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Timeouts for everybody!
~ Robo Teacher

Maude (A.K.A. Robo Teacher) is a one-time villain from the Teletoon original series, Total Dramarama, only appearing in the episode "Robo Teacher". She is a substitute teacher at Total Drama Daycare, who is secretly a government robot that went rogue and destroyed everything.


In "Robo Teacher", Chef Hatchet was fired from his job after getting replaced by a robot teacher. The new teacher, Maude, started working at Total Drama Daycare, where she read a story to the kids. Duncan thought that because they had a new teacher, that meant they could do whatever they want and not get in trouble. Duncan and a bunch of other kids rioted and caused chaos. Meanwhile, Courtney and Cody stayed behind and went to rat them out to the teacher.

Robo Teacher was in her room when her earring started beeping. She took her head off, revealing herself to be a mechanical device and put her head on a charger so that she could recharge her batteries. Meanwhile, the government was spying on her and seeing how well she was doing. Government leader, Valentina MacArthur stated that if all goes according to plan, soon every school in the world will have Robo Teachers. It was shown that they had a factory, where they were mass-producing a bunch of other robots that looked identical to Maude, meaning that Maude was just one in an entire brand of Robo Teachers.

Courtney and Cody went up to Robo Teacher and snitched on the rule-breakers. Duncan and Owen were screwing around in the kitchen and making a mess. Robo Teacher immediately cleaned it up and punished Owen, while Duncan hid from her so she didn't find him. Later, Duncan had Beth go down the slide when it was covered in wet paint. Beth came out of the slide, covered in paint and Robo Teacher washed her with water and sent her to time out. Lastly, Harold practiced his ninja skills and destroyed the arts and crafts corner, and Robo Teacher gave him a time out, while she cleaned up his mess.

Duncan grew suspicious of this new teacher and was quick to assume something was wrong with her. Courtney doubted him and just thought he was mad that she was enforcing the rules. Just then, Maude's facial plate fell off, revealing her robotic endoskeleton. She put it back on and hoped nobody would notice. Duncan and Courtney freaked out and went to warn the other kids. They urged them not to panic but that's exactly what they did. Robo Teacher chased after the running and screaming kids and said that she was going to send them all to time out. Duncan climed the bookshelf and knocked Richard Swimmins' fishbowl onto the her, causing her to short out. However, when she rebooted, she switched from caretaker to exterminator mode and became evil. The government noticed this from their base and worried.

Robo Teacher came back as an evil robot and started shooting the kids with glue guns. The kids hid in the castle and they called Chef to tell him what happened. Chef said that she was most likely a robot created by the military base down the street and Izzy went down to the military to give them a piece of her mind. Robo Teacher then went on to blast all the other kids with glue. Duncan tried to fight back against her with a hose but no water came out. Duncan realized he was screwed and Robo Teacher was about to exterminate him before Izzy drove a military tank in and crushed her to death.


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