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Robbie Sloane was the henchman of Tony Gordon in the British soap opera Coronation Street and only appeared in the "Siege Week" storyline which ran from May to June 2010 as part of Tony Gordon's departure from the series. He is a minor antagonist in the Tony Gordon Killer Storyline overall, although appeared as the secondary antagonist-turned-antihero of the Siege Week arc. He replaced Jimmy Dockerson as Tony's henchman.

He was played by James Fleet.



Robbie Sloan served in the army where he gained his skills for using weapons, although it is unclear what conflict he was involved in. He was given a life sentence for murder in 1995, in which he was expected to serve at least 15 years of his sentence. Robbie also had a son who disowned his father, although Robbie hoped to reconcile with his son and make up for lost time once he eventually got out.

Assisting Tony Gordon

After Tony Gordon was given a life sentence in January 2010 for the murder of Liam Connor, he shared a cellmate with fellow killer Robbie. The pair became good friends and Tony opened up about his contempt for ex-wife Carla Connor, who he blamed for his downfall the year before and ruining his chance for happiness with Liam's widow Liam. Robbie himself opened up about his son and his wish to meet him again when getting out. In May 2010 Tony hatched a plan to break out of prison as he wanted to kill Carla as well as Hayley Cropper, the wife of his nemesis Roy Cropper who also had a hand in Tony's arrest. Tony convinced Robbie - who was due to be released having neared the end of his sentence - to help him out, with the promise of paying him a large sum of money. Robbie agreed, as he hoped to use the cash to get his son through college.

Following Robbie's release he headed to Tony's former home Coronation Street, where he began to spy on Carla as well as Roy. Robbie kept in contact with Tony via a mobile phone, with Tony giving him instructions on what to do. Robbie befriended Roy at the cafe and coaxed him into a false sense of security by discussing trainspotting, a hobby which Roy was into. The pair of them became good friends, with Roy unaware of Robbie's true nature. Robbie then posed as a potential buyer at the Underworld factory to get close to Carla, and she was interested in doing business with him.

In prison Tony faked a heart attack which led to him being taken to hospital in ambulance. Armed with a gun, Robbie forced the ambulance off the road and freed Tony, and the pair escaped on a motorbike. The following day Robbie went to Underworld and held Carla hostage, where he tied her up to a chair. He headed to Roy's Rolls, where Hayley was alone, and lured her to the factory with the claim Carla had injured herself. Once getting Hayley into the factory Robbie tied her up as well. Tony then showed himself, hinting at his darker intentions for the pair.

Siege at Underworld

During the hostage situation Robbie becomes unsettled and desperate to get away, having done his part for Tony. But Tony isn't quite willing to let Robbie go just yet, and asks him to do another job for him, with the promise he will be paid and allowed to go on his way. Robbie complies, and carries out the task of getting barrels of flammable material and loaded into the factory, making it clear Tony's intentions to destroy the place and kill his hostages.

However it is discovered the safe is empty and there is no way of getting Robbie's payment. Carla and Hayley try and convince Robbie to stop Tony, as he himself would be arrested for assisting him. Robbie begins to regret his decision, and points his gun at Tony. Tony coaxes Robbie round and convinces him to hand over the gun, which he does, and Tony reveals there was no money after all. Robbie pleas for his life, saying he has a son. Tony points out however he is just a waste and his son probably won't care for his demise. After Tony is taunted by Carla claiming he wouldn't have the guts to pull the trigger (as he normally gets people to do his dirty work) Tony calls her bluff and shoots Robbie dead.

Although Tony does succeed in burning Underworld, Carla and Hayley ended up escaping, leaving Tony behind to perish in the explosion. The next morning Robbie and Tony's charred corpses are recovered by the police and taken away.


  • Robbie is played by James Fleet, known mostly for comedic work on television such as The Vicar of Dibley and works written by Harry Enfield.