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Robert "Rob" Hawthorne (c.1977 - 31st December 1999) is a fictional character and major antagonist in the British soap opera Hollyoaks from January 1996 to October 1998, and again from September to December 1999.

He was portrayed by Warren Derosa.


The storylines for the character were initially written for the character of Lewis Richardson. Actor Ben Hull had made prior arrangements and therefore was unavailable when the filming of the beginning of the storyline was due to begin in December 1995. Producers then quickly created the character of Rob, and cast Warren Derosa in the role.


Killing Natasha

Rob arrived in Hollyoaks in January 1996, with classmate Lucy Benson catching his eye. Rob invited his friend, Dermot Ashton, to Lucy's eighteenth birthday party in March 1996. Dermot bought along Natasha Andersen, unaware Natasha was using Dermot to make her ex-boyfriend, Kurt Benson, jealous. With Lucy and Natasha unwiling to sleep with them, Rob brought ecstacy to the party and spiked Natasha and Lucy's drinks. Lucy did not drink her drink as the police arrived with a noise complaint, but Natasha drank hers and collapsed, later dying in hospital of an overdose.

Dermot's Death

Rob was accused of the crime, but refused to confess and insisted that he and Dermot were innocent. The police had insufficent evidence to charge Rob, so he was released. Dermot and Rob began struggling financially, so Rob and Dermot arranged to burgle Rob's drug dealer's lock-up with Lucy and Carol Groves as alibis. However, the dealers caught them and a car chase ensued. Rob attempted to stop Dermot from throwing the money and drugs out of the car, and ended up accidentally driving the car into River Dee. The crash resulted in the death of Dermot, who drowned as he was unable to escape the car.

Feud with the Bensons/"Death"

Rob began dealing drugs in order to make an income, which Kurt, Carol, Lucy and Jambo Bolton discovered. They followed him on a night's work in an attempt to find evidence to get Rob sent to prison. When they were unsuccessful, they kidnapped Rob and delivered him to the drug dealers whom he had robbed from. They threw Rob from a multi-storey car park, leaving him with a permanent debilitating leg injury.

The incident lead Rob to seek revenge, and he began to target Lucy. When Lucy's brother, Ollie, was killed in a car accident, Rob took her in and encouraged her to take tranquilisers, causing her to become addicted. After Rob's father died, Rob began taking heroin, and began giving Lucy heroin as well. When Rob was informed that he could either lose his leg, or end up in a wheelchair, Rob gave Lucy an overdose of heroin and attempted to throw her from the same car park. Kurt managed to get to Rob in time, but Rob escaped. Rob stole a boat from Jude Cunningham and attempted to flee to France, but Kurt jumped onto the boat and a fight ensued between the pair. Rob lunged at Kurt, and Kurt dove out of the way, causing Rob to plunge into the ocean and Kurt to drive off.


Rob returned suddenly in September 1999, attempting to drown Carol in a bath. Rob later kidnapped Lucy at Kurt's funeral. Kurt had died in a jet ski accident in June, but Rob claimed that he had killed Kurt (which was later proven to be false). He held her hostage in an unused nautical testing facility, and attempted to drown her. Tony Hutchinson, Ruth Osborne and Lewis Richardson attempted to stop him, but Rob managed to overpower them, and also trapped them with Lucy. Tony managed to find an escape hatch and lead everyone else to safety, resuscitating Lucy who had fallen unconscious due to inhaling water.


On Millenium Eve, Rob followed everyone to a party on Rory Finnigan's house bus. He set fire to the bus, but accidentally set fire to his arm. Whilst extinguishing his arm, he became trapped, whilst everyone evacuated the bus. The bus then exploded, killing only Rob.