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Robonoids are green spherical robots sent by Peridot that serve as minor antagonists in Steven Universe. They come in three varieties, Flask Robonoids, Plug Robonoids and Hand Robonoids.

Flask Robonoids

Flask Robonoids are small spherical robots equipped with an unknown turquoise liquid that repairs warp pads. In "Warp Tour", they were sent to Earth to find and repair the Homeworld Warp so Peridot and possibly other Homeworld Gems could use it. They succeeded, but Peridot believed that the Galaxy Warp was compromised, forcing her to place an EMP down to deactivate the robots and leave. The Homeworld Warp was later destroyed by Garnet. In "On the Run" and "Political Power", the Crystal Gems study them to find out what they are, and later test an EMP on them with no success.

Flask Robonoid

Plug Robonoids

Plug Robonoids are large spherical robots with the ability to produce hand robonoids and shape-shift that were launched in various locations across Earth to find a warp pad to warp to the Kindergarten and allow Peridot to reactivate it. The Crystal Gems thwart her once again, but accidentally reveal themselves, letting Peridot report them to her supervisor.

Plug Robonoid

Hand Robonoids

Hand Robonoids are spherical robots similar to Flask Robonoids, but with a darker color scheme and are used to activate the Kindergarten hand pedestal.


Hand Robonoid

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