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Villain Overview

I'm the one who killed Tem. Legoshi, if you pry any further... I'll kill you.
~ Riz after finding out that Legoshi knows he killed Tem.
His texture, his color, his warmth, his flavor.... they all make up my sweet adolescence.
~ Riz mourning after accidentally killing Tem.
...I wanted him to be my best friend... even now it's the only thought that occupies my mind.
~ Riz
Tem, you put you life in a danger by spending time with me. And yet you weren't afraid to show me you smile... If I had thanked you for being with me, while you still alive, would that have make things different...?
~ Riz thinking about Tem.

Riz (リズ Rizu) is a major antagonist in the BEASTARS series, serving as the main antagonist of the Murder Incident Solution arc. Although he was formally introduced in Chapter 58, he was revealed to be the killer as of Chapter 72 in the Murder Incident Solution Arc after Legoshi confronted him if he had murdered him. Later on, he had a duel with him until Chapter 97 when he was finally arrested. He also serves as one of Legosi's arch-enemies.

He was voiced by Hiroshi Shirokuma in Japanese and Patrick Seitz in English.


Murder Incident Solution

Riz admits that he was so happy that Tem saw through his exterior façade the "monster" that was inside, that he felt so much affection for Tem for revealing his true insidious personality that he altered his memories to make them happier, but it seems that the event has gave him a taste for carnage. It has only advanced in recent chapters, to the point that he now sincerely believes that Tem wanted to be devoured and Riz eating him alive will make him his "best friend".

He has extremely incredible strength, even when compared to other carnivores and has to regularly take strength-limiting medications to make sure he keeps his strength under control. He stopped taking them in preparation for his big brawl with Legoshi.

He attacks Legoshi for investigating Tem's death and leaves before Legoshi can discover his identity. When he and Legoshi take Kibi to the nurse's office, Legoshi reveals that he knows that Riz is the one who killed Tem. They were about to have a fight to the death right then and there, but were stopped by Pina who decided to step in and tell that he now also knows about what Riz did, and blackmails him to leave them alone.

When Riz and Legoshi find themselves alone in the male drama club locker room, they decide to finish what they started. Riz decides to take Legoshi to the showers where blood stains will be easy to wash away. Due to the cleaning lady wondering why students are in the showers at a time when the showers are closed, they agree to duel on New Year's Eve under the Gazura Bridge.

When Riz arrives for the duel, he tells Legoshi that he killed Pina and smeared his blood on his hands and torso to make Legoshi angry so he won't hold back. Legoshi's incredible sense of smell reveals to him that Pina is alive and tied up in a dumpster with a gauged arm. After being slammed several times against the concrete, Legoshi could barely breathe and move so he tells Riz to take a break and hear what Riz has to say before Riz finishes him off. After having a heart to heart talk, Riz helps Legoshi get up so they can continue the fight. Legoshi notices that Louis has arrived to witness their duel so he takes off his jacket and throws it over Riz's head so he doesn't see where he and Louis run off to.

After about fifteen minutes, Legoshi returns, but this time in "beast mode" due to him eating Louis' right foot. Seeing that Legoshi and Louis have established a genuine carnivore-herbivore friendship, Riz's spirit is broken and declares Legoshi the winner of the duel. Meanwhile, Pina managed to escape and called the police, who arrive just in time. Riz gets arrested and Louis apologizes for being a terrible upperclassman and never trying to notice how lonely he was. Riz gets sent to juvie while Louis is sent to the hospital and Legoshi is sent to the police station.

Revenge of the Love Failure

Riz is currently in juvenile detention, wearing a prisoner uniform and a muzzle. Pina visits Riz twice a month to check up on him and to keep him up to date with everything that is happening. Riz asks Pina tell other why not here in Drama Club twice month but he didn't tell any one he just sucking up to Riz won't eat him when release soon he didn't his male friend wearing a muzzle. Riz agree and thanks him for visiting, and the two appear to have become friends.


Friends: Tem (victim), Pina (friend)

Enemies: Legoshi, Louis, Pina (prey, formerly enemies)


Riz is an enormous brown bear with a height of over six feet and an athletic build. Although he generally has black beady eyes and a gentle expression, when enraged, his eyes open up. While fighting Legoshi, he wore a black sweatshirt, light jeans and light colored shoes. Riz currently wears a prisoner uniform with a muzzle on his mouth.


Riz at first glance appears to be a friendly and kind bear, hospitable to those around him. However, few know about his true personality and his dark secret as well. Riz feeling a guilt of murder of his best friend Tem , he commits self harm by slashing his chest with his claws. Riz displays his full capacity for cruelty after being revealed as the killer. From holding Pina hostage to almost outright eating him, Riz is ruthless when it comes to frightening his victims.


So you' re not...? Then I'll just have to silence you... permanently.
~ Riz
I thought this pillow was supposed to be sturdy.... what brothers me, though... I don't feel any shame from taking these pills every night.
~ Riz
Everyone around me thinks I'm just some friendly honey-loving bear. No knows the real me. No one... except him
~ Riz only one person saw real him.
His words... were sweeter than honey.
~ Riz to Tem.
Tem turned out to be right. After few days of trivial conversa-tion with Tem, I noticed that I've been eating less honey.
~ Riz
Do I... really need this...? I want to get closer to Tem... I want him to see the real me.
~ Riz about show Tem the real him.
When Tem said That, his eyes... were the most beautiful and compassionate eyes I had ever seen...
~ Riz.
Tem... ....Tem...?
~ Riz seeing Tem's body.
You could never understand... the stress of taking strength restraining drugs... and the pain of their side effects
~ Riz
Under the piece of meat was a pool of blood... On me were marks made from desperate resistance.. Become a mere Illusion. The time I spent with him.
~ Riz
When you eat meat for the first time you'll be filled with so much guilt that you'll succumb to self-harm ... I'm gonna take back my adolescence!!
~ Riz
These aren't my old wounds!! They're my precious memories!! They're proof of my bond with Tem!! The only way I can break the special wall is by eating herbivores!!
~ Riz
Any more slander against my genuine friendship with Tem is unacceptable.
~ Riz
The bond of Carnivore and a Herbivore... by eating and being eaten, It's what I've always wanted. Did I need to match their desperation to have it for myself...?
~ Riz
My heart been broken for past year, but now I feel like I can actually breathe now. I sugarcoated my memory of Tem, and I looked at the herbivore around me like they were food so I could protect myself from getting hurt... I was wrong about everything.
~ Riz
Pina. Thank you.
~ Riz to Pina.


  • Riz is heavily hinted at being gay, and was most likely attracted to Tem, much like how Legoshi is attracted to Haru. However, unlike Legoshi, Riz let his instincts control him and kill the person he loved.
  • Riz was introduced as a background character (standing next to Kai) during the slight beginning of Episode 8 in the anime.
  • It is thought that he fully resembles a Grizzly Bear due to his small details from his appearance throughout the Manga version and the Anime version.
  • It is also thought that Riz may be a nocturnal bear while protecting his herbivore friends from danger, along with other large carnivores next to him during the festival blackout in Episode 8.
  • The whole fact that he accidentally killed Tem is made tragic by the certainty that all bears are now forced to take medications that limit their strength when they grow beyond 200 centimeters in height. These come with terrible side effects. Tem's friendship made Riz think he could manage without his pills. Riz remembers that Tem accepted him exactly as he was and remembers them hugging each other, before his memory screws up, after having Tem annihilated.
  • After Riz ate Tem, he was unable to enjoy other food and lost his taste buds as well.
  • Riz enjoys cooking for his roommates.
  • He has a distinctive love of honey, which helps him deal with his headaches.


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