riverbanks, a group of Burmese pirates turn on their boat's floodlights and speeds towards them. Rambo tells the missionaries not to look them in the eye, but the pirates responded by shooting into the water. As such, Rambo is forced to stop the boat and the pirates drop their anchor onto Rambo's boat.

The pirate captain pulls a gun and asks what they are doing, to which Rambo responds that they are bringing medicine to the sick in Burma. Rambo initially attempts to pay the pirates by offering them supplies from his boat in exchange for safe passage, but the pirate captain noticed one of the missionaries named Sarah Miller and demanded her to be brought over to him. Rambo tried to negotiate for Sarah's safety, being aware that the pirates would rape her to death for fun, but the pirate captain refuses and orders Sarah to come over to him. Having no choice, Rambo is forced to pull out a pistol to shoot all the pirates to their deaths, shocking the missionaries.

After dropping the missionaries in Burma, Rambo returns to the abandoned pirate boat, where he uses gasoline to burn it down to erase any evidence.


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