Robert Quarles is a gangster from Detroit comes to Harlan Kentucky, in which he would claim he would bring bussiness but in reality his goal are the exact opposite and take the people of the town for fools and bring the drug profits all to detroit, and take over the drug bussiness in harlan for himself, he's very manipulative and very dangerous, not to take lightly he's seems to also be a family, with a wife and two kids but he's truly a cold blooded killer, that won't hesitate to blow your brains out with a simple slight of the wrist, he decides he wants to go back home and brings two hostages Raylan and a child named Mitch with him to Limehouse demanding that Limehouse gives him 500,000 dollars for money to go home, in which Limehouse is reluctant to do so, and choses to cut open a pig's carcus which had money wrapped in wads inside it, demanding Mitch to grab the bucket and fill it up, a former henchman of Limehouse came in and shot Quarles in the Chest Quarles returned fire his wrist gun, killing the Henchman Raylan grabs Quarles gun arm, and Limehouse chopped Quarles arm off from the elbow down leaving him to bleed out.