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Rosie, it's time. I have a plan, and we'll be together forever.
~ Bremmer to his latest victim

Robert Bremmer is the main antagonist of the Criminal Minds episode "Out of the Light". He is a serial killer who preys on teenage girls who remind him of his stepdaughter, Rose.

He is portrayed by Jeffrey Meek.

Early Life

A successful restaurant owner and family man, Bremmer appeared to be a pillar of his community, but had a dark secret - he was physically and sexually abusing his teenage stepdaughter, Rose. His wife Denise, Rose's mother, was frequently hospitalized for depression, allowing him near-total freedom to abuse the girl as much as he liked. When Denise finally found out what Bremmer was doing to her daughter, she tried to run away with Denise, but he caught them and forced them to stay with him. Finally driven over over the edge by his abuse, Denise tried to poison Rose to put her out of her misery, and finally killed her daughter and herself by driving their car into a lake.