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If you had just died this would have all gone according to plan.
~ Robert Baxter, upon revealing his true colors as the VSSE traitor to Luke O'Neil, Marc Godart, and Keith Martin.
So you made it. We can pick up where we last left off. But this time, I'll have to kill you!
~ Robert Baxter, now a traitor, as he gets ready to kill the VSSE agents.
Hmph! You still weren't able to stop the missile! The world will meet its end with a drug from the hands pretending to save it!
~ The now-treacherous Robert Baxter, intent on launching a missile containing a zombie drug.

Robert Baxter, also known as Griffon or The Treasure Keeper, is one of the main playable characters/protagonists in Time Crisis II and the main antagonist of Time Crisis 5.

He is also an NPC in Time Crisis 5, where he serves as a superior officer to new generation agents Luke O'Neil and Marc Godart. Their mission was to retrieve a silver briefcase obtained by Wild Dog, which originally belonged to a VSSE auditor, who had been investigating a possible traitor within the organization. It was rumored that the traitor had been selling out intel to terrorist organizations.

At first it is assumed that Keith Martin was the traitor, but later on in the True Mastermind Edition, Robert is revealed to be the actual traitor and the true main antagonist of the game.

He planned on distributing a dangerous drug that negates both pain and fear to make everyone feel almost inhuman, while planning to destroy the VSSE and the entire world, with the state of New York as his first target. He sends out Wild Fang to deal with Keith and the VSSE agents, but they manage to defeat Fang. Then the VSSE finally faces off against Robert, who pilots a giant robot against the agents.

After the robot is destroyed, Catherine Ricci apparently sacrifices herself to destroy the missile containing the drug, and as Robert says the agents will learn the truth that there is more than just one right in the world, the agents shoot Robert several times, sending him falling off the aircraft to his death.


  • Robert's death scene resembles that of another Time Crisis villain, Ernesto Diaz, as both villains fall to their deaths upon defeat.
  • Robert's Time Crisis 5 design resembles Giorgio Zott, the villain from Time Crisis 3. The only difference between the two is while Robert has his shades on throughout the whole game, Zott never wears shades. He also has traits of Abyssal Dision, the main antagonist of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.
  • His reasons for betraying the VSSE currently remain a mystery, though several of his rants indicate he is disillusion with humanity.
  • It's also implied that he leaked the VSSE's involvement to the Hamlin Battalion during the events of Time Crisis 4.
  • Robert's role as a villain in the 5th game marks the first Time Crisis game where the main antagonist is a VSSE agent.


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