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"Do you know why I came back? Because I knew she would be easy!
~ Rob taunting Whitney's brother Ryan over the way he groomed her, which provokes Ryan to killing Rob by shoving him over the edge of the pier.

Rob Grayson was a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera EastEnders.

He appeared as a major antagonist in 2011 and a posthumous antagonist in 2016, serving as the main antagonist in the storyline. It represented one of the show's prominent storylines of the year, wherein he forged a relationship with established character Whitney Dean before grooming her in a sexual exploitation arc between them. The storyline culminated in Rob's final confrontation with both Whitney and her half-brother Ryan Malloy, which ended with Rob being killed-off as a result.

He was portrayed by Jody Latham.


Rob Grayson first came to Albert Square in the midst of running his own child grooming and sexual exploitation ring. He soon targets local youngster Whitney Dean when she approaches him for comfort in light of enduring several family issues. Furthermore, she confines to Rob about the biggest case being when she had previously been sexually abused by her adopted mother's ex-boyfriend Tony King after it had transpired that Tony was a pedophile who had been tricking Whitney all along.

As time goes on, Whitney's ordeal with Tony secretly comes back to haunt her when Rob begins grooming her during the course of their "relationship". But by then Whitney had come to completely trust Rob over her family, including her best-friend Lauren Branning and the latter's father Max Branning in the process. Eventually, Whitney runs away in light of the ongoing circumstances and goes to live with Rob in his flat. They later have a date where Lauren comes across them, hoping to persuade Whitney to come on home. She refuses, and Rob insists that Lauren leave - only for Lauren to promptly realize that Rob is just using Whitney for his own purposes. Lauren later summons local resident Janine Butcher to try and help, but Rob chucks them out and Whitney ends up leaving with him at his own convincing.

That night, Rob and his gang take Whitney to a warehouse for a party. Thereupon she gets acquainted with a preteen girl and at first believes the party will be on good terms, despite coming to notice that most of the attendees are men. It is then Whitney gradually realizes that something is wrong, up to the point where she confronts Rob about it and ends up learning the truth about him at long last. Whitney politely asks to leave, but Rob refuses and threatens to hurt her unless she complies to his demands. He then locks her in a room and plans for him and his gang to take turns having sex with her. However, she is able to escape the warehouse and return to the square as Rob watches on.

A few months later, Rob reappears in the square to recapture Whitney. It turns out that Rob had merely been using Whitney to clear out his financial debt, which she had practically ruined by escaping his clutches before his plan could succeed. When they encounter each other, Rob claims that he is a changed man and persuades Whitney to go with him. She complies at first, but later flees to Southend with her friend Fatboy. However, Rob tracks them down and attacks Fatboy before perusing Whitney. He corners her, only to be intercepted by her half-brother Ryan Malloy.

At first Ryan posses at a guy passing by, but eventually reveals his identity and confronts Rob over his actions. He also prevents Rob from potentially targeting other girls to expand his sexual exploitation ring. Rob brushes off Ryan's threat and goes to leave when Ryan attacks him, which leads to the pair brawling that ends with Whitney and Fatboy arriving to save Ryan. In that moment, Rob tauntingly declares that the reason he came back into Whitney's life is because she was too easy for him. This provokes Ryan to charge into Rob and the pair end up falling over the edge of the pier. Eventually, a body is recovered and it is revealed that Rob has died; Ryan has survived but goes on the run after it becomes clear that he killed Rob by tackling him off the pier to stop him from chasing Whitney anymore.



  • The scene where Whitney discovered Rob's true colors and his sexual exploitation ring was featured in a 10-minute special episode due to the events colliding with EastEnders' contribution to celebrating Red Nose Day's Comic Relief in 2011.