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Villain Overview

Oooooh! Someone's salty! Real or not though, people love me. Does anybody love you? Blitzo?
~ Robo Fizz stating his superiority over Blitzo before they fight.

Robo Fizz is a major antagonist in Season 1 of the adult animated web series Helluva Boss.

He appears as the main antagonist of the second episode "Loo Loo Land" in the first season, and the posthumous antagonist in subsequent episodes.

He is a robotic entertainer at the knock-off theme park Loo Loo Land and Blitzo's rival and former co-worker. He is established as being a robot knockoff of the as of the famous jester demon, Fizzarolli. He also mentioned to have been shipped from a place called Big Ozzie's Factory, so it's presumed (and later confirmed) that there are more Robo Fizzes.

He is voiced by Alex Brightman, who also plays his original version Fizzarolli, the Broadway role of Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice in Teen Titans Go! and Gabe Miller in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.


Robo Fizz resembles a harlequin with red, white, yellow, and black coloring. His limbs appear to be more like tentacles than proper jointed limbs. He often speaks with a stutter and often sparks indicating that he is in a state of disrepair.



Before the start of the series, Robo Fizz was a robot version of a popular jester named Fizzarolli built at a factory called Big Ozzie's Factory. He was then shipped to Loo Loo Land, which was a rip-off of Lucifer's Lu Lu World, and became a circus performer and entertained children and worked with Blitzo, who was a clown at the time. Unlike Robo Fizz, none of the kids liked Blitzo and hated his jokes. Sometime later, Blitzo quit his job while Robo Fizz continued to perform.

Loo Loo Land

Many years later, Stolas decided to take his daughter, Octavia, to Loo Loo Land and brought Blitzo, Moxxie, and Millie along to be their bodyguards. At the circus, Robo Fizz then sings a song about Loo Loo Land along with his band of animatronics, much to Octavia's annoyance. After the show, Robo Fizz ends up noticing Blitzo in the audience and decides to mock the imp over how unpopular he was when he worked at the park.

Blitzo, then bites back by pointing out how Robo Fizz is nothing more than a robotic knockoff of the actual Fizzarolli. Regardless, Robo Fizz retorts by stating that unlike Blitzo, people love him. Blitzo responds by firing his Sniper Rifle at Robo Fizz, prompting the two to start fighting. Robo Fizz then wraps around Blitzo and throws him out of the circus tent causing him to crash into a stand selling torches, setting the tent and eventually the whole park on fire, destroying the other animatronics, and exposing Robo Fizz's robotic endoskeleton, all while continuing his fight with Blitzo.

At the end, Stolas finally decided that Octavia was too old for Loo Loo Land and Robo Fizz is eventually eaten whole by one of the park's dragons. It is unknown if he is still alive or not, but the real Fizzarolli's words in "Ozzie's" imply that he was ultimately destroyed by Blitzo.

The Harvest Moon Festival

While no Robo Fizz makes a physical appearance in the episode, there is a billboard on top of Moxxie and Millie's apartment advertising them, indicating they are mass produced.


Robo Fizz is advertised by Fizzarolli in his introduction. Not only that, but Fizzarolli also talks about the destruction of Loo Loo Land and how losing the Robo Fizz there made a huge damage in their earnings.

At the same time, a demon in the audience boasts about owning four Robo Fizzes for sexual pleasure much to the discomfort of Fizzarolli.

Personality and Traits

Robo Fizz is extremely disdainful and belligerent, as he mocked Blitzo and had no qualms getting in a fight that ended with Loo Loo Land being burned to the ground. He is also very egotistical and vain as he claimed to be loved by everyone and bragged about his own popularity.

Powers and Abilities

Robo Fizz is shown to be extremely flexible, since he can wrap around Blitzo and can move his limbs in an unnatural way reminiscent of a rubber-hose cartoon. He can also turn his head at a 90-degree angle, and was able to catch a bullet with his teeth. His most dangerous ability is cartwheel so fast that he can destroy anything in his path in a way not unlike Sonic the Hedgehog's Spin Dash.


  • Robo Fizz made an appearance in the Helluva Boss season one trailer, setting on a big demon's shoulder, which is presumed to be Asmodeus, the ruler of the Lust Ring of Hell. Although, it remains unknown if it's the same Robo Fizz, a different Robo Fizz, or the real Fizzarolli. It is later confirmed it's the real Fizzarolli.
  • Robo Fizz was the first character to pronounce the “o” at the end of Blitzo’s name. The second being Verosika in the following episode and the third being Fizzarolli in episodes 6 and 7.
  • In Loo Loo Land, there are posters of Robo Fizz that advertise his sexual services. Meaning he was also built for sexual pleasure.
  • Robo Fizz is the first antagonist in the series to sing. Others are Verosika Mayday, Striker, Cletus, Collin and Keenie, Fizzarolli and Asmodeus.
  • Robo Fizz is the first of the three antagonists in the series to know Blitzo from the past, the second being Verosika Mayday and the third being Fizzarolli.
  • During his song, he sings about how there isn't any copyright infringement to be found in Loo Loo Land. However, directly after in his song he copies a lyric from Charlie's song from the pilot of Hazbin Hotel.
    • Ironically enough, Loo Loo Land is a rip-off of Lu Lu World, a theme park owned by Lucifer, Charlie's father, which proves that his lyric of "No copyright infringement to be seen" is a blatant lie.


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