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Robert T. Wilson

Robert T. Wilson is a villain in the Fansadox book Training My Slave-Girl.

He kidnaps a woman that was mean to him during his job, Marianne, and rapes and humiliates her in the most inhumane ways.

He later kidnaps another woman that he calls "Negrita", and after he moves to his home town, opens an inn where he uses Marianne as a prostitute for rich clients.

After capturing Marianne, he seems to lose himself more and more from the outside world and falling into self-dillusion, culminating with quiting his job and moving to his home town. Although part of him must truly know how he treats Marianne is no way to treat a human being, another part of him associates this with "their relationship", as he invisions it.

He begins writing in his journal more and more claims of this relationship, of him and Marianne being a couple, having ups and downs.

This dissociation is worsened by his preferance to role play wearing a Batman mask while he abuses her, and being in this "disguise" (although surprisingly efficient, as Marianne is objectively shown not to recognise him) makes him seriously contemplate, and fear, which "part of him" Marianne supposedly loves: him, Robert T. Wilson, or his Batman persona.

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