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Well, that makes 145,999 unsuccessful human hunts but I have a good feeling about tomorrow.
~ Robot Mayor at the end of a hunt for humans.

Robot Mayor is from the Futurama cartoon. He serves as a villain in the episode Fear of a Bot Planet.


The Robot Mayor is the leader of an entirely robotic city on the planet Chapek 9. He was elected at some point in the past. It is unknown as to how long he has been the mayor of the robotic city. As the leader of the city, the Robot Mayor hosted human hunts which took place at 5 o' clock everyday. He welcomed the robot Bender from the Planet Express crew. Even though Bender claimed to hate humans, he was secretly working for the human members of Planet Express. He was sent to a deliver a package, containing lugnuts, to Chapek 9. Bender forgot about the mission when he was welcomed for claiming to kill a billion humans. This earned Bender the respect of the Robot Mayor and the other robot inhabitants. The Robot Mayor invited Bender to participate in the latest human hunt. They managed to find the other Planet Express crew members talking to Bender in an abandoned adult store. The Robot Mayor placed the crew in a court case but spared Bender. The local court judge sentenced the crew to manual labor. The Robot Mayor pulled a lever that sent the humans to a room where they met the actual rulers of Chapek 9. Bender was asked to kill his fellow crew members but he refused after realizing they are still his friends. They and Bender managed to escape the planet after leaving the package. The Robot Mayor and his citizens became thankful towards the humans after the package was opened.


The Robot Mayor wears a black and res stash. The green word "MAYOR" is written on the stash. His body's midsection is shaped like a large rectangle. Most of his body, except for his arms, is a mixture of grey and purple colors. The Robot Mayor has a black visor but no eyeballs. His mouth is green and looks similar to Bender's own mouth. Instead of ears, the Robot Mayor has two large and grey bolts. The Robot Mayor's grey and metallic mustache is his most distinguishing feature. It is shaped like an upside down letter U and covers the back of his neck.


The Robot Mayor holds a deep hatred towards humans. He hates humans to the point where he assembles daily human hunts and anti-human patrol. Despite hating humans, the Robot Mayor thanked them for delivering lugnuts to Chapek 9.


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