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The elite want to f*ck with our kids? We'll f*ck with theirs!
~ Robert White prepares to brainwash the kids of South Park into Qanon supporters.
You probably never even heard of our family, huh? Well, the Whites have been here since the beginning! Not that it matters, 'cause no one cares about the Whites. Sure, everyone else has problems, but does anyone ask the Whites how they're doing?!
~ Bob White

Robert White is a major antagonist in South Park. He is the secondary antagonist of the season 21 finale, "Splatty Tomato" and the main antagonist of the 2021 special, South ParQ Vaccination Special. He is a serious supporter of President Garrison, earning the White family an awful reputation in South Park. He is also a believer in Qanon.

He is voiced by series co-creator, Trey Parker.


Mr. White has pale brown hair that is gray on the sides, and is noticeably approaching baldness. He has arched lips just like his wife, and erase lines around his mouth. He wears a dark red v-neck sweater over a gray shirt, khaki pants, and white shoes.


Mr. White is actively dedicated to President Garrison, even leaving food out on his front door to feed Garrison as he hid from the Canadians in South Park and allowing him to torment his children in the process. He is slightly petulant, and a little stubborn, refusing to believe Garrison was capable of doing any wrong in spite of the tower of evidence stacked up against him. Mr. White is also personally offended at how little the town ever cared for or acknowledged the White family. He believes in Qanon conspiracy theories, believing that Mr. Garrison is the chosen one, that the pandemic was blown out of proportion, that voter fraud occured and that vaccines are being used by the Hollywood liberal elites to control people.


  • Robert White is a satire on many supporters of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, specifically the Qanon supporters.



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