Your sins aren't mine to punish, Ichabod Crane!
~ Ro'kenhronteys to Ichabod Crane
You have been weighed on the scales and found...wanting.
~ Ro'kenhronteys to Abbie Mills

Ro'kenhronteys is a minor villain in Sleepy Hollow. He is commonly referred to as The Sandman in modern days, is an evil dream spirit, attacking people in their dreams.



Ro'kenhronteys exists in the Dreamworld going after anyone that has betrayed or turned their backs on someone's plight, he is a sadistic punisher, who enjoys making his victims suffer and unfairly punishes all with death. He can only be warded away by a symbol similar to how the cross can ward away the Devil and can only be stopped if someone faces their own personal challenge by accepting what they did in the Dream World.

Season One

Ro'kenhronteys is responsible for possessing several different people. He affects and ultimately kills Dr. Maura Vega, and Garrett Gillespie. The reasons that they had been killed is that they know the truth that Mills sisters sees a demon (Moloch) but they hid the truth. Before they died, their eyeballs turned into sand balls, although not blinded. Abbie Mills is next to go for she lied to police about the demon and left Jenny in the Asylum. She must defeat the demon before he can killed her.

With the help of Seamus Duncan, a remaining Mowhak resident, Ichabod and Abbie managed to get into their dream world and confront Ro'kenhronteys. Abbie met her past of betraying her sister, while Ichabod met Dr. Vega and Mr. Gillespie's corpse in the corridor. He broke in when the Ro'kenhronteys revealed himself and attempted to punish Abbie. Abbie finally defeated her cowardice and admitted she saw a demon alongside her sister. Then, Ro'kenhronteys turns into a glass statue. Abbie threw a chair and destroyed the statue.

However, due to Ro'kenhronteys is a thought-form in dream, like Freddy Krueger, he might still stay alive, yet his threat towards Abbie is gone forever.

Season Two

Ro'kenhronteys appears briefly in a flashback before the beginning of Season 2's premiere, "This is War".


  • He is portrayed by Marti Matulis, who also portrayed six other non-human villains in the series: Tree Monster, Yao-QuaiJeremy Crane's Horseman of War form, the Reavers and Joe Corbin's Wendigo form and Moloch's third form.
  • Ro'kenhronteys is not an actualy figure from Mowhak legend and was invented for the show.
  • The quote "You have been weighted on the scales and found....wanting" is a exact quote from Daniel 5:27 of the New International Bible.


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