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It's pretty f--cking P-I-M-P
~ Rob to Louie when he asked what he thought of his new house.
Get up
~ Rob to Jason before drowning him in Louie's pool.

Rob is the secondary antagonist in Skins: Rise. He is Louie's second-in-command and bodyguard and would take any order Louie gave him.

Not a lot was known about Rob's personality however it is known that he was very loyal to Louie and would take out his every command. He was also very brutal and sadistic in his methods of killing, particularly when he drowns Jason. He also is shown to have no remorse over his crimes.

He was portrayed by Jamie Michie.


Rob was almost always seen around Louie and was considered Louie's right-hand since he was loyal to him and would take out any task he was told to. His first major appearance was when he drowned Jason another one of Louie's cronies after the latter had sex with Charlie (Louie's girlfriend at the time).

This causes Cook and Charlie to flee from Louie since he too had sex with Charlie. Rob's next appearance was when he was driving the car when Louie arrived at the home where Cook, Charlie, Emma and Emma's parents where staying. He later assisted Louie in kidnapping Emma's parents and killing them. He later helped kidnap Emma herself and assisted Louie in hanging her. Strangely Rob does not appear again after this.


  • Rob is probably the most unknown Skins villain and this is possibly due to him being severely overshadowed by Louie and also because he appears the least out of all of the series villains.
  • Rob's actor, Jamie Michie previously played another character in Skins known as the Connel Champion.


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