This coat... and the music disc, I must take with me no matter what happens.

~ Robert Crogley as "Eggs Benedict"

Robert Crogley is the main antagonist of  Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken. He is a telegraph station technician in London, England. He was responsible for the deaths of Cosney Megunel and Hatch Windibank. 

Early Life

Robert Crogley (real name Robert Milverton) was born and raised in a poor area of London, his only friends being the Tinpiller Brothers, Nemmy, and Tully Tinpiller. His father Thrice-Fired Mortar (Mortal Milverton) was a bricklayer. He and his wife were very poor and they kept worrying about having enough money. Robert could not handle being poor, so he studied as hard as he could and changed his last name to Crogley and got a job at a telegram company.

Mortar's death

10 years later, Robert had a deal with Cosney Megundal to steal classified information from the British Empire. Since Crogley worked at a telegram company he had easy access to the information. He got the classified information that said: " K. Asōgi, A. Sasha, T. Gregson, J. Watson, and THE ABOVE FOUR." In order to hide the information, Crogley went to his father and asked him to embed the info into music disc under the impression that it was music instead. After this was done, Crogley went to Megundal and made the first transaction and gave Megunel the first music disc. Robert planned to split the money with his father for his help. However, Mortar became suspicious of his son and he agreed to take the money in exchange for selling the second music disc. During the second transaction, Megundal killed Mortar after he demanded a higher price. In an act of revenge, and to retrieve the second music disc, Crogley used his wealth to hire several people, including hiring a fake court bailiff, to Megundal into the omnibus his father was killed in. Once, Megundal was in the omnibus under the guise of inspecting it Robert set it ablaze, killing Megundal. 

Retrieving the music discs

Later, he visited the pawnshop of Hatch Windibank under the name "Eggs Benedict". He claimed that a pickpocket named Gina Lestrade had stolen his claim ticket for Megundal's coat. However, this was proven false by Sherlock Holmes and Ryūnosuke Naruhodō who deduced his true intentions, which was to collect the music disc inside the coat's pocket. Cornered Crogley attempted to take the coat by gunpoint. He was forced to leave the shop after the arrival of Scotland Yard Inspector Gregson.

Once the pawnshop close that night, Crogley called his old friends the Tinpiller brothers, to help him get the music disc. When they broke in, Crogley looked at the leaves at the front of the store while the brothers checked the back. Crogley found the music box and took the disc out and prepared to leave however they were discovered by Windibank. Windibank then proceeded to shoot Crogley in his left arm. The bullet went through his arm and into the calendar behind him. Crogley panicked and shot his own gun at Windibank which was meant as a warning shot. Unfortunately, his aim was bad and it ended up in Windibank's heart killing him. Upon realizing what he had done, he fled the scene, leaving the Tinpiller Brothers. 

The Trial of Gina Lestrade

Gina Lestrade was arrested for the murder of Windibank after she was found unconscious and holding a gun in the vault with Windibank's corpse. During Lestrade's trial, Naruhodō mentioned Crogley from a photograph and claimed he was the real killer. Upon seeing the picture, Juror #5 recognized the man in the photo as working at the same telegram office as her. Crogley was then called to the court as a witness. When he stood at the witness stand, he still had the first disc in his possession while the second disc was presented as evidence earlier by the prosecutor Barok Van Zieks despite the pleas of Inspector Gregson. When they were both on the witness stand Gregson and Crogley quietly made a trade: Gregson told Crogley about the small window on the door to the vault to help his alibi in exchange for the second music disc. They managed the trade even though Naruhodō noticed.

Later in the trial, while Crogley was testifying with the Tinpillers and Gregson on the stand, Gregson had an unexpected outburst and grabbed Nemmy Tinpiller by the neck in order to hide the second disc on Nemmy in case he was to be searched. Naruhodō later figured that out. However, despite the trade being made known to the court neither Gregson nor Crogley would admit the trade had happened.

The final nail in the coffin for Crogley was Naruhodō threatening to play both discs in the music box at the same time exposing the classified information in front of the whole court, saying that if Gregson didn't bother to change his methods on the job, neither would he. Van Zieks sided with Naruhodō and they played the classified information for the court. This caused Gregson to admit to his crimes. This enraged Crogley and he used his cane to strangle Gregson. After his breakdown, Crogley also admitted to his crimes. Van Zieks told Crogley that he was no better than Megundal.

In prison, Crogley admitted he had no regrets about what he did. The Tinpiller brothers told him to take it easy and that they should restart the milk business they started when they were children. Later, it was revealed that the classified information on the discs was actually an assassination exchange program sent from the British Chief Justice Hart Vortex to the Japanese Minister of Justice Seishirou Jigoku. The four names on the discs meant that Japennsee exchange student and mentor of Naruhodō would go to England and kill Gregson while British Ann Sasha (under the alias of Jezel Brett) would kill Sherlock Holmes' famous partner John H. Watson.



  • Robert Crogley has the distinction of being one of the first criminals convicted of murder who appears in the end game credit sequence.
  • His belt buckle, a horseshoe, and his overall pale appearance and white clothes, could be a reference to the dairy he wishes to open that he mentions during the end credits.
  • His appearance and that of the Tinpiller brothers could also be a nod to the portrayal of Moriarty in the Sherlock Hound television series, though Robert seems to be much less of a criminal mastermind like Moriarty and shows a great deal of remorse for his actions.
  • Crogley technically helped Hart Vortex bring the Death Bringer curse to Barok van Zieks due to killing Megundal right after he got acquitted. However, Crogley wasn't working for Vortex.
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