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It's not a choice Grover, but rather an obligation. You see, I've been groomed for this my entire life. Scoring touchdowns, making people laugh, punishing my body, enduring the pain all in the name of entertainment. Don't you understand? I'm a commodity, a product, a modern day gladiator. You ask for the whys and the wherefores behind this boorish facade? The answer is simple: I play the jester because society deems it necessary...ALSO I'M F***ING INSANE!! Eat a butt fatty, Gronk ain't going nowhere!!
~ Gronk's fake speech on why he is a noisy and obstreperous jerk.

Robert Paxton Gronkowski (also known as Gronk) is the main antagonist of the Family Guy episode, Gronkowsbees. He is the football tight end for the New England Patriots.  

He is voiced by himself. 


When he and his family move into Quahog in a house behind the Griffin family's house, Peter and his friends were excited about a famous party lover moving into their town. Lois however, warned Peter that he'll soon get sick of Gronk due to his noisy habits. Soon after, Peter himself gets annoyed by his new neighbor's loud endless partying. When he goes over to Gronk to tell him to call it a night, he asks Peter if he ever saw a nard explode. Peter thought that a "nard" was something on internet, but in reality it's when Gronk uses his towel to whip Peter in the crotch, causing all the partygoers to laugh at him. Gronk told Peter that what he did was a joke. When Peter angrily asked what the joke was, Gronk whipped him in the crotch again, making the partygoers laugh even more. A furious Peter then decides he wants to kick Gronk out of Quahog. The next day, Peter and his friends come up with a way to get Gronk and his family out of their town. They tried by making Cleveland dress like a leprechaun, since everyone, including Gronk, that went to the University of Arizona believe that leprechauns are real. When Cleveland tried to make Gronk move to Tallahassee in exchange for a pot of gold, Gronk doesn't buy the disguise and painfully removes Cleveland's mustache. He then asks if Peter and the others are trying to get rid of him, Peter replied yes. Gronk then asks why, and Peter replies that Gronk is a pain in the ass to live next to. Gronk then explains that he is forced to be a jerk, but this speech was fake since he loves being a noisy jerk and refuses to leave Quahog. Peter, Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland charge at Gronk to beat him up, but to no avail since Gronk has a rock solid body. Gronk then decides to eat a sub sandwich while he effortlessly beats up Peter and his friends. 

Elsewhere, when Brian and Stewie attempt to get rid of the aggressive bees that they are keeping, the hive lands on the roof of Gronk's house, which afterwards it falls on him, ending the brawl. When Gronk tastes the honey that landed on him, he believes it came from the sky. But everything goes bad for him after a swarm of steroid infected bees try to attack him. This prompted Gronk and his family to move out of Quahog and never return, all while the bees follow them.

It is revealed that Gronk is suspended from the Patriots when steroids from the honey he ingested causes him to fail the drug test. Nevertheless, Gronk gets the last laugh when he throws a bus to the Griffin home in revenge.


  • Gronk is shown to be one of the strongest characters in Family Guy. He does not get injured at all when Peter, Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland simultaneously attack him and he effortlessly beats them up.


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