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Villain Overview

The smith answers only to God, for his hands repair His body.
~ Builder Robert Bumaro.
Many good words have been said tonight, and some good deeds have been done, here in this seat of tragedy. Now, you must all surely see that we all have the same purpose. This squabble… it is largely pointless. We must reassemble ourselves. For, now I realize, God is the simplest machine of all: an anvil. No matter what we are, no matter what we seek to build, our purpose is to construct the Anvil... on which we shall BREAK THE FLESH!
~ From "The Heresy of Disassembly".

Robert Bumaro is a major antagonist and anti-villain in the universe of the SCP Foundation. He is the leader of the Church of the Broken God who seeks to rebuild the Broken God through any means necessary, but often works alongside the Foundation when fighting common threats. He is the archenemy of Grand Karcist Ion.


(Note: Due to the lack of canon in the universe of the SCP Foundation, it is up to the reader to pick which part of the character's history is canon for their headcanon.)


The man who would become known as Robert Bumaro was originally an ancient human and prophet of the Broken God, and was seemingly one of the Children of the Sun, also known as Homo aeturnus, who inhabited the very first city of Audapaupadopolis which was reigned over by Adam El Asem. Years following the abandonment of the city, the prophet met a young Ion fleeing from the savage Daevites. He encouraged the boy to convert to his religion of Mekhanism and replace his body parts with machinery in order for his pain to cease, but Ion was reluctant and turned his offer down. Despite that the prophet respected his decision and wished Ion farewell, but warned Ion to never call for help to Yaldabaoth, but Ion would not listen to his warning.

Ion would eventually be granted the powers of flesh by Yaldabaoth and alongside his followers founded the religion of Nälkä. The prophet and the rest of the Mekhanites found out about this and confronted the Sarkites. When the Mekhanite faced the Grand Karcist he recognised him as the young boy he had met prior, now turned into an abomination. He was disappointed that Ion was now no different from the beast that had made his life miserable and sought to destroy this monstrosity.

War with the Sarkites

During the Bronze Age, the two civilizations would battle one another for their respective ideals. There have been conflicting claims on how the Mekhanites won over the Sarkites:

So the Beasts Shall Plague the Land No More

During the latest war, Bumaro in order to defeat Ion for good, infused himself with the God's Ichor and alongside the Mekhanite warriors battled countless Sarkites, with the Mekhanites giving their lives to protect Bumaro. Despite this, Bumaro was severely injured, but still marched on and eventually confronted Ion himself. Thinking he had the upper hand, Ion initially mocked Bumaro over his state and belief before trying to infect him with his flesh, but Bumaro acted fast and infected Ion's arm with his own metallic virus. Then Bumaro transformed himself, becoming more of a match for Ion. He began repeatedly attacking Ion with his wrist-blade as Ion wasted all of his flesh and bone weapons on him.

Ion tried to summon his Archon and monsters to deter Bumaro, but the prophet slayed all of them. He then cornered the Grand Karcist and nailed his hammer through Ion's torso. Ion began laughing, but Bumaro soon decapitated him and infected his still living head with his virus, putting an end to the war.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Following the fall of Gyaros at the hands of the Sarkites, Bumaro stood beside his master the high priest who was succumbing to the Sarkite infection. The priest told Bumora that he had manipulated their scriptures which had been stolen by their enemies in order to fool them and set a trap for them and his last request for Bumaro was to bring the goddess' Broken Heart to Ion. Bumaro decided that he would do so and as he carried the heart through the destroyed road of Akrotiri he was ambushed by Orok.

Orok brought both Bumaro and the heart to Ion and Lovataar in Kythera. After healing Bumaro Ion began using his power to try to corrupt the heart, but instead it retaliated against him and soon the heart began destroying all of the surrounding Sarkites. As Ion was being covered by the eruption of a nearby volcano Bumaro began taunting the Grand Karcist telling him that he will be imprisoned underneath forever while his faithful slowly died off.

Following Ion's temporary defeat, the Mekhanites drove the remaining Sarkites to their kingdom of Adytum which was then cut from reality, ending up in the Archon's dimension.

At some point Bumaro exchanged weapons with the Erikeshans, and during the Second Punic War, Bumaro helped the Carthaginian in building a gigantic war elephant for Hasdrubal to use against Rome.

Modern Times

Around 1942, following the disastrous event regarding SCP-001, the ancient prophet broke inside personal shrine of Robert Bumaro, the current leader of the Broken Church at the time, and waited for him. When he finally confronted Robert he heavily scolded him for failing to resurrect their god, and was soon joined by Triunnion and another man and all three of them cornered Bumaro. Robert tried to justify himself, but seeing that he was at their mercy he tried to retaliate to no avail. The three decided to punish Robert by locking him away in a Purgatory-like state, but not before the ancient Mekhanite stole Robert's name in order to integrate more easily with the modern church.

After reading a letter sent from a boy whose dysfunctional family had members in all three of the Church's denominations, Bumaro decided to arrange a meeting with the leaders from the Cogwork Orthodox Church and the Church of Maxwellism. However, as it was expected the meeting was full of tension and hostility which eventually resulted in Saint Hedwig of the Maxwellist being injured by one of the Orthodoxists. This accident raised awareness between the participants and Bumaro took the opportunity to explain that it doesn't matter the manner that they worship Mekhane as they all have one goal and should reunite for their common noble goal, to which all of attendants agreed. Bumaro also tried to contact with the surviving members of the Xia Dynasty, but they turned his offer down.

When the SCP Foundation discovered Mekhane's forge they designated it SCP-2217 and blocked it off from public eyes. However, all three denominations lead by Bumaro attacked the Foundation site with their full force and after some struggle they managed to retrieve the Forge from the Foundation. As the Foundation planned to take back SCP-2217 with the help of the Global Occult Coalition and the Horizon Initiative, SCP-610 began breaching containment. The three organizations were unable to contain the threat until the Church of the Broken God joined them and used SCP-2217 to successfully recontain SCP-610. Following that Bumaro contacted the leaders of the organizations suggesting that they all should unite their forces in order to fight the threat of Sarkicism together. The organizations agreed and named their new alliance the "Triumvirate".

When General Bowe began recruiting various individuals for the Foundation Elimination Coalition in order to bring down the SCP Foundation for good, Bumaro and the Broken Church became part of the newly formed group after they were promised that they would reclaim a piece of the Broken God that was in the possession of the Foundation. However, after taking over Site-19 Bumaro soon became unwilling to cooperate any further due to being convinced that the Children of the Scarlet King, which were also a part of the group, had in their possession the piece. In order to fix this argument Bowe put Bumaro and the Children's leader John Yttoric inside a room so they could discuss the issue, but the discussion soon became heated when Bumaro accused Yttoric of having stolen the piece while the latter accused Bumaro of withholding information about the current location of the child of SCP-231-7. As things escalated, Yttoric revealed that the Children didn't need the seventh son in order to bring the Scarlet King into reality, making his own accusation worthless which led to Bumaro being forced to help the Coalition in order to retrieve the piece.

When the Coalition began holding a meeting inside of Site-19, Bumaro and Yttoric realized that someone had left notes that accused the two parties of stealing their respective objects, causing both of them to fight and create a schism within the Coalition. However, when the attendants began suspecting that they may have been set up, SCP-4624 manifested himself and forced all of the groups to participate into some collaborative fun activities. After they managed to escape to Site-37, Bowe tried to use SCP-2330 to force everyone in his group to obey him, but found out that it was just a normal whiteboard, which caused the inner conflict within the Coalition to grow. Eventually, after Bumaro finally retrieved the piece of the Broken God he and his church decided to depart from the Coalition and left Bowe with the remaining members all on their own. Following the defeat of the Coalition at the hands of the Foundation, Bumaro met with a member of the O5 Council through video chat and during the discussion the Overseer demanded to know why Bumaro attacked them despite the pact that they had established to which he responded that their pact was still intact but he needed the piece in order to rebuild his god.

Possible Endings

The Battle of Baikal

After successfully acquiring SCP-2217, Bumaro and the united Mekhanites build the Reconstructed Temple of Kythera-On-The-Lake which floated half a Mile above Southern Russia. In the temple Bumaro alongside Hedwig and Trunnion began forging a powerful hammer whose materials have been derived from three branches of the Church as a symbol of union, and upon finishing it he declared before the gathered Mekhanites as the hammer Wan-Mekhane's "Sfyrí", and informed that they should prepare for the battle in Baikal. As the Triumvirate began struggling with the containment breach of SCP-610, Bumaro hijacked O5-3's video call during a gathering of groups' leaders and informed them of the Mekhanites' arrival. As the Mekhanites greatly helped the united forces of the Foundation, GOC and HI in the battle against SCP-610 which was slowly being overwhelmed, Bumaro entered the cave system located underneath SCP-610 and finally came across Yaldabaoth who had been residing underneath the disease as a giant eyeball. After looking back at his past Bumaro proceeded to use his hammer to destroy Yaldabaoth which caused all people infected by SCP-610 to revert back to their normal state as they were before infection. After that Bumaro informed the leaders to come to SCP-2217 as despite finally destroying SCP-610, the Flesh was still not completely defeated and should organize a proper plan.

In Memoria, Adytum

As time went on Bumaro had grown more and more weaker due to old age and became unable to keep the threat of Sarkicism from growing. As Sarkicism began rising once again, the Church of the Broken God's Citadel fell under the combined attack of both Sarkites and Mekhanics. As the Mekhanites were being slaughtered, Speaker-Operant Otomiel and Speaker-Matriarch Hespera tried to help the elderly Bumaro at evacuating the Citadel, but were ambushed by Saarn, the two leaders of the Darkwater Lodge, and Jackal of the Mekhanics. Jackal accused Bumaro of lying to the Church about rebuilding Mekhane and that he in actuality was trying to replace her, and also revealed that he had secretly poisoned Bumaro with the help of the Sarkites. After Saarn and the Lodge's leaders knocked out Otomiel and Hespera, Jackal took Bumaro's hammer and used it to smash Bumaro's head, killing him instantly. In the aftermath of the disaster, the two grieving Mekhanites decided to give Bumaro's blood and hammer to the Foundation in the hopes that they could use the objects, which would be designated collectively as SCP-2834, in the ensuing battle against Sarkicism.


Bumaro was described as possessing long thin and reflective iron steel strings for hair which dripped on his body, composed brass skin that contained the clockwork machinery that had replaced his inner organs, unnatural crystal-like eyes, and spidery-like hands. His face was also stated to have possible looked like as of Phoenician ethnicity.

Powers and Abilities

Bumaro's War-Hammer.

Most of Bumaro's powers are heavily derived from his infection from SCP-217, also known as God's Ichor, which mutated him and turned his blood into a biomechanical liquid which not only mimicked blood, but also has similar digestive properties to SCP-882. After being infected by the Clockwork Virus, Bumaro gained superhuman powers such as superhuman strength, speed and durability. Bumaro was capable of defeating Ion who was a reality-bender and the most powerful of the Sarkites, and Bumaro was capable of throwing his hammer which stroke Ion to the ground. Bumaro was so fast that he grabbed Ion before the latter could react and easily dodged three monsters who were trying to crush him. He was also unable to feel pain anymore allowing him to proceed through Sarkite attacks without reacting, and every time he got harmed metal would just grow from his wounds effectively regenerating him. His infection also allowed Bumaro to paralyze his opponents with his touch for a time, shape his body parts into metal-based weaponry such as claws, spikes and blades. Bumaro could also spread his infection to other people such as Ion who used all of his powers to fight it off, and although he was never seen exhibiting this type of power it is presumed that Bumaro can also control machinery. After forming an alliance with the Maxwellists, Bumaro was seemingly also capable of transporting his mind into the network, allowing him to leave his body and explore the world wide web.


Bumaro is shown to be extremely devout to his religion, as he has dedicated his entire life in serving his god. He is determined to rebuild the broken god and exterminate the flesh plaguing humanity with whatever means necessary. He is ready to commit whatever crime necessary to achieve his goals thinking the ends will justify the means. Even though he and his church caused major troubles to groups such as the SCP Foundation, he is not ruthless as he somewhat values the lives innocent people and especially those of fellow worshippers from the other sects, seeing them as equal. He tried hard to declare peace between the different sects, believing that together they could achieve their common, and was even ready to form alliances with other groups outside of the church such as the Foundation Elimination Coalition and the Triumvirate in order accomplish his own goals all in service of Mekhane.

Other Media

Bumaro & Ion Anthology

Cover of Bumaro & Ion Anthology.

Robert Bumaro appears in the manga book Bumaro & Ion Anthology by HaMuKuNi. It features various artwork depicting Bumaro, and a short story showing Bumaro's transformation and confrontation with Grand Karcist Ion.


  • Bumaro and Ion are sometimes depicted as being in a gay relationship.
  • In SCP-5555, it is revealed that the Administrator of the Foundation, and other leaders of the other GOIs, such as "Bumaro" himself, are actually powerful immortal beings who use the SCP universe and its inhabitants as just a playboard game with roleplaying for their own entertainment, with the identity of Robert Bumaro being nothing more than just a role which one of these entities takes, and after one of them wins, the game starts over and the universe resets, with the roles changing.
  • In the tale "Day of the Dragon" a reversed version of Bumaro exists in which he is the leader of Sarkicism and is known as "Grand Karcist Bumaro".
  • In the universe of "Apotheosis", Bumaro is mentioned by the Serpent's Hand being worried about the effects that SCP-3396 whom he sees it as an equal to Mekhane and Yaldabaoth. It is unknown what happened to him after all of humanity ascended to godhood and the world was destroyed.
  • In the joke tale "Tim Wilson KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!!!", Bumaro is one of the many notable beings killed by Tim Wilson of Wilson's Wildlife Solutions.
  • In "Are We Gentrified Yet?" a devout Mekhanite named Hansarp decided to create an anatomically accurate chocolate cake of Robert Bumaro in order to express their mutual love through sex appeal.
  • In the early days of the SCP wiki before 2014, back when the Church of the Broken God was initially envisioned as a modern day cult formed by individuals who began worshiping anomalies that they witnessed, Robert Bumaro was intended to be a scam leader who at first didn't believe in the anomalous before it was too late for him.
  • The photo depicting Bumaro in the SCP-001 proposal, originated from the book titled Indiana and Indianans written by Jacob Piatt Dunn released in 1919.
  • In Issue 32 of the comic book series titled Tales of the Foundation Force Five, Bumaro was the main villain of the book in which he was defeated by ChowderClef.
  • In "Scenes from a Comprehensive Clusterfuck", Bumaro mentions the movie Die Hard, meaning that he may have watched it at some point.
  • Robert Bumaro's real name from "The Battle of Baikal" when translated in English from Linear B is Hephaestus, the Olympian god of forgery and the equivalent of the deity Kothar.

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