Robber king

The Robber King in the Martin Gates adaption.

The Robber Hag is a minor antagonist in the fairytale The Snow Queen. She is the only known woman in a group of robbers who attack Gerda when she's travelling in search for the The Snow Queen because they mistake her with the princess Gerda got the clothes from. The robber hag tries to eat Gerda, but is stopped by her daughter who wants Gerda as her playmate. Reluctanly, the robber hag agrees.


The Snow Queen (1995)

In Martin Gates' 1995 animated film, the Robber Hag is male, as he actually appears as a Robber King. 

This interpretation is an illtempered anthropomorphic rat who leads his own gang of robber rats. When one of his followers sees Ellie (Gerta's name is this version) driving a "Royal Run-Around" vehicle, he sees it as a potential advantage to help him in his criminal pursuits. When he ambushes and takes Ellie prisoner, his daughter, who is called Angorra in this adaption, comes forward and asks him to give Ellie to her as a servant. Later that night, the Robber King throws a party for him and his followers and suddenly changes his mind about having Ellie be Angorra's servant. Despite Angorra's spoiled protests, he insists that Ellie be brought forward and apparently cooked alive by means of boiling her to death. After demanding that Ellie be brought forward, he finds that his prisoner and another prisoner of his, a flying reindeer named Dimly, have trapped Angorra and fly above him in a bold attempt to escape. Though the Robber King grabs onto Dimly, he collides with a hut, falls, and unwittingly uses Angorra to break his fall, allowing his two prisoners to escape. He was voiced by the late Rik Mayall. 

The Snow Queen (2002)

In the 2002 film The Snow Queen, the robber hag is the sister of the snow queen, because she and the snow queen and the witch and the queen are the four seasons: The witch controls spring, the queen controls summer, the robber hag controls fall and the snow queen controls winter. In the original fairytale, only the snow queen rules a season.

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