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Robelle is a minor antagonist from Dragalia Lost and the primary antagonist of the adventurer story for Victor, one of the obtainable adventurers the player can get.


Robelle has tan skin, short brown hair, and brown eyes. For clothing Robelle wears a red shirt under a tan tunic, a brown belt, light brown fingerless gloves, brown pants, and brown boots. He also wore a black hooded cloak.

Powers and Abilities

Robelle's primary weapon is his sword.


Following the seeming total annihilation of of the Shadewolves, Elisanne informed Euden about rumors regarding Victor that surround him using cruel and brutal methods to get vengeance on imperial soldiers, such as torching in an entire village containing them as relayed to by Ranzal. Elisanne then says vengeance can change a person. Euden however, does not wish these stories to be true, wanting to believe in Victor. Ranzal then suggests an investigation on these rumors.

After hearing what Victor had done for the relatives of one of his deceased men, there opens some doubt on these rumors. Back at the Halidom, Victor hears from Ranzal about more rumors the latter had been worried about for a while. The rumors talk about Victor poisoning wells and innocents left and right. Victor points out that this wasn't something he permitted his men to do as the punishments for doing so would be quite severe. The rumors also talk about another person who wields the same sword as Victor, who realizes the culprit behind these atrocities was his subordinate Robelle.

Robelle was then spotted committing murder after causing a rockslide. While Victor was surprised to know he was alive, upon connecting everything Victor calls out Robelle on breaking the code of the Shadewolves by killing those innocent people and shaming his comrades in the process. As a former comrade, Victor orders Robelle to draw his sword prior to Victor killing him. Despite this, Victor mourned Robelle's death and thanked Euden for burying his corpse.


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