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Rizze is a major villainess from Ys V.

Rizze first appears as the Guard Captain from Xandria, first appearing as soon as the hero Adol arrives at Xandria, greeting him after the guards interrogate him. Though she initially appears to be a regular person, she is soon shown to be working with Dorman to obtain the crystals he sent Adol after.

After Adol obtains the crystals, Dorman lays siege to Xandria, kidnapping Niena, the girl who ran the item shop, and holds her hostage on his mansion. When Adol arrives at the mansion, Dorman orders Rizze to take the crystals from Adol. She calls her three henchmen, Abyss, Baruk and Karion, who knock Adol unconscious and take his crystals. After Dorman fails to summon the lost city of Kefin and is defeated by Adol, Rizze is revealed as the true mastermind, completing the ritual and taking Niena with her to Kefin.

As it turned out, Rizze was the only member left of the royal family of Kefin. When the seal over the city weakened, Rizze escaped along with her henchmen, manipulating Dorman to search for the crystals, so she could bring Kefin back into the real world, even if this would bring destruction to the rest of the world. Along with the alchemist Massea and the Ibur Gang, Adol travels to Kefin, which had been sealed within a time rift. They learn that Rizze was working with an alchemist called Jabir, who had been conducting sacrifices to feed the Philosopher's Stone, the source of Kefin's power. The Ibur Gang is captured and taken along with Niena to serve as sacrifices, but Adol rescues them and confronts Rizze and Jabir. Jabir fuses with the stone and turns into a monster to attack Adol, but he is defeated and the stone destroyed. Without the stone, Kefin starts to disappear, and while everyone escapes, Rizze decides to stay and disappear along with the city.


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