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Robert Finney is the main antagonist of the 2009 Derrick Comedy film Mystery Team. He is the man responsible for the murder of Kelly and Brianna's parents, Karen and Barton Peters, as he hired Leroy in the first place. He is the executive president at Holden Charles, who attempted put to hundreds of people out of work in Oakdale to treat wood of the lumber division with a toxic substance called Iphedolene.


Robert was a friend of Barton Peters, who was the lawyer for Holden and Charles that was called into the town of Oakdale to settle the dispute of the lumber yard workers that were angry about Holden and Charles purchasing their work area. Unbeknownst to anyone, Robert was secretly planning to treat wood of the lumber yard with a substance known as Iphedolene, which was extremely toxic. However, when Barton learned of this, he planned to reveal this to the public, which would ruin both Robert and, Holden and Charles. To prevent this Robert hired a dangerous drug dealer named Leroy Maddox to scare Barton into not revealing it to the public and obtain the documents to prove that Iphedolene is toxic. However, Leroy killed Barton and his wife Karen instead, causing their daughters Kelly and Brianna to stay with Robert and wife until their social worker could settle the matter.


At first Robert seamed like a kind mild-mannered and friendly man, who cared about Kelly and Brianna, and was willing to help others in need. However, when Jason realized that Robert was Leroy's accomplish his true colors were revealed, as a cold, ruthless, immoral, sociopath who would not let anything to ruin his plans, as he tried murder Jason, Duncan, Charlie, and Kelly to kept them from telling the truth about Iphedolene, and tried to treat the wood with the substance, despite it being hazardous and was willing to make several people in Oakdale unemployed to treat the wood with Iphedolene. He is also a hypocrite saying he didn't want anyone but he killed Leroy when he kept asking for money and he knew too much.