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"You're all a bunch of hypocrites!!"
~ Robbie calls the Dingle family hypocrites after his illcit scheme with Debbie Dingle becomes public knowledge in the village.

Robert "Robbie" Macey, now known as Robbie Lawson, was a fictional character of the ITV British soap opera Emmerdale. He served as an anti-villain and major antagonist from 16th May 2012 to 25th September 2014.

He was portrayed by Jamie Shelton.


Robbie Lawson first turned up in Emmerdale after his mother Megan Macey tracks him down with the help from her brother Declan Macey. Upon meeting them at Home Farm, Declan allowed Robbie to stay after Robbie explains that he had been thrown out of his flat for sleeping with his landlord's girlfriend. Overtime, Robbie bonded with his mother and appear to developed a crush on Declan's fiancé Katie Sugden. At one point Robbie tried to kiss Katie, but she rejected him, so he began to made her feel uncomfortable by constantly flirting with her. Wanting rid of him, Katie decided to set Robbie up by encouraging him to kiss her in front of a CCTV camera. Robbie did so but Katie rejected him again, so he punched her. Katie then showed Declan the footage and he threw Robbie out until Megan blackmailed Declan into letting him stay (knowing that Katie had set him up).

In 2013, Robbie went into partnership with Debbie Dingle that involved selling illegal alcohol. This was soon discovered by Debbie's former boyfriend Cameron Murray, whom Robbie began feuding with as time went on. Robbie later contemplated on setting fire to The Woolpack where Debbie's aunt Chas Dingle resides with Cameron, who discovers this and kidnaps Robbie to "take care of him". Chas and Debbie separately discover the incident, as does Megan later on and Robbie is berated for his actions. Robbie soon begins to express an unrequited crush on Debbie and, wanting to become closer to her, started hassling her to the point Debbie where he implicated her associate Kirk Stoker as the culprit. Debbie then realized that Robbie had been stalking her, so she set him up by sending him on a job that involves some of the alcohol with Adam Barton. They were both caught by the police and arrested, but were later cautioned. Robbie got revenge on Debbie by telling her family about the booze, which resulted in Debbie's teenage aunt Belle Dingle getting hospitalized. As a result, Debbie lost custody of her children. Later on, Robbie and Adam stole the car that belonged to Debbie's father Cain Dingle after spending the afternoon drinking. As a result, Robbie accidentally ran over local resident Kerry Wyatt. However, Cain resolved the situation by torching the car and sending Kerry compensation money.

In 2014, Robbie supports his mother when the latter has a feud with Debbie's mother Charity Dingle over the latter's relationship with Declan. They are unable to stop Declan marrying Charity, but months later discover that Charity secretly had an abortion - which she covered-up by pretending to have a misarrange and blaming Megan for it. Robbie teams up with Charity's ex-husband Jai Sharma to try and help Megan expose Charity's deceit to Declan. At one point, Robbie breaks into the abortion clinic in an attempt to gain access to her medical records. However, he was caught by the police and taken into custody before being given a caution. Declan later discovered the truth and he attempted to murder Charity. A concerned Robbie and Megan eventually found Declan and Charity, having a fight on a boat that was stranded in the lake. Robbie then dived in the lake to save Charity, but as he got onto the boat, Declan accidentally shot Robbie dead with a flare gun.



  • Robbie's departure on the show had been kept a secret until it was revealed after his last appearance on 25th September 2014 that he had been killed-off.
  • He appeared in a total of 257 appearences during his time on the show.