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Robo-Rolly is an unusual robotic doppelganger of the rotund pup Rolly at the Dearly Farm and the titular main villain of the episode "Robo-Rolly" of 101 Dalmatians: The Series. True to form, he is a criminal tool devised by Cruella de Vil to commit corporate espionage.

Shortly after Cruella fires Anita as an attempt to "strengthen" her company's image by firing her best employee, Anita is approached by Cruella's fashion rival Ralphie St. Lowrent to make designs for her. Naturally tapping the company phone to eavesdrop on the conversation, Cruella arranges with her cousin P. H. De Vil to create a robotic doppelganger of the one of the numerous Dalmatian pups. They select and abduct Rolly, replacing him with a seemingly-normal pup that barks and moves about, albeit in such a mechanical manner.

Lucky, sensing something amiss with his sibling when he obliviously and uncharacteristically passes up food, spies on "Rolly". He discovers that "Rolly" is taking pictures of Anita's designs with a camera extracting from the robot's maw. Initially disbelieved by Cadpig and Spot, the three catch on to "Rolly" stealing a briefcase carrying the designs. They attempt to dispose of Robo-Rolly down a well and with chains to incapacitate it, only to be foiled by its numerous gadgets. Lucky, Cadpig, and Spot manage to stall Robo-Rolly by tricking Ed Pig into sitting on him.

The pups and chicken go to rescue Rolly and find the controls to the robotic copy unattended (as Cruella went out to retrieve the robot). They manipulate Robo-Rolly to not only expose Cruella's actions but also threaten her into giving back Anita's job with additional raises. Robo-Rolly is last seen pursuing Cruella and is presumably dissembled following the incident.


True to form, Robo-Rolly behaves somewhat like an actual dog, managing to fool Rolly's human owners despite sounding and appearing quite mechanical in its movements. It is an imperfect replica, however, given that it did not share Rolly's general characteristics of being gluttonous or speaking as Rolly would (though the latter is understandable due the human characters not being able to communicate with the animals). Among its numerous gadgets, it sports a camera, a retractable metal claw from its back, and rockets embedded in its paws that permitted it to soar out of the well they tried to trap it inside.